Cartoon: Baseeji motorbike vs Obama motorbike

Cartoon: Baseeji motorbike vs Obama motorbike
by Fesenjoon2

It seems, Israel will always be the scapegoat and perfect distraction for the testicle-polishers of Nezaam-e Velaayat, til the end of time.

Jew hating is a tree with fruits of hatred, that was planted by Mohammad in the 6th century, to get back at the Jews of his time for not converting to him!

On the subject matter of anti-semitism among Iranians, this cartoon is a perfect example of how we try to disguise our Islamist hatred. Did you know that even "freedom of speech is a zionist value"? Did you know "jews are trying to corrupt us by using science and the humanities?"

Anyway, eventually, Imam zaman will fuckin slaughter every infidel on the earth, and Esrafil will blow the living soul out of the universe, and muslims will be pouring wine on some nice halaal hoori ass, and butt-fucking them for 12 million years (while streams of milk and honey pass by underneath), .....and Iranians? Iranians will still be bitching about Jews and how they have corrupted the 7th sky. They'll be like: "ey khodaaaa! How did some jews get into heaven? Heaven is now najes!" And then some Imam will be shouting from some room in the back: "SHUT UP!! Im trying to get a hard-on, you Persian moron!"

But seriously, that's how aghab-oftadeh Iranians are.

Go on. Dont take responsibility for your own country and people, and blame everything on Uncle sam and Israel. Continue giving the mullahs a carte blanche. Begoo marg bar Amrika! Marg bar Israeel! 


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by Fesenjoon2 on

that and being por-tavagho'

They piss on this country in every possible way, but are applying for greencards for their moms and dads and ammeh o khaaleh, and they know every sale that goes on in every Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger outlet. I always find it amusing that the ones who hate this country the most, seem to actually enjoy it the most. 

Anonymous Observer

Right on Fesenjoon

by Anonymous Observer on

more than their thinly veiled anti-Semitism, Iranians are frustrated little imperialist wannabes.  I'll have a blog on that soon.  


Dokee joon

by Fesenjoon2 on

I think nowadays, if you go in the Olympics or some high-profile games, and face an Israeli and disqualify yourself, bonyad shahid or some similar buffoon organization will give you an apartment or something as a reward.

If I were ruling Iran, and the country was a clusterfuck fiasco, I too would be fabricating external threats like Israel to distract people's attention away from their actual problems.

Maryam Hojjat

A Very True FACT of Life of Some Iranians in

by Maryam Hojjat on

IRR in today's IRAN for past 33 years. 

Dr. Mohandes

Eyyy Haaaavvaaarrr Eyyy Bidaddd

by Dr. Mohandes on

Fantastic and Ass-busting / kicking, truth-revealing blog as usual. Marhaba!!

But you cccc....eeeff veee don't kus the jeewwwzz, den ve hav not don aar dooty! i say someteeng and you heer someteeng else!! vee are told dat eet geevs us Countenance and Barakat!! to god i swear!! Mr. excellency yesterday said!! he said... he hopes that all your pain and misfortune will hit the head of JOOEEEZ...And keep saying Down to them and make palateenians happy.


Seriously bro. This shit is getting over the line of being rediculous. Last night i was watching a TV show, heaping praise on two athletes that supposedly refuse to compete against israelies and they got kisses and hugs from Mr. road-taker himself:)))))