pictory: Nude Scene with Marjane prior to becoming an MKO Icon (1970's)


pictory: Nude Scene with Marjane prior to becoming an MKO Icon (1970's)
by Darius Kadivar

Pop Singer Marjan in a love scene with Saeed Rad during a brief period when she was trying to make it big in the movies. (1970's)

Photo courtesy B Hedayat

NOTE: Marjane has become a staunch supporter of the MKO Cult Ridden Opposition Group to the IRI in recent years. She is not alone, another famed singer Marzieh recently retired has also been a loyal supporter. In the past other Pop Stars like Aref or Vigen flirted with the MKO in the early 1990's by performing at their gatherings but without entirely supporting their cause.  

Marjane Sings the Persian Version of a French Song "Viens Dans Ma Vie" (1970's):

The French Version by Ajda Pekkan "Viens Dans Ma Vie":

Nice Song and Lyrics:

On Rang a Rang TV Show prior to Revolution:

Marjan - Ki Seda Kard Mano:

With Show Man Fereydoun Farrokhzad on "Bozorgtarin Show Hafteh" TV Show Prior to the Revolution:

As a Cabaret Dancer in a one of her early movies:

Singing for the MKO in recent years like other "converted" performers like Marzieh:

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Said Rad made movies after the revolution

by Anonymouse on

Others were banned but he made it!  Wonder why.  Here is his list of films and latest film being Duel in 2002.

The first Iranian actress I saw nude on the screen was Iren and it was a black and white movie, don't remember the name but the actor put his feet on Iren's breasts while she was sitting up on the bed!  At that time I was about 14 and after seeing that scene I became semi-unconscious and remained like that for the next few days! 

Everything is sacred

Real McCoy

Good old days

by Real McCoy on

Her rocky marriage to Mehdi Alimohammadi was a hot tabloid topic those days.

Alimohammadi was a famous "dubbing star", and radio personality back then, with a throng of school-girl fans.