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Excerpt of a Documentary about Links between Hitler and muslim anti Jewish Militancy during WWII. It shows footage of Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini and the Regiment of Muslim Waffen SS Elite Troups.

Larger Photo: Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini

More on the Subject:

Hitler's Soviet Muslim Legions


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Reza Shah and Hitler

by capt_ayhab on

Lets not to forget the relationship between Reza Shah and Nazi Germani. I mean if were going to tell the TRUTH, might as well look at it all. How is that????

Religious Minorities in Iran (Cambridge Middle East Studies) (Paperback)

by Eliz Sanasarian
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (November 2, 2006 ISBN-10: 0521029740

1. Reza Shah's ascent brought temporary relief to Jews; however, in the
1920s, Jewish schools were closed. According to Eliz Sanasarian, in the
1930s, "Reza Shah's pro-Nazi sympathies seriously threatened Iranian
Jewry. There were no persecutions of the Jews, but, as with other
minorities, anti-Jewish articles were published in the media. Unlike
religiously motivated prejudice, anti-Jewish sentiments acquired an
ethnonational character, a direct import from Germany.

"Jews under Muslim Rule: The Case of Persia," Wiener Library Bulletin, 32, n.s. 49/50 (1979)

2. In addition, Reza Shah sympathized with Nazi Germany, making the Jewish community fearful of possible persecutions, and the public sentiment at the time was definitely anti-Jewish.
A spike in anti-Jewish sentiment occurred after the establishment of the State of Israel
in 1948 and continued until 1953 due to the weakening of the central
government and strengthening of the clergy in the course of political
struggles between the shah and prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Eliz Sanasarian estimates that in 1948–1953, about one-third of Iranian Jews, most of them poor, emigrated to Israel David Littman puts the total figure of emigrants to Israel in 1948-1978 at 70,000


Jews were not the only ones who were not protected by AriAzMehr and his Cossack mercenary daddy. His lack of leadership and compassion exposed Baha'is more than other minorities.



capt_ayhab [-YT]

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Another German Documentary (subtitles english)

by Darius Kadivar on

About the Mufti and the Muslim Waffen SS and Ramification of Nazi propaganda and influence in the Muslim World :

Niloufar Parsi

Darius jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

actually, i have recently become more aware of the pitfalls in comparing this or that to the Nazis.

In the case of Israel, it is unfair to compare the scales or nature of the horror. Racism and Nazism are not the same. Israel is clearly a racist state, but it is not like the Nazis. in fact, calling israelis 'nazi' is as insensitive as one can get. if it had been my child in gaza, may be i would make such a statement out of pure horror. but it is still not justified.

Same with Hamas: while Hamas may or may not make gestures toward Germany's history, one can see that a desperately downtrodden and tortured people like the Palestinians can succumb to enough hatred to claim that they 'understand' the Nazis. this is anger finding expression. but we know that they have never through their history embarked on any attempt to exterminate any group. and they are obviously nowhere near the idea now either. they are resisting a slow and constant take over of their land for over a 100 years.

what i would add, and i would like to hear your view on this, is that it is far more common for zionists to resort to comparing palestinians to the nazis than it is the case the other way round. this i find disturbing and it smacks of disrespect for the victims of the holocaust.

this blog made me feel that way. in fact, the mufti is not relevant to today's issues. if you are looking for real nazi groups anywhere, I am afraid they only exist in israel in our region. there are small gangs of neo-nazis alive and kicking in israel. i remember coming across articles about them not long ago. can't remember their name, but you might have heard about it too.

but for an anti-zionist to use this group as a means of blanketing all israelis as nazis would be deemed as rather inhuman. 

to cut a long story short: lets help stop fanning the flames by agreeing that the nazis were a historical calamity for humanity as a whole. both sides of the current war are suffering as a result of it even today.

what do you think?

Darius Kadivar

Dear Niloufar

by Darius Kadivar on

I will certainly take the time to answer you in more detail. I agree with some of your points but a short response from me would be inadequate on such an important issue.

