Is Iran Ready For Democracy?


Is Iran Ready For Democracy?
by Beenam

As of 2008, 68% of the total population in Iran was urbanized. 77% of all Iranians, who are mostly under the age of 65, are literate (CIA, People). Even if one is not a normally a betting person, it would seem safe to place some money on the future prosperity of this country. Yet one must factor in a very important element limiting the functionality of society, the regime. Since 1979, Iran has been an Islamic Republic (CIA, Introduction). Those in power frown upon western ideals such as liberalism, secularism, personal freedoms, equality along with other key democratic traditions. Aside from the regime hindering any advances toward democracy, Iranians are primarily concentrated in a few major cities: Mashhad, Tabriz, Esfahan, Teheran and Shiraz. These cities are quite liberal in their political orientation, especially the capital Teheran. Although these cities are large and serve vital roles in the industrialization of the country, they still do not represent Iran as a whole. For better or worse, there are people in Iran that believe in rigid traditions. Even in the major cities, most of the older generations of Iranians uphold the materialistic attitudes of their parents. A black cloud still hangs over Iran’s head. The youth is well-educated and receptive to change. Unfortunately, older politicians that despise any progressive change to the political system rule them. If tomorrow the regime is defeated, the ignorance of the older generation will not simply disappear into thin air. Democracy is a feasible goal to attain. Though it will take many years after the defeat of the oppressors before it firmly takes root. Sometimes the seed of democracy requires the blood of tyrants and martyrs alike to sprout. But it always needs careful hands to plant it into a fertile soil and the proper water to take root. Iran’s struggle for a democratic government representative of the Iranian nation will not end with the fall of a few oppressors. It will only end when people no longer allow rigid traditions to rule their hearts and minds. 

The World Factbook. “Iran Country Profile.” CIA. 


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The answer is simple: NO

by benross on

Because it's not about democracy. It never has been. It was about freedom. Then it becomes a stupid question: are we ready for freedom... we are aching for it.


Wake up!

by Pourandokht on

I think sometimes people get so caught up in their coffee and whiskey conversations about politics, philosophy and current events, that they completely ignore the ever changing face of society and societal values. They are the ever turning wheel of the future. You can see it in the fear and actions of people. How someone acts can be seen through the study of sociology. The generations of today in Iran are different from the ones of yesterday, and if the change came from within, from the way they spoke to each other, the way they treated each other, the traditions, the way they loves, they'd be more inspired to change the oppressive government around them.


What do you have to say about the way Iranians treat each other today? 


I happen to think that the

by Mahrokh on

I happen to think that the problem is that many Iranians in regional areas uphold the materialistic attitudes of their parents coupled with ignorant Islamic regime-like mentalities. Not a good combination. Much of this is spreading to the major cities you mentioned. 



by Doctor X on

What do you think of this new Hair model project they have launced? Would that pass muster with your "Modernity and innovative social reforms?" Would that be an step on the right yet Unkonw direction? IS that part of what you are advocating?




Huh....Democracy? What does it mean?

by Kooshan on

A sur-real state of social atmosphere?


IRI is run on the principle of Velayet-e Faqih not majority rule

by AMIR1973 on

IRI is not a democracy, Islamic democracy, People's democracy, or quasi-democracy. Sovereignty is vested in God not the people. It is based on belief in the "continuous leadership of the holy persons, possessing necessary qualifications, exercised on the basis of the Koran and the Sunnah". The Leader of the country must be a cleric and can NOT be popularly elected. The notion that the IRI can ever become a democracy ruled by the majority with full democratic freedoms (e.g. freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, etc) and civil rights enjoyed by the population is incompatible with reality. 


The non-muslim Islamist has no FEAR of illogical comparisons

by thexmaster on

Are you willing to accept a government which is popularly elected
through majority votes and bans certain freedoms based on religious
laws?  This is not unique to Iran, christian conservative groups in US
bans certain rights when it comes to same sex marriages.


Do they also hang them, or stone them?  Homosexuality and marriage is in the state of change, and being openly discussed in the US without the government beating, jailing, raping and killing people.   That's what happens in a truly free and democratic society.  There's room for dynamic change.

The Islamic republic on the other hand is an amorphic blob without any rule of law and with zero room for change or discussion with the populace.  

People like you are so delusional, that you don't realize you are subconsciously striving for the IRI to be more like the US everytime you create these similarities, as erroneous as they are.

And let's not pretend you care about homosexuals, though your love for the rahbar sometimes borders on the homoerotic.  


Are you ready to bow down to the majority?


Better than bowing down to current minority of arrogant mullahs, and powerhungry guard leaders.   You almost speak as if a democratic rule will make things worse for minorties like kurds, baluchis, bahais, zorasterians, gays, people with long hair etc etc.




