Muslims, get a life!


Muslims, get a life!
by Dale_Husband

This is an open letter to all those who profess the Islamic religion.

Do you REALLY beleive in Allah, who is described throughout the Quran as ”the Merciful” as well as “Forgiving”? It seems that many of your comrades in faith do not and merely use His name to destroy people’s lives and freedom!

I have not forgotten how some of you threatened the life of Salman Rushdie in 1989 for writing his novel The Satanic Verses.  Did it ever occur to you that if Allah really found what he did to be that offensive, he would have struck down Rushdie Himself? The fact that He never did is evidence to me that either Allah could not do it (why worship such a weak god?) , or that he didn’t see fit to (why do yourselves what He would not?). In short, Allah willed the act of “blasphemy”. So why not condemn Him too? Why is your faith in Allah so weak, that you deem yourselves to be more of a judge of what is worthy of death than Allah Himself? Note that the one who passed the death sentence on Rushdie with a fatwa, Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini, died soon afterwards, while Rushdie still lives today! It seems clear that it  was Khomeini who was the blasphemer, not Rushdie!

Do not be so foolish as to make anyone or anything, including the religion of Islam and the deeds and words of the Prophet Muhammad, above criticism! Remember that Muhammad himself strongly criticised the Jewish and Christian religions, even while stating that their followers were “People of the Book”. Likewise, allowing criticism of Islam in public is in keeping with the verse in the Quran that declares: “There is no compulsion in religion.” (Sura 2:256). How can there be no compulsion in religion if you threaten critics of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad with death, you hypocrites!?

Islam is not superior to any other religion. If you think otherwise, then why would Allah will the existence of other faiths? Why is Christianity still the most popular religion at nearly two billion followers? Is it not possible that Muhammad intended Islam for Arabs only rather than for all the peoples of the world? Why insist on one truth for the whole world when science cannot even find the existence of Allah anywhere, let alone the dogmas of Islam?

The Quran is but a book, revealed by Muhammad. To say that it is equal to Allah himself is blasphemy, yet I always get the impression that you seem to think every word of the Quran should be beleived in and obeyed absolutely. NO! Don’t you know that the Quran was not even completely assembled until several years after the death of Muhammad? How can we be sure all of it is accurately transcribed  and really from the Prophet?

I am disgusted by the practice of older Muslim men marrying girls as young as 12 and making them fall pregnant. What a violation of the girls’ dignity! Yes, I know Muhammad married a nine-year old girl. I also know that he and Aisha never had children, so it is possible that the marriage was never consummated. I’d rather beleive that than assume that he was a pedophile, as some have alledged! In any case, are you forgetting that the Prophet was a man and not to be seen as equal with Allah himself? Why assume that if Muhammad did something 1400 years ago, it must be right to do even today? Have you no minds of your own? If you are given brains by Allah and do not use them to determine truth from falsehood and morality from what is immoral, those brains are wasted and thus Allah is dishonored. If your only sources of truth and morality is Islam and the actions of Prophet Muhammad, what will you do if it is revealed to you on the Day of Judgement that Muhammad was not a Prophet at all? Honorable Skeptics like myself don’t worry about that, because we have morals that do not depend on any faith.

It is said among Muslims, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.” But an atheist would say, “There is no god and Muhmmad was no prophet.” If a Muslim denies Hinduism, the Baha’i Faith and atheism, why can’t the atheist and the Hindu deny Islam? (the Baha’i would not; all Baha’is see Muhammad as a Prophet.)

How dare you claim Islam is Allah’s final religion! Why put any limits on the Word of Allah? Why tell him to be silent and speak no more? Isn’t that also blasphemy? I think so!

Remember what the Quran also says, in Sura 109: “Say: O disbelievers! I worship not that which ye worship; Nor worship ye that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which ye worship. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.” Follow THAT, and you will follow the example of Allah, who is Merciful.


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by Dale_Husband on

You asked, "How, why, what in those first two posts made you draw the conclusion that I implied that you arei unethical from my first two posts? "

Because of this: "you couldn't even wait until there were other blogs up, no, you just HAD to post this one right away so the two could appear together as a matching tea set, it isn't even new, you just recycled it, but no, you just couldn't wait to enlighten Iranians on an Iranian website about how they threatened Rushdie and tell them to get a life, and you're not Iranian (neither am I btw), and then you pat yoursef on the back for your courage in big bad dangerous Cyberspace.

