A. Es-haghzadeh: Obituary and Eulogy


A. Es-haghzadeh: Obituary and Eulogy
by Davood-Rahni

Born from and returned to the almighty...

Abdol-Rahim Es-haghzadeh, the beloved father, loving husband, caring civil servant, friend to everyone, author and world traveller, passed away after a period of illness due to natural causes at Laleh Hospital in Tehran.

Born in Anzali Port City of the Caspian Sea, IRAN, in 1915 to his mother Nargess originally from Masouleh in Rasht, and father Ahmad originally from Ardebil, the late Mr. Eshaghzadeh was fluent in not only Persian, but also in the Azari and Guilani dialects. He also had working knowledge of Russian (as he had spent a part of his schooling in Baku) and in French. He had on numerous occasions travelled extensively to all continents where his extensive family members and circle of friends reside.

Young Abdol-Rahim joined the National Customs Administration upon high school graduation, and moved up through the career path to become the regional customs administrator of the Persian Gulf ports after concurrently earning a degree in management and before he retired with honourable discharge and citation of over 40 years of service in 1975. Throughout his stellar career, he was recognized for his ethical due diligence to the adherence of the rule of law, transparency and fairness, and empowering his staff and peers.

Staunch advocate for justice and equality especially for the underrepresented and the impoverished, and a peacemaker of immense personality, civility, nobility, humanity and humility, the Late Eshaghzadeh was regarded by his family members and his extensive network of relatives and friends as the island of stability due to his logical reasoning and compassionate caring, and onto whom serenity and tranquillity of everyone’s life was anchored on. A living historical orator, he published a book on his travelogue and wrote articles in daily press of the time, especially during the 1950’s turbulent era of the elected Dr. Mosadegh’s government. Having grown up in highly diverse demographics of Anzali-Rasht corridor, throughout life, he cherished and held on heartily to his friends from his childhood, comprised of his compatriots of Muslim, Jewish, Christian (Armenian, Assyrian, British and Greek), Zoroastrian, Baha’i and other faiths.

Abdol-Rahim Es-haghzadeh matured to a fulfilling age of 95. He is survived by Moazez Parsa, his wife and lifelong companion of nearly 70 years, his four children, nine grandchildren, six great grandchildren and a sister. He is pre-deceased by his parents, his sister, and his brother Eshagh. May his soul be eternally rested in paradise, as his life legacy continues through his children, Amen.

In lieu of flower or family visitation, a memorial fund is being set up to support a group of young blind women who are committed to complete their college education, secure employment and become independent. They have in recent past received support from Es-haghzadehs’ and their network of friends. Please contact via email drahni1956@yahoo.com for more information. This endeavour follows his example of philanthropy, through empowerment of others in need, in life.

Mourning families: Eshaghzadeh, Parsa, Kamali, Shirazi, Cornhill, Nabi Rahni (my father-in-law), Sadeghi

Related families: Powell, Ghaffari, Pakdaman, Soulati, Dastgheyb, Sharafi, Tavangar, Shokouhian, Eshraghi-Azar, Khomami, Hosseinzadeh, Tabrizi, Nouraie, Kazemzadeh, Sobhani, Miri, Motlagh.


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