Is Washington planning the next Taliban regime for Iran

by Bavafa

MEK has been universally rejected by Iranians and have proven beyond any shadow of doubt to be a terrorist group with Iranian and American blood on their hand, yet some in Washington insist on empowering them to be the next [imposed] regime in Iran.

It is utterly sad and disgusting how corrupt the politician in Washington are. As stated rightly in the article by Mr. Parsi in Huffington post, MEK a terrorist cult, is roaming freely in Washington, financed by special interested and promoted by Faux news, the champion of the conservative cause, to promote yet another Taliban type regime in Iran.

Shamefulness of such politician is only matched by the shameful act of IRI.

You can read the article in fully here:


Thank you Mr. Parsi for shining light on such treachery.



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let's hope for an electronic email campaign

by MM on

I have written individually to my representatives regarding MKO as an un-democratic Iranian group, with very good responses (Why write to your representatives?).  But, the power of an electronic email campaign, en mass, especially when delivered via a hard copy has a tremendous effect in DC.  Let's hope for an electronic email campaign soon.


Thank you folks for commenting

by Bavafa on

Statira: Should I take your comment as your approval of MKO and for the future of Iran? Also I take your judgement as a compliment as I think MKO are even worse then Taliban.  They are only backward but not backward and traitors.

Bfarahmand: "Majority of Iranians withing the country and outside are educated enough to handle a democratic government"

The Iranian people within Iran or outside are not the obstacle to a democratic government, it is rather the criminal regime with its Velayate vaghih concept that is anti-democratic in nature.

Amirparvizforsecularmonarchy: "Our Challenge is to get inspired by our own leaders and culture"

I believe there is much truth and merit in your statement above. Thanks.

Dear Maryam Hojjat: I agree with your sentiment, only I believe prostitutes have far more self respect and morality then these politician and I would never insult them by comparing them to these politician.

Vildemose jaan: I agree wholeheartedly, unfortunately. The neocons along with AIPAC are hell bent in keeping Iranians in dark ages, if not by IRI then MEK or any similar group as long as we are kept in dark ages thru this back ward religion, corruption, in-fighting and any other way they can keep us where we have been at least in the last 32 years.

Lets hope we walk up and claim our destiny once and for all.



MKO and Taliban?

by statira on

Judging by Bavafa's previous posts, he seems more Talibani than MKO.


vildemose - Iranians

by iamfine on

Majority of Iranians withing the country and outside are educated enough to  handle a democratic government. Unfortunately, other countries are not helpful to allow the implementation of a democratic government in Iran. In spite of some Europeans countries (as well as USA) that are trying to bring MEK in Iran, brave Iranians will not allow that to happen.   


Yes they are looking at keeping fundamentalist islam in power

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Thats why they funded and helped organize the muslim brotherhood, al quaeda and yes MEK.  The Thugs were always there, they just needed the money, the planning organization, help with running and supplies.

No provides that kind of support/money without a reason.  Khomeini reminds me of what the mass media can do... in terms of misinforming people and creating a short term wonder that no one has been able to correct.

The problem is that the radicals have people that are willing to fight and die and they are backed by knowledgeable competent people running the show behind the scenes (all be it foreigners in the case of radicals) or in case of Iraq they call the 70,000 non combat troops advisers & logistics.

Our Challenge is to get inspired by our own leaders and culture, ie the shah and rally around the flag to be able to stand up to foreign domination and force, but my guess is that won't happen.  We are far too weak and out classed in every way.  And most all of the main stream media iranian talking heads, from every foundation abroad, from milani etc etc are foxes working for the side that uses the word "democracy" to misinform and dominate the many,

when the real plan of their bosses, all along, was MEK.



Maryam Hojjat

The Washington Politicians are Prostitutes

by Maryam Hojjat on

WHo have been playing with lives of Iranians more than 100 yrs.  I am sure Iranians are not going to put up with Bastards MEK after 32 years dealing with barbaric, criminal IRR/IRI.


Yes, Bavafa jan, That has

by vildemose on

Yes, Bavafa jan, That has been the plan since 2005 by the neocons and now by the democrats. The rationale behind is very simple. Iran is a backward Islamic country, which is not ready for democracy any time soon; might as well make them kill each other out using MEK who are the only entity who can get rid of the mullahs in Iran because they are more or equally as brutal as IRI. Non-violence is not going to cut it. That is the lesson Obama learned pretty soon after his few letters to Khamenie. They see the regime as messianic and ideological even the democrats now whereas that was not the case during the Bush's a mess.