And now you can justify away whatever I said on the grounds that I'm a politically correct wuss"

And then: "Second of all, the man thinks he's Don Quixote charging in on his white horse, and there are plenty of practicing Muslims here and they don't need someone who's not Iranian telling them  how he will never forget how some of them threatened Rushdie and HOW DARE THEY this and that in his grandiose, self-congratulatory style,"

You were accusing me of being irresponsible and I took that as being the same as unethical. Perhaps you don't equate the two? If so, I apologize.

Dale Husband, the Honorable Skeptic


Rosie again

by Rosie. on

I'm posting this because I corrected my last post and it was difficult to read and sometimes misleading so I wanted to make sure anyone who'd already read it could reread it if they want to. So this post would show up in their tracking.


I deleted the content of my last post except for the (COP,Majid)

by Rosie. on

one line because I always say I don't want to cause aggravation for the publisher by making the discourse onsite ugly. So I'll say things here in a different tone.

COP, all my original post says is that the two blogs, Imani's and Dale's, would best not have been FEATURED together. I didn't say the publisher SHOULDN'T, I just said a lot of people might be disturbed. Together in this context means ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER. Dales' blog could've been featured a few blogs up, that would've been okay. Not great, but okay. imho

COP, your very first post to me is accusatory, beligerent, and untrue. READ. This being the case, and because you have been so nast to me before, a few times, when I never did anything to you.  So honestly however I responded (reacted), that's half on you.

In my respnse, I ASKED you if you were the one who said something elsehere that really wasn't a major deal. It just suggested that you have also intervened and been judgemental about whether other blogs should be posted. I didn't SAY you said it, I ASKED YOU. And I told you that if you said no, I'd look for it.

But you went on and on about how I said Dale's blog should be blocked, and I only had an hour Internet time per day and I had to keep TRYING to get you to SEE that you had read me wrong. Because WHY should I be the one to EXPLAIN? It was on you to READ.

But you wouldn't. You saw what you wanted to see because you just don't like me, because of something terrible that happened to happen to me publicly the first day we 'met' one year ago, and I left for six months because of it. And I came back and you have this judgement that I'm some hysterical drama queen all the time.

Sn I didn't get to looking for that blog until Saturday. At some point I said you were thick-headed AND ON THIS THREAD YOU WERE. Beligerent to me from the get-go, intentionally provocative, and THICK about my post.

Well, on Saturday I found the blog. It wasn't you. That's why I hadn't found it the first day. It was somone else I 'met' the same time I met you, with a similar handle and avatar, who I don't know well, like I don't know YOU except for your occasional disdainful comments about me.

I apologize for that but I never would've said anything like that if you hadn't been provocative from the get-go.

So I really feel everything that happened between us on this thread was 50-50. And I don't care what you think of my drama. Everyone who knows me (it's been three years now, I was one of the first people here, I helped build this community as a major player) knows I'm..let's say..very vulnerable. Not histrionic on purpose, but occasionally I do get publicly...let's say..upset. And many of the old-timers know the particular situation that's kept this manifesting periodically.

But they also know my other contributions. And in the weighing and the balancing, they've always felt it was worth it to them for me, after taking breaks to chill out,to come back, and suggested I do.

That time a year ago was not the only time anything like that happened to me in my three years here, it was the only time in my life. And it was NOT 'drama'. It was something very different, and if you couldn't see that,..ah well.

And if you are determined based on that  one time, to see me forever the way you do, to such point that you can't even read SIMPLE things I say, well, again...ah well.

Finally I will throw in that calling you thick and asking you if you had said something, ESPECIALLY when you started the beligerence, is in no way, no how, comparable, to having somene offer publicly private information about someone that they CLEARLY say is damaging.

And you didn't say anything, but you did NOT distance yourself from that either.

Well, I'll go 50-50. However you go, ah well


As regards the purveyor of my deep dark secrets (accordng to YOU third hand) that you offered publicly, so PROUD that you'd already been circulating them, you are austrolopithicus subspecies reptile, and as I said, do as you please. You will have to face the perspm whose confidence you've been betraying, first privately, now publicly, for a long long time 

And that's more than enough for me.


