PRINCE OF PERSIA: Shapour Ali Reza's photos displayed at Persepolis, Iran


PRINCE OF PERSIA: Shapour Ali Reza's photos displayed at Persepolis, Iran
by Darius Kadivar

Anonymous Iranian Women displays photos of the late Iranian Prince, Shapour Ali Reza Pahlavi at the foot of a Bas Relief  at Takhteh Jamshid aka Persepolis, the historical Achaemenid capital of the Persian Empire.

A PERSIAN GRIEF: Greek Tragedy by Aeschylus "The Persians" -Mourning Scene of Defeat at Marathon:

Tragédie d'Eschyle: Les Perses diffusée en 1961 en France (ORTF)


Cyrus The Great - The Persian Empire:


Persian New Year Speach for the 50th Anniversary of the Pahlavi Dynasty:

Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi's Tribute to Iran's Past Kings and His People. (Circa Nowruz 1977)

A Beautiful Poem by Ferdosi, Word by Word talking about the present situation in Iran. Amazing...




Shahab Hosseini - Shahzadeye Roya:



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Great Iranian lady in Persepolis

by Siavash300 on

Together we re-establish monarchy once again. Future belong to lightness over darkness. Ahreeman will be defeated. That is our promise to our shah. 

Payandeh Iran


شیر زن ایران


این خانوم واقعأ لایق تحسین و این نشانگر عشق واقعی به ایران و مهمتر از هر چیزی نشانگر احترام به پادشاه ایران. تمام ما ایرانیهای خارج از ایران از ایشان عبرت بگیریم چون این خانم یا متولد بعد از ۵۷ و یا واقعا بچه بودند زمان انقلاب. درود براین شیر زن و زنان شجاع ایران زمین.


Bon or mauvais présage, who knows

by Rea on

Either way, there's something extremely touchy about this woman.


I must say, she's brave...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Although not a monarchits by any stretch of imagination, can not help but admiring this little lady's courage. 

Certainly what she did, takes a lot more courage than coming on, talking nonsense from behind a fake avatar! 

Thanks Darius and Down with the fascist islamist regime and all it's cyber agents!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thanks to the lonely lady in the Perrrzhennnn desert.

by comrade on

Most appropriately placed; at the foot of an ancient ruin!!

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Anonymous Iranian Woman at Persepolis

by Rea on

Amazing !



by yolanda on

Is this lady's life in danger? Will IRI hunt her down?