THE SHAH: Abbas Milani on Pejvak (Toronto TV)


THE SHAH: Abbas Milani on Pejvak (Toronto TV)
by Darius Kadivar

Interview with Abbas Milani on Iranian Diaspora TV Pejvak speaks about his latest Book on the Shah. Talk done amidst events the upheaval in Egypt earlier this year

THE SHAH: Abbas Milani on Pejvak (Toronto TV)

Recommended Reading:

Abbas Milani's Book Reviewed by Jahangir Amuzegar (Imperial Iran’s former minister of both commerce and finance)

‘The Shah’ is measured and civil-but flawed by Jahangir Amuzegar

In Iran’s post-revolutionary history, where vilification of the Pahlavi monarchs has been elevated to an art form, Abbas Milani’s “The Shah” is a welcome exception. And in the ugly atmosphere where the tragic deaths of two innocent Pahlavi siblings are shamelessly called “self-slaughter” and portrayed as “payment” for their father’s “sins,” Milani’s measured narrative is a return to human decency and civility in public discourse.


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by religionoutofgovernment on

LOL, not only you are intellectually immature, your angry and uncivilized rant conveys a high degree of emotional immaturity. It is certainly a waste of time reasoning with you. GFYS


religionoutofgovernment You need to spend some time

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

away from IC since posting meaningless comments serves no one and more time reading to grow your understanding of what you are discussing will benefit you.  If using some training wheels helps, where you can get case and point time after time as to why Milani is intellectually beneathe lame and totally biased go read some reviews to help yourself.  Comments like, "It is interesting how everyone thinks Milani is biased but against their point of view." is embarrassing which is such a shame, as you can read, write and think for yourself.Answering your posts takes too long and its really work that you need to do for yourself.

Start here and look for others that do case and point anlysis of his work this one has both farsi & english translations, this one has full detailed analysis.



The Shah's support for Masjeds and Akhounds

by religionoutofgovernment on

Dariush Homayoun corroborates Milani, in addition to numerous others. I will not embed the video to respect Darius' wish. Watch the video entitled: Iran Last Interview with Dariush Homayoun on Youtube.


And enjoy your much needed "rest" :))

by anglophile on

Was I recitng "ghese hossein kord shabestari" when I argued in my first comment that the Shah was proven (by history)  to be correct in his fear of the Islamic threat (as opposed to Milani's - false - claim that the Shah feared the left more)? And as for our former lefties being the present day righties, Milani is following the same path as did other former lefties and present righties such as Ibrahim Golestan, Mashallah Ajoudani, Noori Ala, Khoee etc etc. so nothing new here. There were hundreds of such reborn capitalists  in the Shah's governments who while keeping their romantic view of their leftist past enjoyed the rewards of their rightist present. Are you still enjoying your "rest"? 


As usual

by religionoutofgovernment on

As usual, character assassination instead of providing proof. I suggest you provide specific examples of why you think he is biased and lets debate that issue.

Anglophile's First bias accusation: "Milani's leftist narrative " and "Milani cannot totally break from his leftist past"

Anglophiles second bias accusation: "  chair at Stanford (Christian and Hamid Mosghadam) not to mention the fellowship of the Hoover Institute are not consider as belonging to any particular camp?"

From Stanford University of Hamid Moghaddam Chair: " The Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies fosters the interdisciplinary study of Iran as a civilization. Each academic year, the Program offers undergraduate courses related to Iran in such disciplines as language, literature, economics, and political science. It provides a wealth of events for scholars, students and the general public, which include conferences, symposia, forums, lectures and performances."

From the mission statement of Hoover Institution fro their website: ""This Institution supports the Constitution of the United States, its Bill of Rights and its method ofrepresentative government. Both our social and economic systems are based on private enterprisefrom which springs initiative and ingenuity.... 

So lets summarize: According to Anglophile Mr. Milani has a leftist bias but at the same time is also biased because he is affiliation with an institution that supports private enterprise!!


I rest my case. 




"he is included in no particular camp"?!!

by anglophile on

... and the chair at Stanford (Christian and Hamid Mosghadam) not to mention the fellowship of the Hoover Institute are not considered as belonging to any particular camp?!  I suggest that you read more of Milani's writings as well as listening to his talks and interviews then perhaps, only perhaps, you may be able to see where the bias is. Otherwise, I am pleased that you are pleased in YOUR assumption of Milani's lack of leaning, left or right :)


Abbas Milani

by religionoutofgovernment on

It is interesting how everyone thinks Milani is biased but against their point of view. He is biased against the right, the communists, The Shahis, and the Melliun at the same time!! My view is that any unbiased view of history will indeed displease everyone! This of course doesn't mean Milani is unbiased, but being unbiased may be impossible to achieve as Milani himself has said in the past.

I have read Milani's books. I DO NOT see any left wing bias at all. If anything he may be accused of a PRO-US bias, rightly or wrongly. He sees US as a proponent of democracy in Iran since 1941, except for the Nixon administration. He feels Iranians are not fair to the US and its policies. This is hardly a leftist point of view. I think those like Anglophile have only heard about Milani's previous left wing views and without reading his books are making incorrect assumption.

 I like reading Milani's books very much. The fact that all sides accuse him of being biased, and that he is included in no particular camp, gives him more credibility in my mind.

Last but not least, I want to thank Darius for his posts. Whether I agree or disagree with you, you provide a point of view that needs to be discussed. You present your point of view in a civilized manner with a lot of class.




Milani's leftist narrative

by anglophile on

With all the credit to Abbas Milani's extensive research, he is a lame analyst when it comes to Pahlavi II. Milani cannot totally break from his leftist past (never mind that he is not taken seriously by the mainstream left anyway) and the narrative he gives of the Shah's  pandering to the demands of the clergy is basically an attempt to glorify the left and exaggerating the seriousness of the left. Nothing is further from the truth. Unlike his father, the Shah had correctly identified the threat from Islam and the clergy and had placed it on a much higher level of priority than the threat from the left. His policy of playing to the clerics' demands was his way of negotiaing a safe passage for his modernization plans. He was right in keeping the clergy quiet but his undoing was his, at times, open demonstration of dislike for them. History proved that  he was right in identifying his main enemy. Thanks Darius jaan for the interesting interview although the program and interviewer are anti monarchists. 

Darius Kadivar

Please disembed Your distracting Video in your comments (Thanks)

by Darius Kadivar on

Dear Pendar Neek,

Feel Free to comment  all you want and trash or mock the content featured here to your will but I would ask you kindly to avoid embedding your Videos on my Blogs.

Thanks in advance



Can't wait to see......

by پندارنیک on

..........our famed bank robber, Khavari on the show.........

Thanks Mr. Kadivar for your beautiful blog. I think it's almost time to realize that Shah is indeed dead and get on with our lives............there're some exceptions though......Milani and all his ilk need some royal corpses for making a living.............

Thanks again for the blog, Sir............. and please accept my token of appreciation.............