PS COP, I would like you to go into my current account and view my recent blog on Hussein Derakhshan, if you wouldn't mind. That's the kind of thing I often try to do. If you want to call it drama..ah well.


Best laid plans of mice and (wo)men.

by Rosie. on

Sorry for the delay in replying.


Ditto, HHH

by Aryana-Vaeja on

is time to start calling Christians who murder abortion doctors and
blow up federal buildings what they are: Christian terrorists. Likewise
Jewish colonizers in the West Bank vandalizing mosques are Jewish
terrorists, and Hindu mobs terrorizing Muslims in India, ditto. Islam
has no monopoly on adherents who justify their bigotry and violence with
a selectively edited version of their tradition.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Zoroastrian prayer



by HHH on

The same crap that you see happening within muslim societies has happened or happening within each and every religion particularly those with considerable power, control & followers.

There is a creator but he doesn't go around talking to his tiny creatures. The Prophets were created for Profit.

If you see more BS on TV about muslims than about Jews or Christians it's because the TV's are owned by the Jews and western-influenced Jews are pro-Israeli, anti-muslim and specially anti-Iran. So it should be easy to know what's censored by them & what's not, what's exaggerated & what's swept under the rug.

For every man that IRI executed, the good ol' Christian Americans killed 1000 in Iraq and Afghanistan. For every man IRI tortured, 20 were tortured in overseas CIA torture chambers, Gitmo and 100 other dark rooms in US bases. Only no one ever had the microphone to talk about it in the west.

So when people get wise enough they'll get rid of all of these man-made, ridiculous religions and start being just a good Human, with no limits or borders.


Dale says,

by thexmaster on

My intention was to get those Muslims who claim to be moderate to get
off their butts and kick those of the extremists who have hijacked Islam
for centuries.

If moderates used violence to kick the extremist's butts, would you still perceive them as moderates?  It appears that muslims have been the largest group of victims of Islamic terrorism, so It's understandable that they may fear standing up to them.  Though i'm sure you've heard about the Iranians standing up to the IRI in the past year


Dear Dale_Husband

by Kooshan on

Looks like you want to decide for god what to do. You interpret the Quran as you wish as others do........

I do not find much fairness, compassion, and mercy in what you preach muslims should do.

You are trying to play the role of a prophet with no legitimacy. Muslims are fine humans as other people are on the face of earth. Let's be fair to all and accept the fact that muslims are waking up and this is part of growing pain. I do not see the truth in individuals but rather The Truth exist independent of muslims, christians, jews, bhiddist or atheists.


Dear COP,

by Rosie. on

So sorry it's taking me so long to reply but I am in a situation right now where I have limited computer time (and none tomorrow), and since I wanted to make sure I make things as clear as possible, I will post on Monday. Have a lovely weekend.


Dear Dale,

by Rosie. on

Thank you for your long post which is apparently written for everyone. But you still haven't answered my question. So, now for the third time:  

How, why, what in those first two posts made you draw the conclusion that I implied that you arei unethical from my first two posts? 

And honestly, Dale, since it seems you truly wrote this blog to sway rather than antagonize Muslims and their supporters (or should I say rather than ONLY antagonize), you probably should answer me. . Because you have to remember that basically you don't have to convince the anti-Islam people here of anything much regarding your feelings toward Islam (except unless you go too soft on it, mind you, for some...), and the practicing Muslims and their most vocal supporters are on my 'side', as it were, on this one.

So whatever they may think of my specific posts on this thread---content, tone, style, etc., they would probably hold you in somewhat higher regard if you answered my question rather than ignored me.

So, for the third time, how, why, what...????????


OK, I'm back

by Dale_Husband on

I was actually worried that I'd be banned from this site as a direct result of what I posted. Since that has not (yet) happened, I am open to direct inquiries about my motives here. Inquiries, not accusations.

I am aware that not all Muslims are the same, just as not all Christians, not all Jews, and not all Atheists are the same. I never claimed to paint all Muslims with the same brush. That's why in the blog entry I said, "Do you REALLY beleive in Allah, who is described throughout the Quran as ”the Merciful” as well as “Forgiving”? It seems that many of your comrades in faith do not and merely use His name to destroy people’s lives and freedom!" Many, not all. If I meant to condemn ALL Muslims, I would have said, "It seems that you do not and merely use His name to destroy people’s lives and freedom!" I try to be precise with my words and it is frustrating when people overlook that and assume I'm a bigot. Ouch!

