REZA's CALL: "Don't Bomb My Country" say's Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi

REZA's CALL: "Don't Bomb My Country" say's Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi
by Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi spoke to Jean Pierre Elkabache on French Radio "Europe 1" this morning. He insists that it is very important to exert pressure on the IRI but also help the opposition both inside and outside towards uniting their forces while resisting the temptation of attacking the country.

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بالاخره بگو ببینیم


"بی‌ وفایی" ما از خوب رقصیدن یا بد رقصیدن

یه بار میگی‌ خوب نمی‌رقصی پس بی‌ وفایی، حالا میگی‌ تو البرز خوب میرقصیدم، پس باید باوفا باشم. Can you make up your mind

Anyway, it was fun! Now I have a soccer game coming up and got to go.

 so you have a good one

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



نگفتم بیوفائی




یادت رفته اون روزا تو البرز چقدر خوب میرقصیدی؟



بد نبود بدونیم "با وفا" بودن شما


به "از ما بهترون" که از طرف باباشون بهشون تعلق میگیره نه از زحمت و شرف خودشون، رو از کجا گرفتید که کمتر کسی‌ هست بخوبی شما (سلطنت تالابها) بتونه به ساز و آوازشون برقصه

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



اگه تونستی‌ مثل این بابا به هر سازی برقصی



 اونوقت معلوم می‌شه "با وفا" هستی‌ !!





English or Farsi subtitle please.

by Siavash300 on

It is good to know what he is saying. Please some one translate ...




True Iranian

by Rea on

... cultured and cultivated.

PS. can't help it, like those Francophones. 

Tiger Lily

Bavafa, pffft. Give credit when credit is due

by Tiger Lily on

He managed to put whole sentences together!

Just remember that it's not his fault that he has no brains nor balls, otherwise he would have insisted, at a minimum, on constant trips, visiting Iranian refugees across the globe.


Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

(Même avec cet accent bizarre,)  très bien articulé.

However , it might be alarming to have an aspiring "constitutional monarch" entering the arena of specific regional politics with such fervour.

En tout cas, BRAVO !

P.S. So according to IC logic, if he's against bombing, he's an IRI agent, right?


Anglophile جون: لطفا بگیت


بامبلکی که دروردیم کجا بود؟

والا با بعضی‌ از شما علیا‌حاضرت پرستا نمی‌شه حرف به حرف شد!

تعریف و تشویق می‌کنیم به یه جاتون بر میخوره، انتقاد می‌کنیم بهتون بر میخوره؟

لطفا بگیت به چه سازی برقصیم، که حداقل رقصمون باعث شادی شما بشه

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Good job, RPII

by MM on


He said basically the same in English last year.  Do you have the link to the English version?  Thanks.


"باوفا" تو چقدر بیوفایی؟



بابا جون شما هرچی آقا رضا بگه بازم یه بامبولی در میاری. مثل اون وقتا که هروقت شاه  کار خوبی‌ میکرد میگفتن برای اینه که امریکایها باهاش بد شدن!! حالا می‌‌بینی‌ انقلاب از کجا ریشه گرفت؟



Who else would be more qualified....

by پندارنیک on take up the arduous task of translating the interview but DK himself?


Is this the reason why he is not the favorite child ....

by Bavafa on

Of the Neo-Con/AIPAC?


It does not it matter, for his stands he gets my admiration and kudos. 


Not all individuals, not to mention most in far more inferior position, have been able to resist the temptation of the dangling carrot in the front of their face.

I do wish and hope there is an English version of this interview so the rest of us can hear and understand his position here.  


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



would have been good to

by Bunyip on

would have been good to comprehend what exactly they were talking about, for those of us who don't know French!


Thank you RP.

by Mammad on