Wipe IRI off the map

by Bavafa

There was a propagandist blog yesterday on IC about the "wipe Iran off the map"

I charge Fred and this blog with propaganda since it is far from truth and designed only to stir emotions. If Fred spoke Farsi or was not solely going based on AIPAC translated version of the garbage that comes out of IRI criminals, he would have known that the correct translation is "wipe Zionism off the map" and a more correct role reversal would be "wipe IRI off the map"

But this would not have stirred emotions and would have actually found vast majority of Iranians and those members on IC to agree with the slogan.

How about it Fred, lets join voices and condem Zionism, IRI and all other form of criminal and recist regime and idiology around the world. Are you with racist regimes or against them

We can shout at loud, down with racist regimes like Zionist and IRIst.  How about it every one?



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We hear you Mehrdad.

by MM on



Now you're getting smart!

by Majid on


"so we're left to assume that JJ endorses Israeli efforts against the people of Iran."  


All it takes is an IQ of your caliber to figure that one out!

Good going, now you can move on! 

Sargord Pirouz

Come on, Bavafa, you're

by Sargord Pirouz on

Come on, Bafava, you're dealing with a group of Israelis all using the blog name "Fred". Why direct additional attention to these folks?

Honestly, I don't know why JJ puts these propaganda pieces on the featured blog list on the site's main page. Then again, he did advertise for a pro-Zionist anti-Iran organization, so we're left to assume that JJ endorses Israeli efforts against the people of Iran.