My intention was to get those Muslims who claim to be moderate to get off their butts and kick those of the extremists who have hijacked Islam for centuries. Not just the Al-Quida terrorists, but most of the actual rulers of Islamic countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and many others who take Islamic law and make it the laws of their states. To subject Sharia to any non-Muslim is a violation of the Quran, as I attempted to show. It doesn't matter if 99% of a country is Muslim, the remaining 1% should be left to live as they please. If my Quran quotes were inaccurate, please show why. Otherwise, my position stands.

I am especially angry at my own country, the United States, because it does not use its influence with Saudi Arabia to tell its monarchy to dump the contemptible Wahabism which has made it a laughingstock around the world. As for Iran, I am also angry that the USA helped overthrow the democratically elected Prime Minister of that country in 1953 because he wanted to nationalize its oil fields and then allowed the Shah to take absolute power. The sad truth about America is that it is not a true democracy, but a corporatist state and it was the corporations that run its economy that motivated it to screw with Iran. The resulting blowback of 1979 was well-deserved, but it only led to one tyrant, the Shah, being replaced by another, Khomeni. The truth about what caused or led to the Iranian Revolution was censored by the corporate dominated media in America, and it was not until many years later that I learned the truth. I've been distrustful of my government ever since.

Dale Husband, the Honorable Skeptic


Dale _ Husband, go learn some history

by i_support_khamenie on

Why do you post this article on this website?

Do we look to you like we are Arabs or Pakistanis?

If you are so stupid and can't tell the difference in geography then you should stick with what you know!

Posting your article here as opposed to an Arab forum is a great insult to Iranians.

We can care less about the Arabs or the Jews and their petty fights over the centuries.  In fact, with the grace of God, these two tribes shall fight one another to deflect their attention from Iran

If you don't like what I have to say, then go drink from the Persian Gulf!



by Rosie. on

you said in your very first post to me that I had said these types of blogs should be banned. I asked you twice to explain how you came to that conclusion and you kept quoting an excerpt from my post that didn't say that, and all you kept saying was see, it says that, it says that.without explaining anything.

I told you I would explain to you that it doesn't say that, since you were incapable of seeing the obvious yourself, and I asked you if you know the difference between 'posting' and 'featuring'. Now instead of just saying yes or no, or making a new evaluation of the text in question based on my stressing that 'featuring' is key, you are coming back at me with all kinds of irrelevant things about my apologizing to you (???!!!), my loneliness, and god knows what else.

Would you please just stick to the topic and since presumably you DO know the difference between featuring and posting, re-read the excerpt you chose and let me know if you still think I said blogs of this type should be banned?



by Rosie. on

the reason I asked you to take a look at Mammad's post at the beginning of Imani's thread (on the august blog that inspired you to post this one..) was simply that I wanted you to know that there were other Iranians here who were offended by your blog but who weren't saying anything---at least not right here. Because at that time there weren't many yet. And also that I was not this sort of lone Atilla the Hun accusing you of being unethical (I didn't) while terrorizing the villagers. It wasn't to have a lingusitic debate with you about Mammad's use of the word 'racist', which you copied for me here and commented on to me as follows:

What kind of an idiot equates criticism of Islam with racism? Muslims are NOT a race! They include Arabs, Persians, Indians, Turks, Africans and Europeans.

Nevertheless, this I will say briefly: first, the distincition between a critique of a religion and an attack on its practitoners is often a very subtle one, in constantly shifting sands; and second, there is no parallel word for 'racist' for one who acts toward and talks about people based on religion the way one does based on race.

This is actually quite a complex topic, which poses a concrete problem that needs to be tackled, so much so that it could occupy several articles I have given it a lot of thought... If you wish to continue discussing it, write to me on Imami's thread and I'll answer you. But not here.

