THE PERSIAN AMBASSADOR : Omid Djalili In The Pride and Racial Prejudice


THE PERSIAN AMBASSADOR : Omid Djalili In The Pride and Racial Prejudice
by Darius Kadivar

Omid Djalili cast as Mirza Abul Hassan Khan Ambassador Extraordinary from his Majesty the Shah of Persia to H.R.H the Prince Regent of Great Britain 1809. In the Sketch his is refered to as Mr. Farsi. From the Omid Djalili Show- Episode Pride and Racial Prejudice.

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About Mirza Abu'l Hassan Khan:

Mirza Abu'l Hassan Khan was sent to the court of King George III in 1809 by the Shah of Persia, to help negotiate a treaty of alliance between Great Britain and Persia (Iran). He became a figure of fascination, and many parties were held in his honour. By this time Beechey was known as one of the foremost portrait painters of his day and painted two recorded portraits of this sitter. In his diplomatic diary Abu'l Hassan describes visting Beechey's house in Harley Street and his joy at meeting his children. On arrival back in Persia in 1811, he was given the honorary title of Khan, in recognition of the role he had played in the treaty negotiations.

WAALM Awards 08 Dramatic Arts, Omid Djalili

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