Shaping public opinion

by Bavafa

We all remember Shirley Sherrod, Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of agriculture, who was fired due to an edited video clip of her aired by Faux news, right? Apparently, this is a new way to message and influence public opinion in the way that fits one's goal and agenda.

So, perhaps this is why some choose to select a one minute clip of AN interview with Charlie Rose instead of the entire interview and letting folks see all of it.  Here is the interview in entirety.

It is worth noting that (IMHO) AN is a masterful interviewee and he knows how to use the US hypocrisy in their foreign policy to muddy IRI fascist track record towards its own human rights abuses.





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Bavafa this is a better photo but the previous frame was better

by Anonymouse on

While the shading and overall picture is much better now, if one were to see it for the first time you wouldn't know it's a tail, although the logo is known.

So I suggest taking a picture with a bigger frame like last time (smaller tail so you can see behind it) and more sunlight!

Everything is sacred



by Bavafa on

I agree that Amanpour interview was by far the best that I have seen among all those who interviewed AN. She was tough, to the point and not relenting and focusing mostly on the Iran internal issues which IRI has a long track record of YUCK.

I respect Charlie Rose very much but he was just hijacked by AN and did not realize it.

And my avatar, I will see if I can get a better pic of it. I worked very had on that logo to get it right, paint it right and very proud of what it represent (to me glorious Iran)

Thanks for commenting.



The news media are better prepared for Ahmadi now

by Anonymouse on

Amanpour did a good job staying with Ahmadi and not answering his questions.  When you ask a question you don't have to debate him and lose the subject.  Amanpour made the point of not answering his questions and letting his own responses create another "we don't have gays in Iran" situation.

His answer to stoning to Sakineh was that she "was never sentenced to stoning" which Amanpour confronted by saying but the sentence was put on hold. So in the end Ahmadi was left to deny an obvious that he has no or a wishy washy view on stoning.  She could've have waited and allowed Ahmadi to make more fool of himself and let him finish his garbage view on stoning but I think the time was running out and she wanted to cover more subjects, which is her job. 

They are interviewing him better and as she said she was prepared for "his ritual to hit the airwaves."  You can't always answer a question by another question. Andrea Mitchel of NBC news who went to Iran interview to his ugly ass also did a good job and did not answer his "questions" and left him saying Obama is directed by Zionists and garbage like that.

PS I think you've taken the picture of your new avatar against the sun and you can see the tail's shadow which is making the logo in shade. I'd take that picture with your back behind the sun and the logo exposed to sun directly.  I think that would make the picture much clearer.   

Everything is sacred

Sargord Pirouz

I agree, Bavafa. Once you

by Sargord Pirouz on

I agree, Bavafa.

Once you make the mental adjustment toward Mahmoud's lower social class, which he flaunts deliberately, you gain an appreciation for his political style.

It's all about "haq" for our little Mahmoud. 

Highly amusing. Better translation work, too.