I just wanted to make a small but important correction I did in the following paragraph I wrote:

"We actually owe a great deal to President Truman for discouraging Stalin and Molotov to Invade Iran. For after Pearl Harbor, Truman Threatened Stalin to withdraw from Azerbaidjan and firmly asked him to renounce to supporting Azeri Independance and Rebellion. "

I'm sure you must have noticed that I actually meant After Hiroshima For Truman used the Nuclear Threat ( Russia had no Atom Bomb Yet) to convince Stalin to Retreat from Northern Iran. Pearl Harbor was chronologically before and has nothing to do with the point I was making. As for the two Atomic Bombs on Japan I believe that much has been written on the moral dillemas involved with such a technology and Arm of Massive Destruction put to application and that changed the face of the World. But you are aware that there was a Race with Nazi Germany on who would make the Bomb and Explode it First. The Cold War turned World Politics in to a Bi Polar One and the Fall of the Berlin Wall and East European Communist Regimes has turned the US as the First World Military Power but needless to say with it also comes the moral responsabilities of its actions that are not an easy Task for any elected President . But the end of communism and the current nuclear crisis with Iran sets new challenges for the World Community that does not just concern IRAN but Nuclear Proliferation and Controle. That is another complex issue I don't want to get into on this blog for it would be an even longer debate that has more to do with geo strategy than ideological differences.

Anyway Will get back to this discussion later if you wish.

As for the Russian Sacrifice in Stalingrad and during the War there is obviously no comparison with many other nations and that is actually one of the Reasons that made it virtually impossible for the Allies to accept Churchill's suggestion of Attacking Russia in retaliation to Stalin After the Fall of Nazi Germany by Opening a Second Front. In Retrospect Strategically It may have indeed avoided the Cold War but at What Price I ask you ? ... It was definitively a very Bold Military Stance for the Time but not realistic nor Timely given that by then The World wanted Peace more than Anything Else and convincing the Allies but more importantly Public Opinion that the War was not over and one now had to fight back the Russians was totally inconcievable. But Churchill had seen into the Cards played by Stalin and wanted to defeat Communism and Ensure an End of Totalitarian Threats. Nevertheless the Azerbaidjan Crisis was the begining of the First Signs of the begining of the Cold War.

Also personally I would not equate  "Communism" and "Stalinism" ( even if I believe that the first inevitably leads to the second because of the dictatorial nature of the ideology and the Party structure that represents it) but that is another debate.

What I simply want to say is that as far as the Islamic Militancy is concerned and the Role of the Mufti ( strategically right or wrong) his adherance to the Nazi Regime and Ideology has had far reaching ramifications in the Islamic World and particularly in association to the Palestinian Cause ( the PLO being No exception to this until the last two decades when it definitively gave up on Terrorism and the pre-requisite of a destruction of Israel) due to an Open War with Israel and the Arab world up to the 1967 Sinai War and Camp David Accords that slowly shifted the Arab World into if not entirely acknowledging Israel but accepting it as an unavoidable neighbour.

But it is obvious to me that in its fight against Israeli Occupation or in relation to the Creation of Israel after 1948 the foes of Israel seeked answers to their struggles against the Jewish State by drawing an anology between Colonialism ( which in my view is a more valid Argument) as well as extreme ideologies as Nazism ( which in this case is a perversion of the initial legitimate struggle of a people against Jewish Colonialism) in order to vilify the Jews in the Arab Psyche. It Also offered a satisfying lecture to the Religious Faction of the Palestinian but also Arab Cause in general into seeing Islam as the Last True Religion that supersedes all previous ones that is Christinianity and Judaism.

So it is not surprising that the most radical elements like the Hezbollah and Hamas have adopted the Nazi Salute in recent years.



If one cannot entirely claim that the Mufti was aware of the Holocaust at that juncture in History, one cannot deny that the following generations did. And Yet Syria was to give refuge to former Nazi Criminals like Alois Brunner.

