And maybe we can finally get their attention

by didani

Here are their links. This is the least we can do, don’t you agree??




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Its a great start ...

by didani on

Yet its not enough, its EU and President Obama who are ligitimizing the Ahmadinejad government by sitting on the negotiation tables and ignoring the post election events/ human rights abuses. There is still a lot of screaming left to do.


Didani Jan

by Shepesh on

Is this any good news?

Secretary general of UN releases report criticizing human rights abuses in Iran. In a 19-page report written specifically to address a request made last December from the UN General Assembly about human rights in Iran. Please see full article. 



I believe in rocking the boat

by didani on

and make the Iranian voices be heard outside of Iran in what ever way we can. It will just make it harder for the West to keep on ignoring Iran Human Rights. As far as a war is concerned, I don't think there will be one. Not in West's interest and/or Iran's unless pushed to a corner. And if so, post 2009 elections I doubt Iranian people would back this regime waging war against any other country.   


Why do think?

by Cost-of-Progress on

If you believe that other countries - specially western countries - care about Iranian people's rights, you are kidding yourself. Each country is looking to advance their own interests in the region.  If Iranians are lucky enough for the West to believe that Western interest are served by supporting the Iranian people, then and only then, can we expect to see a sliver of hope for our people to recieve direct support from the west  (like in the Balkans). Otherwise, the Iranian people are on their own.........

While it may be apprent to us ordinary folks, the powers that be perhaps do not see it the same way. Unless there's something done in the near future, the Islamic Repressive of Iran (IRI) will unleash a devastating war in the region which will undoubtedly force people to really behind it (to defend Iran) and secure another 30 years of misery for Iran and her people.