10 things about Israel every Iranian should know


10 things about Israel every Iranian should know
by Fesenjoon2

As many of you know, our little young friend "Peacock Feather" goes around calling everyone who doesnt agree with him/her an "Israeli agent". I for one think that's hilarious. He thinks I'm an Arab and therefore would consider such things an insult! hah!

These people like to constantly portray Israel as an enemy of Iran, and repeat negative things about Israel, so that eventually you'll be recruited to fight Israel, instead of the tyranny of the mullahs.

So I thought I would enumerate 10 positive things about Israel I bet many Iranians dont probably know.

God save Iran. God bless America. And Long live Israel!

1. Did you know Israel helped Iran in the war against Iraq? In his book Treacherous Alliance: The secret dealings of Israel, Iran and the United States, Trita Parsi (!) states (pp.106-107) that roughly 80% of the weaponry bought by Tehran immediately after the onset of the war originated in Israel, totalling $500 million, all while the other powers were supporting Iraq. If this is not the definition of an ally, I dont know what is.

2. Did you know Iran still uses those Israeli weapons? Look at the picture above (source). See the gun the Ahmadinejad guard is holding? That's a Uzi, and it's made in Israel.

3. Did you know Israel helped Iran decapitate Iraq's nuclear weapons program? Israel destroyed Iraq's Nuclear Weapons facility in 1981, something Iranian forces had tried on September 30, 1980, and failed. An Iranian-Israeli collaboration? You bet! Had it not been for Iran and Israel's cooperation in Operation Opera in destroying reactors Tammuz-1 and Tammuz-2, Tehran might have been glowing green today.

4. Did you know that Israel ranks 2nd in the world in being the most educated country? 2nd in the world! Israel also ranks among the top countries of the world in the number of startup companies, probably the top in Bio-tech startups on a per capita basis.

5. Did you know that Israel has 10 Nobel Laureates? Not bad for the world's 100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world's population. It takes a Billion muslims to produce that same number of laureates.  

6. Speaking of per capita accomplishments, did you know Israel ranks among the very top producers of scientific papers per capita, as well as one of the highest per capita rates of patents filed? Even their actresses have scientific papers published. Example: See the name Natalie Hershlag here and here? That name belongs to none other than Natalie Portman. Hmmm. Look what she wrote for the Harvard Crimson

7. Speaking of diversity, Natalie Portman does bring up a good point. Did you know that Arab citizens of Israel comprise 20.6% of the country's total population? Did you know that Arabic is also an official language of Israel? That's more than I can say about Iran and Azari language!

8. Did you know Israel has great respect for Iranian heritage and culture? Watch the video. While Iran's Islamic regime tries very hard to erase its pre-historic past, Israel treasures excavating Iran's past. They even have a street named after Cyrus The Great! Does Iran have a street named after Cyrus the Great??!

9. Did you know the Quark was co-discovered by an Israeli? So was DNA computing. So were flash drives. So were interferon proteins. So was the world's smallest video medical camera. So were MRI guided ultrasound systems. So were exo-skeletons, and hundreds of other advanced medical devices. It's clear that while some people are busy with climbing embassy walls, Israelis are busy with accomplishing progress. Always a plus in my book.

10. Back to point #1: Did you know that Israel and Iran are natural allies? There is even a foreign policy doctrine that puts Iran and Israel side by side against the Arabs. It's called the periphery doctrine. To the Arab, you and me will always be the Magus and dhimmi and Adjam, if not worse. Hey, did you know that Adjam in Arabic originally meant "the retarded tongued"? During the Islamic conquests of Persia, we were dumb and couldnt understand the language of our masters, so that's how we got the nickname. So the next time you think Palestinians care about Iran, think again. See for yourself.


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Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

IG was indentified as one of the "maddahin", i was watching something on that this evening and i saw this old guy who said the same exact things he always babbles in here. 

Shaloom IG...wherever you maybe ya akhi. 

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Fesenjoon

by Artificial Intelligence on

Fate is our former Jewish obssesd  user First Amendment (AKA Pendarneek, Republican....). The Mossad has not detected Imortal Guard yet but we will update you as soon as we detect him/her......


he/she already is here

by Fesenjoon2 on

check out the username "fate"

Dr. Mohandes

IG ? oh he is still around

by Dr. Mohandes on

And i bet you he is working on writing a seriously scathing rebuttle/dossier to your previous assertions:))

 I saw him sitting around the corner of 21st and Palestin Drive, scribbling away:) 

Anonymous Observer

Unfortunately, DM jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

it appears as if "Immortal Guard" is no longer among us. :-(


Some none senses..

by Shirzadegan on

 " They (Jews) betrayed the last King of Iran in order to make peace with Egypt and now they profess to be the upholders of Iranian constitutional monarchy" Immortal Guard

"I am a Persian Nationalist and a Monarchist." Immortal Guard

Please anyone who can make sense from these 2 contradictory statements, let me know what this person is trying to say?



