Video: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46

The Russian (Tsarist) army occupied Iranian Azerbaijan in 1909, and again in 1912-1914 and 1915-1918 period,the Ottoman forces occupied her in 1914-1915 and 1918-1919 periods, the Bolshevik forces occupied Iranian Azerbaijan and other parts of Iran in 1920-1921, and the Soviet forces occupied Iranian Azerbaijan in 1941, creating a very short-lived autonomous, Soviet-supported state in May 1946, which was dissolved after reunification of Iranian Azerbaijan with Iran in November of the same year . Azerbaijani provinces have played a major in the cultural and economic life of Iran in both the Pahlavi era as well as the Islamic revolution.


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good propagnda video

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I am sold!

Shiny Head

Isn't this the type of video we also see from MKO?

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If you have watched MKO's TV (symaeh Azadi, or something like that), they have many propaganda stuff like this video. I wonder what is common between them?


Have a nice cheokabab (may be soltani)


Thanks DK

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Very interesting