Alois Brunner  has been living in Syria for decades; Syrian refusal to cooperate stymies prosecution efforts; convicted in absentia by France: Key operative of Adolf Eichmann aResponsible for nd deportation of Jews from Austria (47,000), Greece (44,000),
France (23,500), and Slovakia (14,000) to Nazi death camps.

Whether he is alive or not is still another issue but the fact is that Syria like Argentina were amongst the rare countries where former Nazis seeked a safe Haven. ( No need to argue with me on the known cases of former Nazis Working for the CIA, that has been denounced in the American and Free Press long time ago and we know that in France it was also the case with some collaborators like Rene Bousquet for such people like Klaus Barbie who was a protege of the CIA for years for secret operations etc ... but he came to trial ultimately in France after extradition from South America. I am familiar with the Dirty Laundry on these issues but unlike Syria or Argentina at the time, no free press in those countries could denounce the authorities for such collaborations with Nazi Criminals).

So seeing Iran side with such rogue regimes and States like Syria or Lybia for the past 30 years is something that is a very dangerous game and which has ultimately linked us not so much to the Palestinian Predicament but to those elements of the Palestinian and Arab community which are the most extreme fanatics and dangerous elements of that community.

As Such these very extreme elements have been actually maiming the Palestinian Cause and the PLO authority by discrediting all efforts of genuine resolution of the conflict. To that one can oppose the Orthodox Jews but with the difference that Israel is after all a Secular ( as far as its political system is concerned) democracy. An Imported Democracy I grant you that which is influenced by the Religious justification of its existence but which has nothing to do nor is run by the same Orthodox or radical elements due to a thriving civil society like in all true democracies. But it is a Nation which unlike comfortable Democracies in Europe of North America has been in constant War with its neighbours since its creation in 1948.

This is where I draw a line between Israel's Military Paranoia and the Nazi Regimes Military Ambitions of Conquest and Domination.

Any Attempt to Equate the Gaza Military Operation However Dramatic and with innocent Human Casualties HAS NOTHING to do With a HOLOCAUST as We Understand it Historically. Nor is it correct to Equate Zionism with Nazism.

I could concur with you that Both are SHIT but one cannot put them on the Same Level of Comparison nor equate the intentions or the motivations as similar even in the way they were conducted.

Of course in the case of GAZA I would welcome an Investigation after the conflict comes to an end just like for eventual crimes in Iraq commited under the Bush administration ( actually this will happen as Obama has promised it) in order to establish the eventual responsabilities of those involded in the decision makings etc. such an operation and cases of individual arbitrary criminal acts by officers or soldiers involved in this operation.

But I repeat that to compare this military retaliation to the Nazi Holocaust is Absurd ( which does not mean that it is not a crime) however it is quite right to claim that it is a disproportionate and disastrous response in the way it is conducted and for the collateral human and material damages it has involved.

I think however that we can agree on one thing in this crisis and generalize it to what any Human Being would agree with and that is:


Regarding War Crimes however that is a very specific issue. I would leave that to a impartial tribunal to judge such an assessment for I am no lawyer. I do know that the Geneva Convention does define the rights of a soldier as well in establishing the legal frontiers that distinguish a military action and a military crime which mind you in both cases lead to deaths and casualties.

So the main issue is to answer the Following Question. Is Israel at War with the Palestinian People and are the Palestinian People at War with Israel. I believe that is the case. Even if one has to take into account the recurrent Peace Plans between the Palestinian Authority recognized by Israel and the Israeli State.

I am no specialist of the Palestinian Israeli conflict but I do know that The HAMAS ( Greatly Influenced by Nazi Ideology and Holocaust denials etc ) was indeed Elected Democratically but to what purpose ? So was Hitler. It is not because a groupe are elected democratically that they do not constitute a danger. So yes the people of this organization do compose a part of the Palestinian public Opinion but so do the Mullahs in Iran ( albeit elected under less democratic and dubious conditions). But it would be naive to think that the HAMAS Elected in a society which is harldy democratic in its mindset or reasonable in its demands as a partner with which a sovereign nation like Israel wishes to negotiate with or even consider it as reliable.

