pictory:Yazdi Meets Castro, Cuba (1980's)

pictory:Yazdi Meets Castro, Cuba (1980's)
by Darius Kadivar

Ebrahim Yazdi meets leader of Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro ( year ?)

Yazdi was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the interim government of Mehdi Bazargan, until November 6, 1979.

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Yazdi during Tibunal of General Rahimi 1979



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Cuban anti-Castro activist dies

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Cuban anti-Castro activist dies (bbc)


Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo, a former Cuban revolutionary who later became a dissident, has died aged 77, friends and family have said.

His wife, Flor Ester Torres Sanabria, told AP news agency that her husband died in a Havana hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Mr Gutierrez-Menoyo was a commander during the 1959 Cuban revolution.

However, he later led an armed uprising against former comrade Fidel Castro and spent 22 years in prison.


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Fidel Castro appears in public

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Fidel Castro appears in public (bbc)


A Venezuelan politician confirms reports by Cuban hotel staff that Fidel Castro made a public appearance there, amid rumours about his health

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Cuban refugees die near Mexico

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Cuban refugees die near Mexico (bbc)


A home-made raft carrying 23 Cuban refugees sinks as it hits reefs near the Mexican beach resort of Cancun.

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Cuba dissidents arrested after Oswaldo Paya's funeral

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Cuban activists held at funeral (bbc, VIDEO)


Cuban police have arrested at least seven dissidents after the funeral of prominent activist Oswaldo Paya, who died in a car crash on Sunday.

Those detained include leading dissident Guillermo Farinas.

At a service for Mr Paya in Havana on Monday his son told the BBC that he believed his father's car was forced off the road.

The official account is that the driver lost control and hit a tree as it drove near the eastern city of Bayano.

Dissidents were picked up for questioning by plain-clothes police who had been deployed outside the church where the mass was held.



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'Crash kills top Cuban dissident'

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'Crash kills top Cuban dissident' (bbc)


One of Cuba's most prominent dissidents and Sakharov human rights prize winner, Oswaldo Paya, dies in a car crash, activists say.

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Cuba's Castro meets China leaders

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Cuba's Castro meets China leaders (bbc)


Cuban President Raul Castro is meeting Chinese leaders in Beijing, signing agreements aimed at deepening already close ties between the two allies.

Mr Castro is due to meet Vice-President Xi Jinping and Vice Premier Li Keqiang, who are widely expected to take over China's top leadership posts.

On Thursday he met President Hu Jintao and signed several co-operation deals.

China pledged to aid Cuba with a new credit line and with health care and technology.

The promises were part of a series of agreements between the two countries, reports said, although no details were given.


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Cuban 'defector' actors reappear

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Cuban 'defector' actors reappear (bbc)


Two Cuban actors who starred in a film about defectors have themselves defected to the United States.

Javier Nunez Florian and Anailin de la Rua emerged from hiding a week after they had gone missing at Miami airport during a stop-over on the way to a film festival in New York.

Speaking on a Spanish-language TV channel in Miami, they said they would seek political asylum in the US.

Several Cuban artists have defected to pursue careers outside their country. 

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Cuban 'defector film' takes Tribeca prizes

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Cuban movie takes Tribeca prizes (bbc)


A movie about Cuban boat people, whose stars have gone missing, wins three prizes at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Cuban actors in 'defector film' disappear in Miami

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Cuban 'defector' actors disappear (bbc)


Two Cuban actors starring in a film about defectors have disappeared en route from Cuba to a showing at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Javier Nunez Florian and Analin de la Rua de la Torre, both 20, who star in the film Una Noche, disappeared at Miami airport.

Though their fate is unknown, the pair are assumed to have defected.

The film depicts three Cuban teenagers trying to escape the poverty of their homeland to begin a new life in Miami.

The film's producer, Havana-based Sandy Perez Aguila, said that he last saw the pair at Miami airport during a stopover en route to New York.

They failed to turned up at the departure gate but he was unable to report them officially missing until they had been gone for 24 hours. 



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Pope criticises US Cuba embargo

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Pope criticises US Cuba embargo (bbc)


Pope Benedict XVI has criticised the 50-year-old US trade embargo imposed on Cuba, as he ends a visit to the island.

The Pope called for greater rights in Cuba, saying he wanted a society in which no-one was denied basic freedoms.

This aim was not helped by economic measures which "unfairly burden" Cuba's people, he said.

Earlier, Pope Benedict met Cuba's revolutionary leader and former president, Fidel Castro, and celebrated Mass in front of vast crowds in Havana.




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Pope calls Cubans to search for 'authentic freedom'

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Pope urges Cuba 'freedom' search (bbc)


Pope Benedict XVI urged Cubans to search for "authentic freedom" in his sermon at a huge open-air Mass in Havana's Revolution Square.

He warned some "wrongly interpret this search for truth, leading them to irrationality and fanaticism".

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans gathered to hear his words on the final day of his visit.

Pope Benedict held a 30-minute meeting with the revolutionary leader and former President, Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro, who also met Pope John Paul II when he visited the island in 1998, had requested a few minutes with Pope Benedict.


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Pope arrives in Cuba on key visit

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Pope arrives in Cuba on key visit (bbc)


Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Cuba for a three-day stay - the first papal visit to the island for 14 years.


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Fidel Castro launches his memoirs

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Fidel Castro launches his memoirs (bbc)


Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has made a rare public appearance to launch his memoirs.

The book, Guerrilla of Time, is almost 1,000 pages long and relates his childhood and rise to power in the Cuban Revolution.

Fidel Castro, 85, said it was every Cuban's duty to fight until the last moment, for Cuba, the planet, and humanity.

He had not been seen in public since April last year.

Communist Party newspaper Granma said the launch at the Havana Convention Centre lasted more than six hours.

The two-volume memoir is based on conversations between Fidel Castro and journalist Katiuska Blanco.