Here I'm just waiting for you to get back to me on why you thought I said you were unethical. (I'm assuming you've already rejected the use of the word 'everybody', so we can let that one go...)




by Rosie. on

Your post to COP and Mitra was a reference to me. Don't you remember I already told you I have no reputation left to ruin? Or do you suffer from the same problem they do? (can't read). Tell anybody anything you know or think you know about my private life,, on or offsite. But if you are going to do it offsite and announce it onsite,, you really should offer the information to everyone. So I'll do it for you.

Anyone who's interested, please contact Majid through his contact button and ask him to share whatever he's been spreading about me offsite with you. Some of it is probably true since he has at least one good source, and a lot of it is quite juicy. After you get it from him, if you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask me. 


Xmaster jan

by Doctor X on

Yes I do. Let it be! okay? Just let it be,


Thanks for your observation Doc

by thexmaster on

I thought I could better communicate with them on their level.  Probably will make things worse as you say.

But do you have anything to add in regards to the blog?


Now that I've been totally derailed, lets get back

by Cost-of-Progress on

to the subject.

As I was going to say, but never did, Dale has a right to say what's on his mind, but that does not make his assertions correct, or accurate.

I agree totally with OI that an overwhelming majority of muslims - specially in Iran - are moderate or totally secular. They do hold dear the essence of Islam (afterall, it's been 14 centuries, you know), but the depiction of the Islamic world to be an out of control entity bent on world destruction is one that is inaccurate and frankly, a dangerous precedent.

I am NOT defedning Islam, just the truth as I know it. I still beleive Islam is generally too stiff, backward and stuck in 7th century, but that does not mean you paint all muslims with the same wide brush. You could say the same thing about Christians, just look at the abortion debate and how many doctors have been murdered in the US because they perform abortion. is that progressive? NO! 

And you know what, it is a very small fraction of the muslims who made the world solidify its view of the muslims to what it is today.

If more muslims spoke out against those few, things would be very different, but they don't, do they? Now, why is that?

With warmest secular regards,






ehh...Boycot man

by Cost-of-Progress on

I encourage you to STFU and get back to your desk in the basement of whatever Islamic Regime's embassy you're hiding.

Check out all the crap posted and spewed by your islamist brainwashed morons on this site so you can shut your yapping about aipac and other garbage.

CoP, the thick-headed secularist





It's OK, Rosie

by Cost-of-Progress on

You don't have to try so hard. I said I accepted your apology, no sense in beating yourself about it.

I do feel bad for you as your loneliness makes you visit frequently and pick a fight with anyone who challenges your need for drama. That makes your day and fills the void I detect in your life.

I suggest you stop trying to engage with me as I am very thick headed and have no ineterest in mingling with....shall we say people who are emotionally and mentally challenged.

Although I am technically trained, I am not a doctor. In the past, however, I have prescribed chill pills to others whom I sincerely believed needed it. You, Rosie, should take two in the morning, but don't call me......ever!


CoP, the thick headed Persian with no patience for crap!





I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.


COP, Mitra

by Majid on



Another blog hijacked.....LOL


Contact me, I have some interesting stuff to share with you two as I did with other IC members!




Like I said...

by Aryana-Vaeja on

He's imprecise with his terms and definitions, and he is maybe even exagerrating and stereotyping somewhat by lumping all Muslims into the same camp. But overall Dale is not a bad guy and the intention behind what he's saying (even when imprecise) is not completely off the mark. I would've written a blog such as this completely differently. But the difference between he and I is that I actually do know there are vast differences between most Muslims as opposed to the Islamists, and not just on a personal level. He doesn't. He's an American and obviously to some degree a creature of the popular culture of his land. Instead of jumping down his throat perhaps we can educate him here, show him the distinctions and differences, and so get him to fine tune his argument and broaden his horizons, no?

Educate, don't condemn!


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Zoroastrian prayer


Ateesh byare maareke

by Doctor X on


So what do you want to do now? Take out a gun and shoot him? We have had enough of your Intelligent rebuttal on two blogs for one day. You might not realize it but you are inadvertantly fuling his fire.


he's targetting is really the Islamists and fundamentalists.

by thexmaster on

He starts off by addressing all muslims, then talks about some muslims, then older muslim men and then goes off on a tangent.  Imprecise is sugarcoating the intellectual diarrhea that came out of Dale.