The Gaza Tragedy will definitively force Israel to consider even negotiations with a NIHILIST organization like HAMAS because of the International support and outrage it is getting and the media coverage given ( the sources if not the content of which is left free to interpretion and Human reactions and emotivity).

What I am saying is that as Outsiders to this conflict we need to try and look beyond these images of War in Gaza and try to see the Big Picture. And that is the recuperation of this Tragedy by the most Extremist Regimes in the Region and that of Iran in particular.

In That To me the GAZA Crisis will DEFINITIVELY be used JUST LIKE the CINEMA REX tragedy in Abadan during the Revolution of 1979. It gives the Fundamentalists an IDEAL SCAPEGOAT to attack their own declared enemies. In the case of Iran it was the SHAH and the SAVAK ( who unlike Israel in GAZA had nothing to do with the burning) and in the Case of GAZA it is the Very STATE OF ISRAEL Beyond Its Political Institutions which ARE Democratic in Practice.

The Nazi's blamed a Communist who had burned the Reichtag in order to create a climate of terror and repression against all moderate elements in German Civil Society in order to give the false Impression that Germany was in Danger. That communist actually did burn the Reichtag but that was a ideal scapegoat to overlook a more bigger threat and that was the advance of the Nazi ideology taking deeper roots in German Society, and leading to outcasting any voice of moderation and democracy in the country. HAMAS will do the same to maim the PLO and the Mahmoud ABBAS authority and in that encouraged by Iran.

So From this perspective I know that there will be an attempt to influence Public Opinion. The Fact that Tehran is now even questioning all the institutions created after WWII like the United Nations is characteristinc of this dangerous game that they are playing behind the scenes.

That Israelian leaders and politicians been clumsy or irresponsible is one thing. However Our Duty as Intellectuals and outsiders to such an important crisis is to be aware of the dangers and try at best to be ALERT of the manipulation and the ressurgence of ideas and ideologies that should remain in the Dustbins of History.

On A Final Note I would quote French Philosopher Andre Glucksmann by Saying:

"Since WWII we know what is the ULTIMATE EVIL, We Are Yet To Learn and define What is the UTLIMATE GOOD!"

My Humble Opinion,


PS: don't know if I answered your initial question but I believe it explains my position on this issue of Holocaust Revisionism that is being justified and refered to out of context by some people on this site which I find particularly dangerous and harmful to Humanity at large. I hope you won't fall into that category nor endorse their historical distortions and inadequate comparisons on this matter. For Being OpenMinded is One Thing Being Indecently Provocative( which I don't think is your case to date) on such an issue as the Holocaust is another. That is why I am firmly angry at Ahmadinejad to have taken this stance and putting our nation in a middle or an ideological debate of dangerous proportions and unpredictable consenquences for our people and the future generations. In a Land who was after all founded by Cyrus The Great and the First Principles of Human Rights which like film director Cyrus KAR tried to show is also refered to in the UNITED NATIONS.

Recommended Readings:

He is Awake: Close Up on Cyrus Kar by Darius KADIVAR  

XERXES AND ESTHER : A Screenplay by Ren.A Hakim By Darius KADIVAR


Niloufar Parsi

Darius jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks for showing your openmindedness too. you are reading me right. i have my views on things and i am happy to exchange ideas and learn at the same time. and to have a laugh too sometimes if the cavalry would allow it!

i have heard many zionist attacks about the mufti, but the alliance of palestinian leaders with hitler makes cold strategic sense without any fascist links between the two.

your statement:

"Because it was rather Stalin who became an Ally to the Free and Democratic World after Germany Broke the Soviet-German Pact
by launching Operation Barbarossa and attacking Russia. So Stalin had
no other choice than declare War on Germany in turn and therefore Join
the allies against the AXIS ( Term Used to qualify the German-Italian
and Japanese Alliance)." 

