That Gone

Farah Afshari
by Farah Afshari

At the time of dawn

when the breeze

brings along

the sad smell of yours

a bird with bloody feathers and wings

passes through strange horizons of being

Staring at the corner of deep loneliness

I whisper

Ah, come my friend come

let us build a boat and let it go on the water

let us sail away one night

from this sad shore of sunset

on the face of God’s azure sea

under the spread sapphire roof of time

letting go of all beings and gone...

In this shore away from all

I stare at sad way of your lost steps only...

you passed this way one night

and never returned

the sky without you

is so sad

Moan hidden in each cloud’s chest

No one knows when they burst into tears

No one knows when they burst into tears

Farah Afshari -1980


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