Dr. Mohandes

AO Jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Gosh, i could not believe that thay just took your comment off the page.

what a pathetic move to flag such a well-written, right down to the point and factual write up.

you have a point there my man. Cowardic and racism sure do go hand in hand.

Well, there will be other opportunities to humiliate these neophites later. 

Anonymous Observer

Funny DM jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

He calls himself "immortal Guard" but can't take a response to the racist blabber that he spews on here 24/7.  

I always knew racists were cowards. 

Dr. Mohandes

Ok ....fine... Geeeezzzz

by Dr. Mohandes on

I did not know she was so edgy. she apparently does not like milk at night and that is why she got all pissed and flagged a few comments here and there. Like throwing the flag down in a football game... 

My god. why are these racists so god damn sensitive. control your damn urges man.

Ok so change of plan dude. She does not want to drink milk.... i think she wants some muscle relaxant and some milk of magnesium instead. 


Dr. Mohandes

IG Joonom

by Dr. Mohandes on

I do not even understand the question! but the bigger question still is: do you even know what was the question you posed at me? if i have Doctor and mohandes in my name, sweetcheekitos, why would i have anything against Them mohandeseen and engineers? Think it through...write it down... understand your own questions before you expect others to do it for you!!!

And what do you mean by Dikter?? do u mean by it what i think you mean by it or do you mean something else my man? Because there would two different way of going about answering your little question there, Mr. monarchy lover. 

AO jan

thanks man, I knew i could count you buddy. you are trustworthy and reliable pal and i am glad i found ya!

Hey that same lady called again and mentioned that she has just been laid off from her job, and wants a place to stay for a night. She was begging and crying and i kinda melted and fell apart. So i made the unbelieveably friendly and generous gesture of offering her to join us for one night...She said she would be open to suggestions as to our plans for tonight.

So please pick up an extra milk and some wine and more salad. she said she was so hungry and had not eaten in days!!!



Anonymous Observer

DM Jaan - Got it!

by Anonymous Observer on

Will pick up the goods from the corner market and will also get some of that Israeli salad that we enjoy.  You know, you and I being roommates in Tel Aviv is definitely working out great.  We can share the expensive rent and, at the same time, enjoy the "Semitic culture" that seems to irk a lot of losers on IC.  

And that idiot who called, he's a racist psycho.  Probably wants to lure us somewhere and kill us in the name of his great "race."  I'll take care of him when I get home.  See you soon roomie! :-) 

Dr. Mohandes

ready for this one?

by Dr. Mohandes on

I believe that :

Iraj khan = Immortal guard.

I have conducted an investigation with the help of the palestinian intelligence / cultural/ vice and virtue department and they have confirmed this. They also think they are the main culprits behind manipulating the iranians exchange market!

AO jan

Would you please bring home some top-notch Jerusalem - brewed wine home tonight?

Thanks roomie. oh and also, somebody called earlier wanting to talk with you. said it was urgent...started asking me all these crazy questions about your personal life ...if you have any palestinian friends... and also wanted to know if you were the founder and editor -in-chief of the site palestinian.com... Introduced himself as the editor of the site Semiteporn.com and Hardcore2009.com!  

dunno man...sounded really odd...like being on a buzz orsomething...Do you know this lady?:)

anyway...see you soon:)))

Immortal Guard

Exactly my point Anonymous Observer, Spy or Whatever!

by Immortal Guard on

You Semites (whether Jews or Arab Palestinians etc) should stick with each other. As I said in an earlier post one says Shalom and the other says Salam.

So did you make friends with your Palestinian friend after the 2009 war?

So now you can go and post on Palestinian.com.

Just don't pester us vindictive Iranians as you yourself said!

Anonymous Observer

Seriously, just look at this site

by Anonymous Observer on

How many times have we had the forgery, the Protocls of the Elders of Zion posted in blogs, news section and articles, and cited as fact?  What other gorup of people on this planet still does that?   

Anonymous Observer

Dude, as I have always said

by Anonymous Observer on

Arabs, including Palestinians, are much less vindictive and much more advanced, forward thinking and conciliatory than Iranians.  I have Palestinian friends from Gaza with less animosity toward Israel than most of the West residing, Educated, ANtellectual Iranians who I knew here in the U.S.  

Like I said, a lot of Iranians, such as IGnoramus here, are just afflicted with the mental disease of antisemitism. It's a product of being exposed to IR's antisemitic propaganda for the past three and a half decades.   


the thing is, AO

by Fesenjoon2 on

One doesnt have to be an enemy with the Arabs to be a friend with Israel.

Israel has diplomatic ties with 156 of 192 member states of the United Nations.

Iran doesnt need to be an enemy with ANYONE.

It can be friends with both Israel AND the Arabs. They dont necessarily conflict.

Only a foolish Islamist would want war and Jihad. 

Anonymous Observer

But he can't Fesenjoon

by Anonymous Observer on

Because he's an antisemite.  It's a disease you know.


I think you do give a damn, Iggy

by Fesenjoon2 on

Otherwise youd recognize that Iran's interests are (and have always been) making friends with Israel, not enemies.