Thanks Fooladi

by comrade on

You're on the mark, Rafigh. 

By the way, we should be a bit more careful with running into each other in this site; some of them are so gossipy, you can never believe!!




by fooladi on

Sorry I dont have farsi fonts on my laptop, so I answer in English. Couple of quotes for you from a leading socialist leader:

"Democracy is indispensable to socialism."

then same guy says:

" liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed."

Here he was talking about the liberty of "Ramezoon Yakhi" I think....


Deserving VS Readiness

by comrade on



با عرض معذرت میل دارم به دوستان ارجمند یادآوری کنم که سؤال
تیتر بلاگ، هر چند که در وهله نخست خفت بار و مغرضانه به نظر می‌رسد، حاوی
حقیقت دردناکیست که اگرچه نباید بهانه‌ای بشود برای ادامه دیکتاتوری منحوس
مذهبی و یا ایجاد نوع دیگری از استبداد؛ اما در عین حال بایستی در محاسبات
سیاسی عالمانه مورد توجه و استفاده قرار گیرد.

ببخشین اگه بی‌ تعارف میگم، فقط برای نمونه: توی این هفتاد و چن میلیون
هموطن نازنین، ما یه عالمه رمضون یخی داریم که واسشون فرقی‌ نمیکنه ناموس
با سینه یا اینکه با صاده. و فقط واسش شیکم سفره می‌کنن. حالا این شمای
دمکرات منش  و اینم آقا رمضون و اونم بحث غیر قابل انکار حقوق زنان.




what an utterly stupid question for title of a blog!

by fooladi on

And no offence meant to the blogger.

A quick glance at the History of Iran,  will tell us that she for more than 100 years has been " ready for democracy" and been patiently  waiting for it's arrival. Sadly, Every time, the light of democracy starts shining in our beloved country, it is immediately extiguished by yet another bunch of traitors in power. The latest, and hopefully the last in this long chain of traitors is the islamic regime and it's entire leadership. 


Iran's current government

by MM on

* Shari'a laws are barbaric 7th century relics and do not mix with a civil society.

* Iran's elections are a farse, since the candidates are pre-screened and only a select hand-picked group can run.  Even so, the elected officials do not have real power under the un-elected religious councils and the ultimate power; velayat-e faghih.

* Democracy is the rule of majority that protects the rights of all regardless of gender, race or religion, and NOT a select few. 

* The IRI government also misuses authority in beating, torturing and murdering the ones who speak out.

* The IRI government is corrupt, ruthless and does not represent the Iranian people, but rather represented the selection of the better of the two evils until June 2009 which IRI went one step further by selecting VF's favorite, AN.

And finally, this current system is the opposite of what Khomeini promised to all and fooled the masses to follow him and blindly asked him to write a constitution for Iran.  See Khomeini's 50 lies under the apple tree:


Note Khomeini's comments before and after he took over total control of the government.

No Fear

Are " YOU " ready for democracy?

by No Fear on

As one poster mentioned, having freedoms and having a democratic system are completely two different issues.


 The doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group ( Majority Rule ).

Are you willing to accept a government which is popularly elected through majority votes and bans certain freedoms based on religious laws?  This is not unique to Iran, christian conservative groups in US bans certain rights when it comes to same sex marriages.

Are you ready to bow down to the majority?


Does Iran deserve IRI? NO - Does Iran need democracy? YES

by MM on

Iran was in the forefront of human rights since Cyrus's cylinder described the rights of nations as well as individual human rights.  Has Iran made progress since 7th century laws have been imposed on her?  Of course not, but to say that Iran is not ready for democracy is a slap in the face of Cyrus and his descendents.


This truly bizarre question keeps popping up

by Marjaneh on

It's not as if anyone asks: "Is Iran ready for a totalitarian fascistic dictatorship?" .

Too bizarre....

"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."


Is Iran Ready For Democracy?

by Abarmard on

Iran is ready for modernity and innovative social reforms.

free vs islam


by free vs islam on

One should understand defination of democrasy and freedom and if you are old enough to remember pre-1979 we had a social freedom and human right and safety and pride and only thing we didn't have was electing some politician and to make ourself happy that we have the political freedom and what is diffrent of hassan kachal or kachal hassan. we have betrayal in our blood and we sold our own sole to devil and now we are Regretting what the hell we have done and what a bloody fiasco and we brought the cleric that stood all his life against the womens right and  freedom to vote and social freedom and he stood against modernity and advancement.

There is hope for our nation to be free and enjoy the democracy and first step is choosing leader to lead the nation to unity and organizing committee of council for temperery government and commend centre who organizing all the movement in the country and has the this committee respects all and has no motive but freedom and serving the people and country and sharing the power among all parties.  

Reza Pahlavi has a great blue print what is I mentioned above.