can actually be used to support my argument too. these guys could switch sides with ease, and ideology did not come into it much, but national interest did. what's just as bad as the soviet switch is USA's total isolationism that clearly did not value any of the warring ideologies enough to support them until it was attacked by Japan. the russian's initial alliance was for national interest and their switch was the same.

the mufti would have gone with the side that would help his people in the context of a double onslaught of the Brits followed by the zionisist.

as for the soviet's war crimes, i am no specialist on the subject, but my limited knowledge tells me that the greatest war crime of all time was committed by germany against the russians. over 20 million were killed and their homes razed. yet if it wasn't for the russians, the germans would have won WWII.

the greatest terrorist act of history belongs to the US and its 2 atom bombs dropped on japanese civilians. worse that the first bomb was the second one that cannot even be argued for in terms of 'shock and awe'.

so we have clearly differing readings of history. but that is not surprising. and i am always open to being influenced by yours.


Darius Kadivar

Niloufar Parsi If I May ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I just wanted to say that I welcome your questions and appreciate those who are sincerly eager to debate openly and respectfully through argumented comments and not just a back and fro sterile exchange. You don't appear to be one of those commentators simply driven by the will to contradict for the sake of contradiction.

That said for the note regarding Churchill and Roosevelt could then be considered as Communist because of their alliance with Stalin seems a weak counter argument to the anonymous fellow's comment ( however rude in the same manner as the other fellow Cameron in his Angry comment towards David ET on which I do not wish to dwell any longer). But I am happy that you are eager to learn and question for that is the basis of any fair debate.  

Why is your counter example weak? Because it was rather Stalin who became an Ally to the Free and Democratic World after Germany Broke the Soviet-German Pact by launching Operation Barbarossa and attacking Russia. So Stalin had no other choice than declare War on Germany in turn and therefore Join the allies against the AXIS ( Term Used to qualify the German-Italian and Japanese Alliance).

It should be Noted here that the Soviet-German Pact  led to a War Crime by Soviet Troops in Poland which was initially blamed on the Nazis. It was the Katyn Massacre of Polish Officers, intellectuals and civilian Prisoners of War when German Troops invaded Poland.

Polish Director Andrej Wajda made a film on this massacre this year:


Stalin was in no position to impose its own terms on the Allies and so he prefered to abandon the idea of exporting the Bolchevik Revolution for that matter.

As a matter of fact this new alliance led to a good deal of collaboration between the Allies and the new Soviet Ally up to the Tehran conference of Dec 1943.

Please read if interested my article : Winds of war

This conference led to the major decisions that were to determine the D-Day on the Normany on 6th June 1944 that was the massive Ally Operation to liberate Europe and France in Particular.

The Soviets were only able to impose their conditions only during the Yalta Conference which was set to decide on the future of Europe and the division between America and the Soviet Union ( which had liberated most of Eastern Europe and Entered Berlin before the Americans).

By then Churchill was to write in his personal diaries that "the US president Roosevelt in poor health and dying had lost to the Cold and Calculating Russian Bear."

But it was only in the mid Fifties with the Blocus of Berlin that churchill first used the term "Iron Curtain":


So in all fairness the Democratic Regimes of the Time were very much aware of the totalitarian nature of their uncertain ally Soviet-Russia.

We actually owe a great deal to President Truman for discouraging Stalin and Molotov to Invade Iran. For after Pearl Harbor, Truman Threatened Stalin to withdraw from Azerbaidjan and firmly asked him to renounce to supporting Azeri Independance and Rebellion.

That is how the Shah and his troops were to ride forward into Azerbaidjan and appear as a hero and liberator. Which in fact and in all fairness he was for Iran by then had also joined the War Effort ( Bridge to Victory) by delivering Oil to the Russian Eastern Front.

And As Such Imperial Iran became ( hypocritically or not, Realistically or Not and depending on ones perspective) a member of the Ally Victory over Nazi Germany and as such had the priviledge to parade along the Allies on Victory Day:

Iran in London WW II parade (2)

Iran in London WW II parade

If it is easy to see into the totalitarian nature of some ideologies it is less obvious to distinguish between Heroism and Cowardice in the world of Politics.

