pictory: Shapour Bakhtiar Student Years at the Sorbonne, Paris (~1936)

pictory: Shapour Bakhtiar Student Years at the Sorbonne, Paris (~1936)
by Darius Kadivar

In 1936 Shapour Bakhtiar 1914 or 1915 - August 6, 1991) left for France. He received his PhD, in political science (in 1939), as well as degrees in law and philosophy, from Sorbonne. As a firm opponent of all totalitarian rule, he joined an organization to fight against General Franco and fascism. Later, he volunteered for the French army and fought in the Orleans battalion and in the French Résistance against the occupation by Germany.

Bakhtiar along with his secretary were brutally assassinated in the Paris Suburb of Suresnes on August 6, 1991 by a Death Squad sent by the Islamic Regime of Iran. He was the Last Prime Minister of the Shah of Iran.

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I recommend his book

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I recommend his book "Yek-Rangi" as necessary reading for every Iranian and echo the sympathies already expressed.

The Persian version is available here, note there is also a file containing an interview with Anis Naghash who made an earlier attempt on his life:


Mr. Fozolie


The brave Morgh-e Toofan

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Dr Bakhtiar was and will always be an Iranian treasure and a source of pride and his murder is one unforgivable shameful act of cowardice that we won't forget.

Thank you Darius and Ali P.

Roohash Shad


Darius Kadivar

Thank You Ali P. Jaan

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Very interesting feedback from you as usual.

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Ali P.

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