All Night Long


Farah Afshari
by Farah Afshari

All night long it rained

all night long

bare , free

the stars dropped

like the tear drops of lead

and the sky was getting drier by each second...

All night long

trees were growing tall

and their roots in my eyes

were the long weeping of a dire truth

spreading towards the land of hopeless dreams...

All night long

Ah..... all night

I stood behind this window

like the runaway cloud from the altitude of wilderness

shadow-like , in silence crying

and my heart

was flying away from the frame of this window

to the far away horizon

where it was dark and distant from view

awaiting a shooting star...

All night long

I wished for the sky to stop crying

all night long

I knew centuries after centuries

the sky will cry

and I will stand behind that window

to invite myself, in pieces, to the deep darkness

All night long

a gallows rope hanging from the sky

was dancing with the wind

and a star was descending from it

and disappearing in the dusk...

All night long

no snow flake sat in the trap of my hands

and I burnt in the thirst of catching the whiteness

All night long

I clenched to the life

life was a bird

flying towards the land of sad dreams...

All night long

you were standing where the river was running dry

and the burning breath of the garden

was blooming in the yellowness of trees

All night long

thinking of the loneliness of your voice

lost in the darkness

I remained silent

waiting to hear the scream and cry of pain

All night long

the tree of our house

was quivering, thinking of frozen seeds

and frozen seeds

were bursting from inside

taking roots on the other side of the darkness

All night long

I opened wings to the strange lands

and stained the land of living

with trembling steps

and love

was flowing through the bed of silence

All night long

the wind was blowing

and I was sure

no ashes will remain of me.....


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