Not being a Super Power, Iran could at best jest with its new allies in an attempt to keep some political and territorial independance at least in appearance. Iran unlike India or other occupoed countries in the Third World was NOT a Colony. So In a sense Iran was considered as part of the Nations which had done its share to help beat Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy ( which both were Allies during Reza Shah and helped build Iran's Navy and Army) But like I explained in a previous blog  Iran was a Pro German but NOT Anti Jewish nor had it Ever Subscribed to Nazi ideology as were for instance Italy or even Franco's Spain ( even if in the case of Spain unlike Italy and Germany, Jews were never hurt nor did Spain Even participate in the War since it was one of the rare European countries to be neutral).

In any case all this is a complicated era But that is why Debate and objective look at the events is always welcome in any Historical debate. But it also requires a minimum of knowledge on a given era to be able to make a balanced Judgment.

My blog is not intended either to insult anyone's individual faith nor to insult Islam as a Religion which I do not equate to Nazism at all. But Islamic Militancy is another matter in the same way as any given ideology (good like Democracy or Bad like Dictatorships) can be subject to manipulation to other means than the good of mankind.

Such a critical eye is important on all regimes or systems of governments too. We have Totalitarian Republics and Absolute Monarchies which should be distinguished from their democratic forms as practiced in fully democratic shapes in many countries today and throughout the 20th Century.

My Argument however is the DEMOCRACIES are FRAGILE by Definition and that is why the more alert we are as a people living in such Democratic societies the more we can defend it as well as the ideals that sustain them.

"Un Homme et Une Femme Averti En Vaut Deux"



Niloufar Parsi

disgusting? hmm!

by Niloufar Parsi on

if the mufti's alliance with the nazis makes him a nazi, then churchill and roosevelt must have been totalitarian communists for being allies of stalin!

lets stop trying to fit historical events into narrow political prisms. it is inflammatory and unhelpful.



how utterly disgusting it is

by Anonymous so what (not verified) on

to hear so called "intelligent" people denying the support he shows for hitler. didn't know the salute was a symbol of hitler's vile agenda? and to imply that it didn't invoke the horrors that the world came to know of later is simply shameful.

SHAME ON YOU. you propogate hate towards the jewish people at every opportunity and then deny these FACTS as propoganda. how typical. and how pathetic an excuse. i am glad that your true self is becoming obvious.

and to further compare hitler and israel is outrageous.


Germany and Moslems under British Yoke

by Kurush (not verified) on

The attempts by Germans to instigate Moslem insurrection against the British dates back to the 19th Century and predates Hitler and the Nazis. The German Kaiser Wilhelm, humiliated by the way the British interdicted the German merchant ships on the high seas during the Boer War, introduced the Naval Bills & Naval rearmement which led directly to WWI. The Kaiser also made an alliance with the Ottoman Sultan, and together, they began stirring up and fomenting Moslem armed resistance & Jihad against the British who had more Moslems under their yoke than did the Ottoman Caliph. The Kaiser even spread rumours that he had converted to Islam and had changed his name to Kaiser Mohamad. The Germans astutely understood that the Moslems under the oppressive British rule were restive and ready to throw off the yoke. Due to the predictible outcome of the Versailles Confernece which meant more of the same oppression for the Moslems, there were uprisings in Egypt agaist the British rule in the 1930s & in Syria gainst the French oppressors. The British fearful of their hold on the Moslems, brought in the Jewish settlers to do the hatchet job. The Germans, under the Nazis this time, pursued the same line of fomenting unrest amongst the Moslems in the British Empire which was crumbling at the seams (above photo of the mufti & Hitler) But it was not just Moslems ready to overthrow the oppressive Franco-British rule, but, also the Indians under the leadership of Subhas Chandra Bose made alliance with the Nazis and fought against the British in Europe, and threw their lot with the Japanese in Asia as well. So sick were the Indians of the British arrogance and racism that they, as were the Moslems, were ready to make alliance with the devil himself. Thus today we have Arab-Jewish conflict whose origin can be traced back to the rivalry for Empire amongst the European powers & the US supplanting the British. Again the Moslems are restive and organizing armed resistance agaisnt the new Western Hegemon, the US. Again, a European Power, Russia is fanning the flames of Moslem resistance. Two World Wars did not the West a lesson teach!


