RETURN OF THE KING: Albania's Exiled Muslim Monarch Reburied in Homeland


RETURN OF THE KING: Albania's Exiled Muslim Monarch Reburied in Homeland
by Darius Kadivar

The remains of King Ahmet Zog, Albania's former self-made muslim monarch, who ruled from 1925 to 1939, arrived in Albania after being repatriated from France more than 50 years after his death. (Source:

Exiled Albanian king's remains are repatriated (
Nov 18, 2012 by Euronews):

The remains of King Ahmet Zogu of Albania have been returned from France where he died in 1961, and re-buried in his homeland.

The ceremony comes as Albania celebrates its 100th independence anniversary.
King Zogu was ruler of the country from 1925 to 1939 when he fled after Albania was occupied by fascist Italy.

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — The body of Albania's only post-independence monarch, King Ahmet Zog I, has been returned home more than 50 years after he died in exile in France.

Family members and government authorities welcomed the remains at Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa on Friday. Zog reigned from 1928 until 1939, when he fled Albania after it was occupied by fascist Italy. 

Albania's post-World War II communist regime abolished the monarchy in 1946. Albania has remained a parliamentary republic since the fall of communism in 1990.

The royal family returned to Albania in 2002, and the current government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha later decided to allow the king's remains to return for a burial ceremony to be held Saturday.


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The monarchs of independent Albania from the House of Wied and the House of Zog. Prince Wilhelm von Wied was chosen by the Great Powers as the first sovereign of Albania from March to September in 1914 (reigning as Skanderbeg II). He lost his throne in a civil war and served in the German army in World War I. In 1928 President Ahmet Zogu became King Zog I or King Skanderbeg III. Originally supported by the occupying power of Italy he lost his throne in 1938 when the King of Italy was proclaimed King of Albania. After World War II a communist dictatorship was established. King Zog's son, Prince Leka, tried to restore his throne but has since withdrawn from politics.

Royal exiles: King Zog of Albania & his wife, London 1940:

Royal Albania:






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James Belushi ; " I'm an eagle " (Albanian) :

James Belushi Introduces Documentary on Albania:






Remains of King Zog repatriated from France to Albania (bbc)

The remains of King Zog, Albania's former monarch, have arrived in Albania after being repatriated from France more than 50 years after his death.

They arrived in the international airport of the Albanian capital, Tirana, where they were greeted by family members and officials.

The remains were exhumed at Thiais cemetery south of Paris on Tuesday.

Critics accuse Albania's government of seeking to make political capital out of the former king.

His remains are due to be placed in a newly built mausoleum for the royal family this weekend.

Albania is currently celebrating the centenary of its independence from the Ottoman Empire. King Zog, whose original name was Ahmet Muhtar Bej Zogolli, proclaimed himself monarch in 1928 but fled in 1939 as Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's Fascist troops invaded Albania. 

In exile, he lived for years in England, then Egypt, before settling in France where he died in 1961.

His only son, Crown Prince Leka, died last year after failing in his efforts to restore the monarchy in Albania.

His grandson, Prince Leka, currently serves as a political adviser to Albanian President Bujar Faik Nishani.

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