ZADIG & VOLTAIRE: French Minister's Blunder on Voltaire's Persian Tale


ZADIG & VOLTAIRE: French Minister's Blunder on Voltaire's Persian Tale
by Darius Kadivar

An embarrassing error was made by French politician Frédéric Lefebvre who said his favourite book is… a high street clothes shop?? French Minister Frédéric Lefebvre confuses Voltaire’s Classic tale Zadig with a Fashion Brand «Zadig and Voltaire». The blunder was an immediate internet Buzz on twitter where bloggers and FB members relished in re-inventing titles to some Great Classic novels. (Go to 4 Min 41 to See Related Video in English Here)

French Minister Frédéric Lefebvre confuses Voltaire’s Classic tale Zadig with a Fashion Brand «Zadig and Voltaire» :

Internet Buzz followed on Twitter:

Zadig and Voltaire Summer2010 :

Zadig And Voltaire Making Of :

About Voltaire's Zadig:

Zadig ou la Destinée, ("Zadig, or The Book of Fate") (1747) is a famous novel and work of philosophical fiction written by Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. It tells the story of Zadig, a philosopher in ancient Persia. The author does not attempt any historical accuracy, and some of the problems Zadig faces are thinly disguised references to social and political problems of Voltaire's own day.

The book is philosophical in nature, and presents human life as in the hands of a destiny beyond human control. It is a story of religious and metaphysical orthodoxy, both of which Voltaire challenges with his presentation of the moral revolution taking place in Zadig himself. Voltaire's skillful use of the literary devices of contradiction and juxtaposition are shown in beautiful form in this prose. After Candide, it is considered one of his most celebrated works

Frédéric Lefebvre's Bio:

Frédéric Lefebvre (born October 14, 1963) is a French politician and Secretary of State for Trade, Small and Medium Enterprises, Tourism, Services, Liberal professions and Consumption under the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, Christine Lagarde. He was a member of the National Assembly of France. He represented the Hauts-de-Seine department, and was the spokesperson of the Union for a Popular Movement.

His Official Website Here

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Darius Kadivar

Zadig = Sadegh

by Darius Kadivar on

I think that is the name which Voltaire had in mind ...

Hafez for Beginners

French news

by Hafez for Beginners on

Cool to hear of what the French are up to, from here in the US. Thanks for posting - I'll have to find out where the word "Zadig" came from - the only thing it's close to is "Tadig" and I'm sure Voltaire hadn't sampled any! 



Very funny :D

by Shemirani on

My favorites are :

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En attendant le gros lot !!