North African Berbers blame Arab "backwardness" on their "Anti Western" Stance


North African Berbers blame Arab "backwardness" on their "Anti Western" Stance
by Darius Kadivar

Berber intellectuals slam anti western xenophobia displayed by Arabs in general as a convenient excuse for their own backwardness.  

We tend to forget that North Africa is not the Middle East and that the population is far more heterogenous than meets the eye. Strangely enough the second video was aired on Memri TV (IRI ?).

Berber intellectuals  slam anti western xenophobia displayed by Arabs in general as a convenient excuse for their own Shortcomings :

Amazighs (Berbers) Support Israel's Struggle against  what they deem is « Arab Imperialism »

Part I

Part II






Nader Naderpour on origins of IRI's "Death Slogans" towards US and Israel:

The late Iranian poet, historian, philosopher and constitutionalist Nader Naderpour explains how slogans such as "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" took root in Iran with the Islamic Revolution slowly replacing in the political rhetoric Persia's traditional foes which initially were Great Britain and Russia.


Mohsen Kadivar LIES:  "Ham Gazeh, Ham Lobnan, Janam Fedayeh Iran":

On VOA Reformist cleric Mohsen Kadivar distorts the Slogans heard above as being equally supportive  of the Palestinian and Lebanese Cause as those of the Iranian people's struggle for Democracy



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Darius Kadivar

Morocco stone carvings destroyed by Salafists

by Darius Kadivar on

Morocco stone carvings destroyed (bbc)


Amazigh activists in the High Atlas mountains say they have seen a rise in Salafist activities.



Muslim hardliners known as Salafists have been blamed for destroying ancient stone carvings in Morocco's High Atlas mountains.





Darius Kadivar

Morocco 'liquid gold' liberates Berbers

by Darius Kadivar on

Morocco 'liquid gold' liberates Berbers (cnn, video)


Ethnic Berbers -- the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa whose culture predominated in the region prior to the 7th century Arab invasion -- were among Morocco's earliest inhabitants, and government figures show that at least one third of the country's population of 32 million speak a Berber dialect. However, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency, Morocco's Berbers also face habitual cultural discrimination. It was only last year that the state finally recognized Tamazight, the Berber language, as an official language alongside Arabic.

Charrouf says that the new-found international popularity of argan oil -- which she describes as "liquid gold" -- has not only provided about 5,000 jobs for Berber women across 170 co-ops, but also an important social lifeline. 


Agadir, Morocco (CNN) -- In Agadir, the arid heartland of Morocco's indigenous Berber population, a quiet oil boom is gaining momentum, one drop at a time.

Argan oil, crushed from the seeds of the short, spiky argan tree, has been used for centuries as a medicine and staple ingredient in local cooking -- drizzled on salads and couscous or mixed with almonds and honey to make amlou, a dip for bread.

But now the oil is generating buzz as a high-end commodity in the lucrative global cosmetics market. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it's believed to help all sorts of skin conditions -- including acne, psoriasis and age-related wrinkles.



  • Argan oil, crushed from the nut of the rare Argan tree, is a traditional Berber product
  • Recently, the oil has been touted as a miracle beauty treatment by cosmetic industry in the west
  • Production has been driven by hundreds of women's worker co-ops using traditional methods
  • Popularity of oil has also helped the survival of the tree, which once faced extinction






Read: A rebirth of Berber culture in post-Gadhafi Libya 

Darius Kadivar

Berber culture is reborn in Post-Gadhafi Libya

by Darius Kadivar on

Berber culture is reborn in Libya (cnn)


  • Libya's indigenous Berber population had their culture suppressed under Gadhafi
  • Also known as Amazigh, they could not even give their children Berber names
  • Amazigh culture is blossoming in post-Gadhafi Libya
  • But activists fear that their culture and language will not be protected in the new Libya



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berber ham nashodim...