Even the Shah knew that. 

Immortal Guard

Fessenjoon You think I give a damn about IRR?

by Immortal Guard on

I couldn't care less about IRR. They are bunch of British lackeys. All those Akhonds are made in Britain. Just look at the collar of their shirts. It's a copy of the attire worn by the priests.

I am a Persian Nationalist and a Monarchist. 

The fallacy of your thinking is that you automatically assume that whoever criticizes Zionists or Jews is a supporter of IRR. The only good thing about IRR is the transfer of military technology to Iran. 


actually Iggy, youre right!

by Fesenjoon2 on

Jewish porn actresses are smarter than even a cabinet minister of the islamic Republic!

Glad to see you enjoy them! 

Immortal Guard

An honest Jew singing.

by Immortal Guard on

Here is an honest Jew singing what he is:


(Je suis un Juif Arabe, Je suis une ville Egyptienne etc.)


The Jews spend their money on Arabs to have peace and lead their economic and psychological warfare against the Iranian people. They betrayed the last King of Iran in order to make peace with Egypt and now they profess to be the upholders of Iranian constitutional monarchy.

And the picture of Dorian Gray for Anonymous Observer!



آقا کاسه و کوز تان را جمع کنید


عده‌ای از این‌ها انسانهای ساده لوح هستند

که توسط مشتی آخوند بو گندی جنایتکار

شتشو مغزی شده اند و مشتی دیگر مزدوران

این ملا‌ها هستند که هم میهن خود را در ازای پولی‌

ناچیز به این جنایت کاران اسلامی میفرشند.

آقا کاسه و کوز تان  را جمع کنید.

ما هچوقت با اسرائیل بر خوردی نداشته ایم.

از قدیم با عرب‌های سوسمار خور جنگ داشته ایم

ولی‌ هیچ گاه با اسرائیل و یهوده ها جنگی ناداشته ایم.

در زمان شاه با صلح و دوستی‌ با تمام کشور‌ها زندگی‌

میکردیم و هم چنین زمانه که مجددا پادشاهی را

در کشورمان داشته باشیم در صلح و صفا با تمام مردم

دنیا زندگی‌ خواهیم کرد.

هدف : مشروطه  سلطنت

Immortal Guard

Hey this is one more for you!

by Immortal Guard on

Do you guys know Gerald Celente from the trends research institute:



He is a prophet of doom and gloom. I guess he is the trendsetter himself.

Anonymous observer. Don't worry I know how low your tolerance threshold is. The Jews crush a fly with a hammer. That's how you overreact. That's your security doctrine: pre-emptive counterattack even in a blog.



Angry thoughts!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 The Pea sized, soft anatomy, I guess, can  be fixed with a forgiving partner and medication, in that order :)

What can not be fixed, is the burning hate , amplified by the anger and frustration of watching your chief paymaster at the islamist regime , being called a piece od shite whilst visiting NYC to beg for mercy from chief Obama!

So burn you 12 user ID mozdoor, burn :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Porn Envy!

by Faramarz on




I think ImmobileGuard must be suffering from a severe case of PeaCock or MicroSoft!

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

No one here is Jewish.  But feel free to feed your racist paranoia by believing that we're all Zionists.  

Now, you miserable racist, I'm getting the feeling that the reason why you hate Jews so much is because you were probably in love with one of the Jewish porn actors who rejected you.  Ron Jeremy perhaps?! :-)


Sorry to hear ...

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Sorry to hear that the Jewish conspiracy even dominats the world-wide porn industry. I guess IG knows about this as an insider, who desperately tried to make a star appearance in one of the XXX movies but again and again was voted out in the jewish dominated castings.


israel is no sh@t its a tiny

by Thought on

israel is no sh@t its a tiny piece a crap country heavily in need of americas support to pay for toilet paper to wipe their mouth from all the poop that are fed by their fascist regime daily. all you supporters go chill now and shoosh. vaalaa ajab kharaayee neshestan sareh yeh keshvareh tokhmi bahs mikonan.



by Reality-Bites on

Didn't know you were so knowledgeable about pornography and porn actors and actresses!

Immortal Guard

You forgot about Jewish porn actors and actresses!

by Immortal Guard on

The Jews also outdo others when it comes to pornography business.

The number of Jewish porn actors and actresses is also amazing as a percentage of total population.

Anonymous Observer -- I know you Jews excel in spying on others. Relax every intelligent person knows that Iranian.com is also an Israeli occupied territory. But believe me you Zio-Nazi Jews would do better spending time on Egyptian.com and modulating their attitude towards Jews. I don't expect anything but simplistic accusations of anti-semitism and condescending remarks from you. That's okay please yourselves.

As for the square moustache you Zio-Nazi Jews are responsible for WWII and the killing of more than 50 million people. You are anti-Aryans. You thrive on ........ You really held a grudge against Romans for expelling you from your land so many many years ago and have been on a rampage in the past 70 or more years. Ah yap the bible verse: "From the ashes we rise."

Hurl some more insults anonymous spy. I am waiting!