Baha'is, the Bomb, & Censorship: One Individual's Criticism


by CIM

Please Note: We don't care what religion you follow -- or whether you follow one -- and whatever you believe we hope you find peace with it.  However, here is what one of the critics of the Bahais says, and it does not help your cause to censor people on this website, or employ unequal standards for criticizing religions particularly when only one religious-group has provided money to the website.  The issue for us is free speech - not religion.  Believe any faith you want, but the criticism is reprinted because it is important for you to read.  Obviously, comments here are a moot point because we already know comments are selectively allowed, edited and often erased.  Comment or say nothing at all, but we will not pretend that everyone had access to this website to give their input.  The quote:

"Pretending the Baha’is are an innocent and harmless 'religion' no longer is credible [because] the Baha’is fund a website that openly features articles that promote military action against Iran including the use of nuclear weapons against Iran while the site they give money to consistently bans and blocks others - There is no greater wrong  against the Iranian people than this.   Clearly the problems the Baha’is have in Iran is not simply a case of 'human rights violations,' or 'persecution,' as they claim, and through their own conduct they have only confirmed what people have been saying about their group all along.  I don't even need to see evidence of 'Bahai collusion with the British' or to consider anything else to reach this conclusion.  For me to now believe the Baha’is pity-claims and marketing slogans defies common sense and the weight of facts including content that they have paid for and produced that people can see with their own eyes.  The use of Baha’i-dollars has not only gone towards supporting a website that war-mongers against the Iranian people, but also one that includes a pattern of non-stop hate speech against Muslims of every stripe, color, sect, and background, including ones that neither make policies towards the Baha’is nor have interacted with them because of the geographical isolation.  To the Baha’is it also doesn't seem to make a difference to them that Muslims are one of the most populous and diverse faiths because the Baha’is, like many of their Zionist patrons, willingly give dollars to defame and humiliate all Muslims.  I say let the Baha’is have their fun, but now that the facts are clear let them also abandon any hopes of returning to Iran: Iranians don't want people like this around any more than they want to cozy-up to Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden.  There is a clear distinction for me between a 'religion' and a political group that war-mongers against 80 million of my people and nation to gain the "right" to proselytize their beliefs (or whatever it is they think they are accomplishing).  Henceforth the Bahai's are personae non gratae (unwelcome persons) and the U.N., Hillary Clinton, or whoever doesn't like it can go to Halifax.  Their time will be better spent trying to convince the Vatican that it is committing a 'human rights' violation by discriminating against practitioners of witchcraft."




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Sen McGlinn / Bahai Issues

by CIM on

Mr. Sen McGlinn, 

Your mischaracterizations will not work because the facts are there for any disinterested observer to see.  As you can see, but refuse to acknowledge, the advertising and the promotion of the content is specific and deliberate and we will write a full and open letter concerning it to you and to the governance of the Bahai's ("the Universal House of Justice"), and make ourselves available before any international body (e.g., the United Nations) to give testimony in that regard. We will note our response to you and UHJ in a forthcoming post .  Again, for us the issue is not whether you practice a certain religion or no religion at all - Hopefully people will find peace with whatever religion they follow.  However, here we are looking at deliberate political activity, including hate speech, that also has a national security objection to it that you are plainly mischaracterizing. The quips you have tendered as a response are no response at all. The best thing for you to do is to have the Universal House of Justice contact us directly because the information we will publish -- if not properly responded to -- will tip that body into a crisis point.  If they assert that they are serious about defending the Bahai movement but fail to respond, they will have surrendered whatever objections cobbled together at a later time.  


Unspecified or not, it is unacceptable!

by Dale_Husband on

1) unspecified Bahais on an unspecified date gave an unspecified amount of money to fund an unspecified site that advocated war and

Reporting wrongdoings by individual Baha'is gives both Baha'is and non-Baha'is a chance to address the issue and put a stop to it.

When prejudice reigns in the heart, there's a worm in the brain as well.

Nice saying, but irrelvant to the actual issue at hand. BTW, how are those attempts to get reinstated in the Haifan Baha'i community working out for you?



Dale Husband, the Honorable Skeptic

Sen McGlinn

The invisible worm

by Sen McGlinn on

when we strip away the rhetoric, what this is saying is,


(1) unspecified Bahais on an unspecified date gave an unspecified amount of money to fund an unspecified site that advocated war and

(2) therefore the Bahai Faith is guilty and harmful.

When prejudice reigns in the heart, there's a worm in the brain as well.



What I can do, is keep my arm
from bringing others any harm.
How can I give the enviers ease?
They are themselves their own disease.
(Sa'di, Gulestan 1:5)



Interviews are not a moot point - they are most welcome

by CIM on

People can see the nature of the advertising that was run - and not only was the advertising run on the site it was concurrently promoted by adherents of the faith on this site.  Who do you think you are kidding?  I'll do you one better than the '3 sources' you requested (though there are three simultaneous advertisements on the link I provided - Who put them there?  Santa Claus? ). If you ask the people that own and operate this site to agree to an interview I will draw-out the overt permission that they have provided for the faith to use this site as a special platform for conveying their views in a manner not afforded to other faiths.  For those concerned about unbiased journalism it is particularly appalling the same subjects that are covered in "news" items and featured items on the front page are supported by advertising revenue by special interest groups that have a vested interest in promoting their perspective on those same "news" items.  Perhaps you are also unaware of the long history of military advertising which was directly paid to this site?   Even this fairly innocuous blog raising a point about free speech and censorship has been hidden on the back-page. An interview does not permit the type of caginess this site, and those that advertise on it, have grown accustomed to, and we both know that.



I know you said "comments here are a moot point",,,

by acopier101 on

I know you said "comments here are a moot point", but I thought to give a try anyway.

Please provide three reliable source for your claim that "one religious-group has provided money to the website."  

Also, you do not have to link an entire paragraph, a short phrase or three angle brackets >>> would do.


That is actual footage of a nuclear explosion

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