Was IRI a role model for Qaddafi

by Bavafa

So far, it appears that Qaddafi armed forces are using all weaponry they have to destroy the opposition by all means and the West has been vastly impotence in any action to help the opposition. The unfortunate news is that such tactic seems to be adopted by other dictators in ME, as Bahrain has hired the notorious Saudi government to send their troops to the crack down on protestors and the Iranian government has found a new way to deal with its unemployment by hiring all thugs they can find to flood the streets to control and intimidate the people.

As for the West goes, so far it seems that democracy and freedom yet again is taking a back seat to cheaper oil prices and friendly governments to Israel. The events that took place in Tunisia and Egypt could not be allowed and encouraged to take place else where in ME.


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Qadaffi is friendly towards Israel?

by waldo on

That's news to me.

Esfand Aashena

I'd say yes it depends on how the ruler feels like it.

by Esfand Aashena on

If you have someone like Mubarak who can retire to a resort town in Egypt, why not?! Let them break each other's heads over it after he is gone!  Better yet, let Hillary "tour" Tahrir square a month later after the "revolution"!

The guy in Tunis (ben ali, men ali? ;-) he went to retirement in a resort town in another country forgot which one!

Qaddafi wants to keep his entourage and voluptous nurses with big tents and saffari trips around the world and he can't have it anywhere else, so he'll stay and let his sons and soldiers do the fighting for him.  Had Saddam not made the risk of kicking out UN inspectors in trying to bluff Iran into thinking he has nukes (what he admitted) he would've done the same with his sons.  Qaddafi is on record that Saddam's fate was his model to avoid, which he did.

Bahrain is following the Iraqi model too in that they don't want the Shiite majority to have a voice as Saudis try to say and do in Iraq by trying to convince W to not unseat Saddam which would leave a vaccum that would destroy the "balance".

The US and Europe will not give a hoot as long as the country in question is not after nukes one way or another.  They can kill their people as much as they want as long as they're not geographically close to Europe or US like was the case with Yoguslavia and the Balkan wars.

For people to rise up and overthrow a Government like we did in Iran you need a perfect storm.  You need dedication and sacrifice.  It is a heavy price to pay but it can be done.  We did it once and we have to do it again to show the people of Middle East again on how it is done, hopefully once and for all this time around!

Everything is sacred