Khaleh moosheh joon

by Aryana-Vaeja on

Dame shoma besiyar garm ast. Ma shifte-ye Shahram Nazeri hastim :) That was also a good piece to relax to. Thanks. As for your rusty Pahlavi, there are always decent modern Persian renderings of the Avesta around as well as good English translations. If you're looking, let me know.

As for Dale, try not to see what he's saying as an indictment of the whole tradition. He's a little bit imprecise with his terms and definitions, but who he's targetting is really the Islamists and fundamentalists.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Zoroastrian prayer


Mr. Husband you're wrong and are totally ignorant of

by Onlyiran on

the mindset of the average Muslim.  The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are non-religious, or if are religious, practice their faith to the same extent that an average modern day Christian or Jew practices his / her faith.  

Your stereotyping of the Muslims is totally ignorant and is based on lack of knowledge.  You say:

 I am disgusted by the practice of older Muslim men marrying girls as young as 12 and making them fall pregnant. What a violation of the girls’ dignity!

Really?!!!  My father is an older Muslim man.  He's not planning on marrying a 12 year old girl and "violate her dignity"!!  What an ignorant thing to say. The practice that you refer to is extremely rare, and almost non-existent.  Does it happen?  I'm sure if you look in some backward village somewhere throughout the Muslim world, you may find an instance or two.  But you can find the same thing if you dig deep enough in the Christian world...or perhaps take a trip to Utah where self proclaimed prophets have multiple underage (and teenage) "wives" and concubines.

I'm sorry, but your "blog" is a total waste of cyberspace. 


Dale, Get a Life!

by thexmaster on

Honestly, first you did a little Bahai bashing and now onto Islam?  Usually, when people are spending most of their time bashing other faiths or idealogies means they're doing it to strengthen their own weak beliefs.

I went through that incoherent rant above and I just kept thinking to myself, who the hell is this even addressing?  I mean, you refer to some muslims in regards to the rushdie controversy.  I'm sure some Islamists were trying to kill him.  Are any Islamists actually here?  I wouldnt even consider the resident IRI goons here Islamists.  How long ago was this?  

Then you go on about how Muslims feel more superior to others.  What a silly thing to rant about.  Countries, cultures, religions feel superior to others in one way or another.  The only people that will be upset about this are those with competing idealogies.

Some other things I can't wrap my head around, like muslims believing muhammad is equal to Allah....where did you actually get this non-sense from?

Then we have this little brain fart:

If you are given brains by Allah and do not use them to determine truth from falsehood and morality from what is immoral, those brains are wasted and thus Allah is dishonored. If your only sources of truth and morality is Islam and the actions of Prophet

Seriously, do you have absolutely any idea what you're talking?  You take the complexities of human nature and demean it to a mindless, heartless and simplistic organism because of your narrowminded preconceptions of muslims.  Don't muslims also read other books?  Don't they watch tv?  Don't they study?  Work?  Aren't they influenced by other things and other people which help them form their personality and their own perception of truth and morality???  It's funny, you claim with arrogance that your skepticism and "lack of faith" is what helps
you to better understand morality.  Feeling superior much?

Your vision of muslims are drones who are reading Quran 18hrs a day, and when they have time threating and killing people.  I don't see skepticism here.  I see arrogance.  I see self-rightousness and narcisism.  You would have made a good prophet.

Hope your little rant helped your shortcomings and fears.  Now you can move on to your next target,.


small ps, COP

by Rosie. on

COP, I really don't understand why in your last post you assumed I couldn't/wasn't going to let you know about that blog we spoke about and that issue of whether or not I had recommended banning these types of blogs. I had written in a PS to you below that it was all coming.

You really should read more carefully. It does seem to be a general problem with you.


Aryana, others

by Rosie. on

Aryana, my main issue right now believe it or not, isn't with the blog content per se. At least not strictly speaking in this particular context. My main issue is with how, when and why Dale posted at that specific time.

Of course, that's just me. I'm just waiting for Dale to come back so that we can continue developing a common terminology, and then I'm going to explain this, my MAIN issue, very carefully. For him, and of course for any others who are following this.

ps. Aryana, I LOVED your post on this thread. Have you been able to find more information about the current persecution of the Sufis? I did try googling but I couldn't find any, but then I don't even understand much Persian...