JE T'AIME … MOI NON PLUS : Mitt Romney speaks Fluent French ;0)


JE T'AIME … MOI NON PLUS : Mitt Romney speaks Fluent French ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

Mitt Romney speaks French for an introduction for the volunteers of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, as Governor of Massachusetts. (Source:

About Photo : Mitt Romney’s Spent 2 years in France in the 1960’s as a Mormon missionary (

Mitt Romney speaks French:

Obama tries to Speak French:

(NOTE : The sarcasitc comments in video do not necessarily reflect my views)



Sarkozy Tries to Speak English



Exclusive insight into the last Video conference between President Obama and President Sarkozy towards the end of the latters presidency :

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An American in Paris, during Vietnam War!

by Faramarz on



DK Jaan, 

Mitt was in Paris in 1968 to avoid going to Vietnam like most rich kids back then. Doonesbury had a great series on him two weeks ago.




You are the best judge dear Darius

by anglophile on

Romney's time in France must have been quite an exciting period, given the students riots of 1968. He even led the misssion at a time of tragedy.


He is not a typical American. But unlike the Quakers, Mormons are not pacifist,




Darius Kadivar

Anglophile Jan although accented his French is fairly good

by Darius Kadivar on

I actually met a number of Mormons in France going to the most remote areas in the country preaching for their church. 

They all dressed well in the same way as in the above photo. Crew cut hair and suit and tie. They also always travelled in duets. Now imagine if they were closet gays ! ... LOL 

I don't know why France seems to be their favorite destination for conversions ;0) ...


I actually found most of them to be likeable and openminded except when it came to discussing religion.   


Their church sends them abroad and covers their costs and pays for their university studies in exchange of asking them to preach for their beliefs. 


They have actually been able to convince the mayor next to where my Mother lives in Versailles to build their Church. Which is strange given that France has strict laws against religious sects. For example the Scientologists are banned here but not Mormons. So Go figure ? ... 


As for Romney he comes across as a very different man than the ordinary Mormon, he doesn't seem to be as dogmatic and doesn't seem to make a big deal about his own religion in public at least, probably because he knows it could be used against him.  


But quite honestly to his credit his French is surprisingly good. 


Darius jaan Romney reads off well using a Cue Prompter :)

by anglophile on

but can he speak just as well without it?