What a ......

by Anonymous@@@@ (not verified) on

What's your point? OK, let's assume you're right (which you're not). How deos that justify the killing of innocent women and children in Gaza? What, these people had conspired with Hitler?!!!!!!

You know, with all due respect, I'm getting sick and tired of your irrelevant comments, your stupid videos and your giddy attitide toward this serious humatitarian tragedy. Why don't you show some sensitivity as a human being and stop this nonsense?

PS, your king is dead, his son is an idiot and monarchy will NEVER return to Iran!!!


Re: Kadivar

by suomynonA (not verified) on

You are trying to build a wall out of a pile of cards. It does not hold sir.

First of all, Palestinian Arabs (Muslim and Christian) never liked the invasion of foreign Zionists into their homeland by the British. The British had invaded and had under control most of the Middle East, including Palestine. So that way, the British helped themselves with getting rid of the European Jews and setteling them in Palestine.

At the time, the only powerful enemy of the British was Germany. The hopes of Muslim and Christian Palestinians were if they could make an alliance with the Germans, they could be helped against the British aggressors.

Furthermore, Nazi Germany had many foreign so called SS divisions and groups. Most of them knew nothing of the atrocities of the Nazies that happened during WWII.

Actually the Bosnians also had an SS division too, but most of Bosnian Muslims helped Jews hide and escape from the Gestapo.

Since you are a Shahi yourself, I have to tell you that the father of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi himself was also very close with the Germans and Iran also had a Nazi party too.

Actually one of the reasons the name of Persia changing to Iran by the Pahlavis was because of their Hitlerist belief that Iran was also an Aryan nation. But of course we known the rest. The British deposed Reza Shah (Reza Khan) and put Mohammad Reza Shah in power instead of his father.

Mola Nasredeen

Hitler you say? I'm glad you brought it up. Here is 10 similari

by Mola Nasredeen on

ties between Hitler's Germany and Zionist Israel:

1. They both believe they are the superior race.

2. They blame the victims.

3. They both force the victims into large concentration camps.

4. They build tall walls around the concentration camp guarded by armed soldiers.

5. They stop the flow of goods and people and starve the victims.

6. They both have no regards for victims’ properties or lives.

7. They start regional wars and damage the environment at the same time.

8.  They use the past to justify their actions against humanity and have powerful propaganda machines

9. They are both hated universally.

10. They will lose in the long run due to their violent reactionary ideology.

Darius Kadivar

Niloufar Salute Protocol+ Mein Kamf, Nuremburg Laws

by Darius Kadivar on

Sorry but the Salute was specific to the Nazi and Fascist Militants and leaders.

In State Visits you are not required to adopt the specific salute of the visiting Statesman. For instance the Military guest is not expected to do the Nazi Salute nor are the diplomats. The Military use their own traditional Salute. But Flags are set Side by Side as a sign of Equality. To Adopt a similar Salute would be on the contrary interpreted as an Alliegance. Nothing wrong in diplomatic terms if your country or representative shares the same views but otherwise it is not a sign of mutual respect but Allegiance.  

For Instance Petain although collaborating with Germany after the defeat went to Germany to See Hitler and only saluted him with the French Military Salute. Same thing for Diplomats like Chamberlain, Daladier when they signed the Munich Treaty with Hitler thinking he won't Attack Poland. None Saluted with the Nazi Salute but simply shaked hands with Hitler.

