Souvenir of Ancient Norooz

Souvenir of Ancient Norooz
by bparhami

Each year, for more than a decade, I have composed a cheerful or forward-looking poem to commemorate Norooz. Here is my poem for Norooz 1391. As is usually the case for my Norooz poems, the initial letters of the verses spell a message, in this case “Norooz-e baastaani” (“The ancient Norooz”).

The poem, entitled “The Gift of Ancient Norooz,” speaks of Norooz bringing with it cheer and laughter; the smell of fresh flowers and the promise of freedom; breaking away from shackles, violence, and hatred; keeping promises and commitment to justice; the downfall of ignorance; the perpetuation of knowledge, culture, and respect for teachers; the spread of justice, compassion, and generosity; Farhad-like acts and devotion; reverence for science and technology; elimination of ignorance and bigotry; reduction of indignation, accusation, abuse, and calamity; trust and deference for people in every location and walk of life.

[The English translation above isn’t word for word, but conveys the same general sense.]


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 Excellent and thank you.

by vildemose on

 Excellent and thank you. Noroozetan pirouz.

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for your nice post.  Happy Nowruz.