Khosro Fravahar Responds to Pars TV Hussein Faraji’s Slander and Defends Ali Mirfetros


Khosro Fravahar Responds to Pars TV Hussein Faraji’s Slander and Defends Ali Mirfetros
by Darius Kadivar

Constitutional Monarchist Khosro Fravahar Responds to Pars TV’s Jomhurykhah (i.e: Republican) host Hussein Faraji’s accusations of him of being ‘Fascist ‘ and defends Ali Mirfetros’ qualifications.

Note: Neither Mr. Fravahar and Mr. Faraju mention eachother's Names in their respective programs for legal reasons which you will understand by listening their respective arguements .

Khorso Fravahar Responds to Hussein Faraji and defends historian Ali Mirfetros (Iran Aryaee TV, Oct 12, 2012):

(NOTE: Go to approxim 27 Minutes where Constitutional Monarchist Khosro Fravahar explains that his mother is Austrian and that he has had members of his family who Opposed Nazi Germany including his grandmother’s brother who was from the Tyrol was executed by the Nazis in their Working Camps.)

Hossein Faraji Blasts Khosro Fravahar as
a « Fascist » and dismiss’ Ali Mirfetros’ Academic Credentials (Pars
TV,Oct 8, 2012):


DISCLAIMER: Views expressed by Khosrow Fravahar and Mr Hossein Faraji in their respective programs (as well as critics towards the people mentioned) are those of Khosrow Fravahar and Mr Hossein Faraji alone and don’t necessarily reflect my views.

Respective Websites Here:

Ali Mirfetros

Khosro Fravahar

Hossein Faraji





                                  FOR MR FARAJI’s EDUCATION …






Many Austrian And German Monarchists and Aristocrats Opposed Nazi Germany From the Very Early Days of Hitler’s coming to power…

The way Adolf Hitler is constantly portrayed as a figure of the political “right” is astounding. The idea that anyone could perceive the leader of a group called the National Socialist German Workers Party as anything close to being a “conservative” defies belief. And yet, many seem to do just that. Of course, Hitler was not a conservative, not a member of the political right and Hitler himself would have considered such a classification deeply insulting. He despised everything that the traditional, right-wing conservatives of Germany stood for. This included Christianity, the aristocracy and, of course, monarchy. Hitler was, and always considered himself, a revolutionary and a socialist; he was simply a national socialist whereas the communists were international socialists. By his own admission, Hitler was a “little revolutionary” from his very boyhood, growing up in the Dual-Empire of Austria-Hungary and, he makes it perfectly clear in his own autobiography that he had nothing but contempt for the Imperial House of Hapsburg. More Here









This Scene from the Sound of Music ( based on a true story by the Austrian Von Trapp Family) probably best expresses the Austrian People’s Ambivalent Relationship with the Nazis shortly before and after the Annexion of Austria by Hitler. Many Austrian Monarchists paid with their lives others chose to go to exile rather than serve under the Nazi Flag.

Captain Von Trapp ( Christopher Plummer) Surprises his Daughter’s Boy Friend turned into a Hitler’s Youth Fanatic :

Captain Von Trapp Tears the Nazi Flag Hanging on his Mansion Door :







Youth Opposition to the Nazis – The Story of Sophie Scholl :

Not all Youth Supported the Nazis One Brave Example was Sophie Scholl …










First State Visit since 1893 of a Persian Emperor to Vienna, the Shah of Iran walks in the steps of his Qajar predecessor Muzzaferedin Shah on a royal tour of the eternal capital of the Former Austro Hungarian Empire.

Shah Visits
 Vienna (1960):

(Video Courtesy :frauenatz)

Satrapi watches Sissi's Waltz in a scene from Persepolis:

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SHAH’s WALTZ: Shah of Iran Visits Vienna (1960)

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Valkyrie: German resistance to Hitler (with quotations) :

"Valkyrie" Official Trailer [HQ] :

Ending Scene from the Movie Valkyrie Starring Tom Cruise as 
Claus von Stauffenberg :


The Desert Fox - Churchill's Salute To His One Time foe:

James Mason cast as Marshall Erwin Rommel 



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by Shemirani on

I appreciate Mr K.Fravahar's tv program ! Certainly one of the best we have in persian-media. If we had a persian golden globe, Mr Fravahar deserves a reward for his educational program* !!!  Fravahar's brain suits with younger iranians who grow up outside Iran and in addition to that Mr Fravahar is having the historical knowlegde ! when i compare his show to some good french programs i don't see any difference ! That's why i do like watching his program.


I Don't think the same about others Persian "show" !

Mister Faraji symbolises perfectly the very ignorant but also very Porooh generation. a generation stuck to their third word mentality (even if they are living aboard for decades) people who don't have deep knowledge about anything but always giving their opinion about everything ! and because most of anchors in persian media are like that, our community can't progress as fast as we want it ! they are partially responsible for our delay !

When Mr Faraji is saying "pessarak" ("javanak") in his cheap mind he believes he is diminuting Fravahar but doesn't realize he is ridiculising himself . As a listener, i can retutn it to him, Aren't you Mr Faraji ashamed to be that old (compared to "pessarak" ) and that ignorant ?! You had at least half century to accumulate some knowledge and pretend to be a good Anchor but you failed !!! In all this year you didn't know about mossadegh family links with Qajars kings ? How come you never had the intellectual curiosity to check mossadegh's genealogical tree but you allows yourself critisizing Fravahar ? what kind of incompetent anchor are you ?!!

In fact i think Faraji is Bashing Mr Fravahar because K.Fravahar is doing a great work with his teachful program and because he is from younger generation ! F For Faraji,seeing Mr Fravahar in Meyboodi's Program is unbearable because it returns him to your failure   ! Actually Meyboodi is doing great to give more space to younger activists and thinkers and K.Fravahar is among the best we have ! Mr Meyboodi should continue inviting him !

*Educational Not like sesame street :D but because good analysis, historical dates and facts and references he is providing us !

ps: Et en plus il y avait un résistant contre les Nazi dans sa famille, c'est tout à son honneur !


Mr Amin please be consistent Sir

by anglophile on

Please please please tell us, the registered members of your site, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in your rule book. If you regularly update your rules please let us know what are the latest changes so we stay within the terms of your book of rules.

Here a TV presenter, Mr Faraji, calls all his detractors "bi-savad" and you seem to have no problem with it. But when I return Faraji's  compliments using his own terms you delete my comment. If calling others bi-savad is considered profane in your book, then you should object to his video too. But if you are happy with the tone and language of Faraji, I don't see how you can object to mine.

I have been blocked and unblocked twice in the past and each time I was a victim of the continuously changing and inconsistent rules of the site. Believe me I am doing my best to abide by your rules but please don't move the goal post from time to time. I am tired of chasing and catching up with the goal post.