Petain Meets Hitler :


Chamberlain Munich:


The Photo you saw dates from Dec 15th 1941 and by then WWII had begun and such a salute was a clear alliegance to the Ideology of Hitler. But Comming from a Religious leader it is even more troubling for The Christian Pope also Met Hitler but did not make the Nazi Salute. The Church of Rome Remained A State within a State in Fascist Italy but was closely controlled by the Fascist Regime and later the Nazis when they invaded Rome after Mussolinis fall. 

Hitler drafted his ideology in the Mein Kampf Clearly and his policies by 1933 were oriented towards typecasting the Aryan Race and Downplaying and negating the Jews, Gypsies and other ethnic or sexual minorities like Gays, Mentally retarded people etc ...

Something Israel HAS NEVER done with Palestinians despite military confrontation and political prejudice and suspicion towards the PLO.

The Anti Jewish laws appeared starting 1933 after DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS that Brought Hitler to Power.:


And the Nuremberg Laws became Effective by 1935 ( see same link above)

So the Mufti was VERY Much aware of the segregation and anti Jewish Hatred Stance of the Nazi Ideology.

Also Charlie Chaplin and many other Brave and visionary Artists and intellectuals like Stephan Zweig had alerted people on the racist and deadly approach to Politics and international Affairs in their works.

Chaplin's The Great Dictator to be one of them. Chaplin said that Hitler stole his mustache. And not the otherway round.





Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

the Nazi salute at that time did not evoke the emotions that it does now after we all learned about the horros of the Holocaust. That exposure came much later near the end of the war. this picture is dated 1941, if we trust the source. i don't know what year the video was shot.

the guy was treated as a state visitor and he is giving the salute that they gave. if you are judging that the mufti was aware of hitler's full agenda and had an ideological affinity with him, that is fine. i am saying that this video does not show that link conclusively to me. it just assumes it for us like a propaganda video.


Darius Kadivar

Niloufar Parsi No Indication that the Mufti Was a Nazi ?

by Darius Kadivar on

What about the Nazi Salute he makes in meeting the Fuhrer ? Or maybe you did not see the video properly ?

You did not see the video I suppose nor Read the Wikipedia Link ( which is No Stub).

 Hajj Amin Al-Husseini is a well known figure and this is not Historical Fiction as some IRI Apologists try to do with the misuse of the Term HOLOCAUST.

Fortunately Lady, Most TRUE Iranian Intellectuals BEG TO DIFFER ...

This is What Happens when You indulge in Absurd Comparisons that Balalize History and give voice to the most Extreme and Dangerous Revisionisms ...

Mr. LE PEN in France Would Share many of the absurd comments made here by our Very IRI Apologists on this website in their Justifications of Equating GAZA Tragedy and the Holocaust Just as Mr. Ahmadinejad ...



Fortunately A Few Honest Iranians Are Left to SAY NO TO REVISIONISM :

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism







Niloufar Parsi

doesn't really explain much and misleads

by Niloufar Parsi on

what they are essentially arguing is that the palestinians should not have reached out to the germans for help because of their ideology. the ideological association is inserted into the message in a slimy way, while the likely reason for the association would be a strategic alliance rather than any ideological similarities.

the US was a close ally of the Taleban for some years in order to reduce iran's influence in afghanistan. Israel helped fund Hamas at its inception to reduce the PLO's power. Rumsfeld was kissing Saddam's backside one day (before calling him Hitler and the greatest threat to the world). idelological similarities here too?

regardless, the Brits had already colonized palestine, and had issued the Balfour Declaration 2 decades earlier; the zionist colonization had already gathered alarming pace by the 1930s; they had money and weapons, and were mean terrorists; the germans were crazy but they sure could help the palestinians.

not saying he did the right thing, but it is a very regularly committed sin among political bodies, western governments included. and it is no indication that the muffti was a nazi. this is another case of the colonizer acting like a victim.



This explains a lot of

by coldplay (not verified) on

This explains a lot of things. Thanks for posting.

One of the best discussions about Islamisms, Islam in the comment section of this blog:

Read the exchanges between **Metaculture** and **Gsirrah** toward the end.