ROYAL PREROGATIVE: In the UK Only the Queen Can Dissolve Parliament & Appoint Her PM


ROYAL PREROGATIVE: In the UK Only the Queen Can Dissolve Parliament & Appoint Her PM
by Darius Kadivar

Even in a Perfectly Operating Constitutional Monarchy like the UK (which de facto doesn't even have a written constitution) The Monarch (hence today the Queen) and Only the Monarch can dissolve the Parliament before an Election is called and it is she and only she who appoints the Prime Minister (himself elected just like a President in a Republic) ...


Although the Monarch’s role is reduced to a purely ceremonial role, she is not entirely powerless. She has what is known as « Royal Prerogatives » which can be summed up to the three words : « To Advise, Guide and Warn the government of the day ». As in other Constitutional Monarchies in Great Britain it is the Monarch and ONLY she ( or he) who can dissolve the Parliament when an election is called and NOT the Prime Minister which she (or he) appoints. It is also the Monarch who reopens Parliament.


She is not only the head of state but also head of the Arms Forces (therefore can declare War and Peace  although not without the approval of her government) and in addition is the Head of the Church of England.


As mentioned above Royal Prerogatives also exist for other Monarchies in Europe but only in Great Britain is the Monarch also the head of a Church due to it’s unique Anglican faith.


Here is an insight into the relationship between past and present Prime Ministers and The Queen of England who is the Head of State. 

Part of a BBC Documentary : ‘The Queen at 80’ :


Charles II : ‘Parliament Is Dissolved’ :


Restored on the Throne of England after Cromwells Death and Theocracy was abolished, King Charles II (son of the former Beheaded King Charles Ist) is Crowned and reinstated in his rightful position as Absolute Ruler of the United Kingdom. 






UK’s Queen Opens Parliament : Gowns and crowns- the State Opening explained (2009) :

The pomp and ceremony of the annual state opening of Parliament has taken place for the last session before the General Election.

Shah of Iran Opens Parliament 1963:






"The Queen" (movie): It's is your gov't !:

Scene from Stephan Frear’s The Queen starring Helen Mirren when having her portrait done






The Queen - Excerpt showing difficulty in changing cultures:

A brief excerpt of The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, in which the Queen discusses the upcoming administration of PM Tony Blair, and how he wants to "modernize" things.

"The Queen" (movie): Tony Blair is appointed PM:

Scene from Stephan Frear’s The Queen starring Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen

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Aynak did you ever wonder what Iranian Freedom was facing

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

as a result of Irans unique and recent twists of history?????

Of course you didn't.  That a Prime minister dissolved parlament, is that a small inconvenient truth who implications and impact on Iranian History You choose not to see????  What is your definition of despotic?  Can You Point out one a single time he acted with absolute power?   His team, in various fields made the major decisions and never allowed him to have autocratic power as described by the media.  His few cases of Interference in Irans affairs was out of historical necessity to overcome the west and east, to stand up for interests of the people of Iran against intrigue by  the USA, UK, France, Russia and japan.   And even then not outside the law or the accepted role of a king.    

This was why I mentioned to DK, asked him and anglophile, if they ever worry about speaking Knowledge to Ignorance, which ultimately only agrivates resultng in stupidity in most cases. Just because the Brits and DK says the Queens role is purely ceremonial, it doesn't mean it is totally correct, it is mostly ceremonial, she personally chooses the head of the secret service which works to dominate politics for the queen, regardless of the changes in pm due to democracy the head of the secret service doesn't change and even the Pm doesn't have access to all info or even agreements made before his pm ship.  When they say for queen and country, it is because they can not be seperated, those who betray the freedom of the king, say mossadegh, betray Iran and how its democracy emerges. 

The King can not be a traitor to himself and his country, unless in exceptional circumstances if he is a big law breaker, is a dictator, a tyrant, a despot. none of which are appropriate in the case of the late shah.  Just because people don't help you think and teach you to look up definitions to expand your own wisdom and climb out of your own handicaps/ignorance it  doesn't mean that intelligent human beings are accepting your impossible to accept beliefs rooted in badbakhboodan, nafahmi.





Aynak joon answer this:

by anglophile on

When was the last time a British prime minister dissolved the parliament?




Control your hard on's you despotic monarchists

by aynak on

 At least read DK's post, it says the position is purly ceremonial.   Ask yourself when was the last of Queen/King of England, committed treason ?  Then you would stop with this silly comparison.

When was last time Queen/King of England, dissolved the entire Party system, and called for a single party?

 That's coup after coup by a despotic king.    



Double standard

by Shemirani on

DK,Thank You for the blog !

Just wondering if all these anti Shah activists selfexiled in the U.K (M.behnoud,E.Golestan,Noorizadeh.....x..y ...z....)

Who don't admit that Mossadegh broke the constitutional law  (the same law that he agreed with, to gain his prime minister position) and that a lawbreaker can't be a trustful politician (or a trustful man) ! these guys who love to believe there was a "CIA's coup" like in a S.A.S roman de gare :D

Are these men saying the same crap about U.K's system in the middle of political talks ?  I doubt it, they don't allow themselves to say such nonsense in front of  their British friends & colleagues ! All this crap talks is an exclusive gift* to Iranians !!!  we must be grateful to have the Enlightenment, don't you think ? :D


* cadeau empoisoné


That's nothing, only in Iran, the king can dissolve party system

by aynak on

in one day, and make Palrminent such no-op that nonone would care.   Power of monarchy for you.   You guys love that don't you? 

ایران برای همه ایرانیان

دولت ایرانیان - فقط با رای ایرانیان

نه ولایت وقیح نه پادشاه سفیه




The world & humanity lost many great human beings

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

as a result of 1979, but we are so lucky, imagine how much worse things could have been had iranians not had the honor of the late shahs servce for Iran.  Based on their own histories and traditions the West holds its head down in painful remorse at what it has done and not done, the depth of their lies, deceits and manipuluations are all comeing to the surface and are being exposed.  Things could be so much worse had we not ever been reminded of the greatness of irans national culture by the late Shah, he left a record that while he died relatively young (compared with his twin) he has now given Iran a hope, a genuine hope, however fragile of what Iranians are still capable of.



Don't either of you ever worry that speaking the truth to

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Ignorance is not good for anyone? i've found Ignorance has no desire to be understanding.  This really cuts deep for the few, those who can appreciate what it really implies.  And in reality the UK is a FAR FAR FAR FAR more democratic society than the USA.  Its not about taking sides, its obvious for most educated people.

Darius Kadivar

Come to think of it Gordon Brown like Gerald Ford weren't electe

by Darius Kadivar on

Come to think of it Gordon Brown like Gerald Ford were never elected ...


Brown simply followed in the shoes of Tony Blair who couldn't represent himself and Ford replaced Nixon after he was impeached.

That means that both the US and the UK were exceptionally ruled as unrepresentative governments for a few years respectively ...




So was the case in Iran before the big R

by anglophile on

But one man assumed that it was his right to do so and lived to regret it.


Oh, his name? Mosaddegh-ossaltaneh!


 Thanks Darius jaan.