What If It Happened?!!

What If It Happened?!!
by comrade

The stern warning of a massive earthquake in a Tehran, where daily life is laden with orgies, swing parties, and all other types of sexual promiscuity!!! should be taken seriously...

If you don't believe what has been said by some Iranian mullahs about the relationship between our sexual behavior, and probability of the occurrence of an earthquake, then you have to watch this video:

Now, you know why Japan keeps rattling. Not convinced yet? Watch this one:

am sure by now , you know where I am coming from, or where I'm actually going:

guessed it, my friends; President Truman was in fact only trying to show to the Japs, what would happen if they didn't stop sinning. He acted as divinely as some mullahs in Iran.


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Mullahs pray for an earthquake(to happen)

by Bugsy on

As I've stated somewhere else, the IRI can benefit from a widely foretold massive earthquake which would raise its holy image among its uneducated masses.

No one would launch a military attack against an earthquake-struck regime either. 


If good sex causes earthquakes

by Nur-i-Azal on

Then so be it! Shake, rattle & roll...

Mentalities who are obsessed with restraining or otherwise impeding chains of causality located below the waste really do need to get laid more often in order to get over themselves!