37 DAYS: Documentary on Shapour Bakhtiar's Premiership (MANOTO TV)

37 DAYS: Documentary on Shapour Bakhtiar's Premiership (MANOTO TV)
by Darius Kadivar

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Un jour, Un destin.....

by Shemirani on

Bessiar amoozande va jaleb bood, Mille Merci !!!!

Shapour Bakhtiar Man of honor , a true patriot !



Great documentary

by Tabarzin on

Have shared it around.


Darius Kadivar

Your Welcome Ali. P Jan, all Credit truly goes to Manoto TV

by Darius Kadivar on

They have indeed done an excellent work on these historical series and I have to say that credit goes to producers Kayvan Abbassi, Maryam Teherani, their research team and technical crew and the infatigeable cameraman Damian Kwasnik amongst others.

I have had the pleasure of working on several documentaries with them in the past:


 THE COURT JESTER AND I: With Mansour Bahrami on the Set of Manoto's "Welcome to My Life"      


MAZEH PARIS:With Ali Tavassoli on Manoto TV's "Welcome To My Life" 


WAR IN ART: With Ghass Roozkhosh on Manoto TV's "Welcome To My Life"


MANOTO LONDON:Lyricist, TV Host Raha Etemadi and Shahbanou Farah    



Glad you enjoyed it. 


I also recommend the one done on Fereydoun Farrokhzad too.

Nader Vanaki

Ali P هم عقیده با

Nader Vanaki

از این بهتر فیلم مستند در مورد بختیار ندیدم و اگر می خواهید به پفیوزگری جبهۀ ملّی و نهضت آزادی پی ببرید حتماً این مستند را ببینید.

Ali P.

The last chance to save the country...

by Ali P. on

Greatest documentary on the subject. Thanks DK.