Fareed Zakaria's GPS: «Does America Need a Prime Minister ?»


Fareed Zakaria's GPS:  «Does America Need a Prime Minister ?»
by Darius Kadivar

CNN's Fareed Zakaria stirs controvery with his blog post, "Does America Need a Prime Minister?"  (Source: persianrealm.com)












Noor Film Festival Public Service Announcement:













A Candid Comparison: The American Republic vs. The British Monarchy by Brian AJ Parry:

The Queen and the Prime Minister:

An insight into the relationship between past and present Prime Ministers and The Queen, with footage kindly donated from the BBC's 'The Queen at 80'.








Jimmy Carter toasting with the Shah:

Reagan on Shah:

President Reagan talks about why he objected to Jimmy Carter abandoning the support for Shah of Iran, during pre-election debate.

Richard Nixon arrives in Cairo for Shah’s Funeral:


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Excellent Blog,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The point comes across very well.  People are upset NOT with Monarchies who are doing a far better job with democracy, but with selfish, self centered elites that corruptly ruin democracy for citizens within republics.  For the future of Iran it about who does democracy better.

What is certain is that popular anger today is aimed at the
elites, and not for example in the UK at the remarkable woman who has served her country impeccably
and with distinction for six decades. The bankers, the politicians, the
media class, those who bray about “social mobility” while exemplifying its
opposite, the clubs, the networks, the smiling phonies who promise
opportunity but perpetuate privilege:
It is not monarchy that is in trouble, but in the USA/France/Italy/Greece/Ireland/Portugal the
system that kept entire oligarchies of old money in place. 

Darius Kadivar

Obama Bodyguard 'commits Suicide'

by Darius Kadivar on

US Secret Service agent 'kills himself' amid inquiry (bbc)


US & Canada / 2 November 2012

A US Secret Service agent assigned to President Barack Obama's security detail has died in an apparent suicide, law enforcement sources have said.

Special agent Rafael Prieto was being investigated for failing to report a romantic relationship with a foreign national, they told US media.

The agency said it was "mourning the loss of a valued colleague".

The behaviour of its agents have been under scrutiny since a prostitution scandal in Colombia earlier this year.

A number were dismissed after allegations that Secret Service agents hired prostitutes while they were in Cartagena last April to prepare the way for President Obama's visit to attend the Summit of Americas.