Namjoo Took Berkeley by Surprise

Namjoo Took Berkeley by Surprise
by Bita Shafipour


Mohsen Namjoo and his ensemble performed a musical tour de force of his newest creations last Saturday, April 28 at the Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley. The performance at was being recorded live in preparation for an upcoming double-album release later this year.

Thirteen/Eight included a first set of Jazz fusion renditions of Namjoo’s new compositions. A performance that took the full-house at the Wheeler Hall by storm. James Riotto (Bass), Rob Shelton (Keyboards) and Ezra Lipp (Drums) accompanied Namjoo in a memorable journey crossing paths between classical Persian traditions and modern American Jazz.

The second set comprised of an innovative solo performance titled “The Japanese Chahar-mezrab” and continued with a series of duets with long-time Namjoo band member Siamack Sanaei on classical guitar.

The audience’s enthusiasm overwhelmed Namjoo and he performed two solo encores of his own favorite song, Sanama, and everyone’s all time favorite solo, Ey Sareban. Namjoo finally called his full ensemble to perform the final track well past the scheduled end of the concert.

Mohsen Namjoo’s next stop will be in Los Angeles on Sunday May 20 at the Orpheum Theatre where he will perform with his Thirteen/Eight ensemble and a surprise guest musician from Los Angeles. Tickets for Thirteen/Eight in Los Angeles are available at, Music Box in Los Angeles and Wholesome Choice Market in Irvine.


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Thanks for the link, Namjoo

by عموجان on

he is good Isn't he


What's the difference?

by Golaab on

The difference between an artist's manager writing this piece and a regular fan's writing this is in the financial motivation that the manager has and the fan does not!

My point is that as his managers, you don't need to get carried away and write stuff like this. Let his devoted fans write about his music if they are moved by his music. Google Namjoo to see who has written about him and why.

Writing rave reviews about your cool boss is not cool, because we know you earn your living from this man's work. That's all.

Bita Shafipour

Hi Golaab, What's wrong

by Bita Shafipour on

Hi Golaab,

What's wrong with praising a musical prodigy? It's not like we're his parents so  we don't take credit for his extraordinary talent. We are always fans and friends before colleagues and are simply doing our job and one aspect of it is to praise the work of someone we love dearly. Sorry if you don't like it.

Bita Shafipour


has he shaved his head?

by azadi5 on

He looks pretty bold in this picture!


Is this an ad?!

by Golaab on

Namjoo's music is absolutely unique, great, and one of a kind! But aren't you guys, Payam Entertainment and Bita Shafipour, his managers?! Namjoo has so many devoted fans worldwide who truly love his music. It is a bit disgraceful to see his managers tooting his horn, as the man truly does not need it.Your 'review' is simply embarrassing.