Bill Maher - On Monarchy and State ;0)


Bill Maher - On Monarchy and State ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

HBO Host Bill Maher draws a hilarious parallel between the British Monarchy and the American State amidst a US political landscape which offers an even less attractive choice.

Bill Maher - On monarchy and state :

US Views on British Monarchy:

The roots of the American bias against monarchy has its basis in false information.

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Great Video Finds.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I like the fact that the people in America are in their national dialogue realizing that they are living in a society, where tyranny and unfair advantage are being exercised in a system that was theoretically supposed to prevent it.

Both video's pointed to real issues.

Since Carter I don't think America has not had a tyrant serving in the white house.  The Great thing with republics we are told is that you can vote out tyrants.

Yeah but what if the political institutions only produce a choice of one tyrant versus another and the people can't have a real say in either party to fix this?  Then what do you do?

Tyranny is a real human problem, not just experienced by one form of government versus another and I'm not sure a system can prevent it from occuring. 

It comes down to the health of the society and it's only possible to avoid it most of the time at best.  But then not when you are the most powerful empire that no one can answer to.



Well Said Bill ;)

by R2-D2 on

Well Said ..... !

P.S. Restoring Monarchy is analogous to driving a 1928 Model T Ford -

Get on with it ..... There are lots of beautiful and exciting BMW's and Mercedez-Benz's to drive today :) !



Stop Living In The Past ..... Honestly :) !