selective democracy in Middle East

by Bavafa

There has been more reports in the past couple of days that indicates Syrians requesting help from the Iranian regime in helping to deal with protesters and dissidents in Syria. Apparently Iranians help has been sought in IT and other relevant technology that deals with facebook, twitter and such.

This of course has drawn a condemnation from the US administration and I do believe all other freedom seeking folks ought to join the US in condemning not only Iranian involvement but also the way Syrians have been brutally dealing with peaceful protestors.

The dilemma will be, should Iranians decide to send a division or two of their armed forces at the request of Syrian government to help to deal (i.e. kill) protesters, would US and other Western nations have a leg to stand on in criticizing Syria or Iran for that matter. When Saudi Arabia sent their troops to put down peaceful protesters in Bahrain, where were the US administration and other Western allies in condemning such move? Bahrain, with the help of Saudi Arabia army have killed, tortured and put on show trails often behind close doors those who are seeking more political freedom and equality in Bahrain.

The bad thing about hypocrisy and selective support or condemnation is that you never know when it is going to come and kick you in the ass.


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I've noticed that some disagree with my

by Cost-of-Progress on

"national interest" angle. Unfortunate as it is, it is true my leftist I love the masses hamvatans. In this world, the strong survives and the weak (weakness has many faces and the weakness of the mind is the worst) either pershies or becomes subservient to the strong.

It is not that I agree with it as it matters not either way. It is reality and as it does, reality sucks most of the time.

By the way, do we know of any nation that does the right thing even though it may be to its disadvanatge?

Didn't think so.............





Cousin Mehrdad

by Faramarz on

The liberal media has been vocal about the double standards and the quiet treatment of the uprising in Bahrain vs. the rest of the Middle East. Jon Stewart had a piece and so did Doonesbury.

What the civilized world is cautious about is another Islamic Republic or Al-Qaida in the Middle East and unfortunately with the interference of the Regime in Bahrain and other countries in the area, the real voices for change are suffering.

Well, at least the Oil Shaikhs are spreading the wealth, unlike in Iran!

Mash Ghasem

With all due respect: 'national interest' my foot!

by Mash Ghasem on

What we're fed 24/7 by media and everything else as 'national interest' in reality always comes down to: the privileges and interests' of the ruling classes.

The interests' of the ruling elite in Canada, US, Iran,.. is very distinct from the interests of the ordinary hard working people. Just take a look at the distribution of wealth in the three mentioned nation-states above, and you'll see just how much everyday people are involved in reaping he benefits of the 'nation.' What complicates the matter in 21 century is the continued advent of multi-national corporations , that truly rule the earth, and destroying it by the minute. In today's world the interets' of these multi-nationals always trumps the nation states ( be it Canada,US, Iran).

Justice seeking, freedom seeking people have NOTHING in common with their rulers  (perhaps other than the language they speak). Racist retard sheikdoms of Persian Gulf are doomed. So has been IR . We ought to be able to distinguish between working people and the leeches that suck their lives and blood in order to survive.

Apologies for the long lecture, cheers


Soosan Khanoom

by Reality-Bites on

How did you come to the conclusion the Ivory Coast has a US puppet government?


Mehrdad jaan, the very last paragraph in your own blog summed up the situation pretty well. Not much more to be added.


Soosan Khanoom:

by Bavafa on

Both regime undoubtedly are responsible for countless innocent and unjust death and destruction of life. One however is responsible for more death of its own citizen vs. they other that kills of other nations. A human life is a human life and ought to be sacred equally, but some how the pain and misery of losing close ones, in this case of your own citizen, carries much greater pain then otherwise and as such deserves greater condemnation.


Agreed…. However it is arguable that

1- hypocrisy can be counter productive to LONG TERM national interest

2- if we allow to invoke "national interest" so bluntly then technically any crimes could be justified and as such IRI has been claiming "national interest" for killing and torturing its own citizen so systematically.


Soosan Khanoom

I get upset when they

by Soosan Khanoom on

I get upset when they critizise Iran.  One of the Swiss parliament members 2 months ago named the USA as the most corrupt regime on the face of the earth.  55 billlion lost at Pentagon.  2 Trillion dollars in Debt uncounted for.  The amounts are mind blowing.........  Even per capita the financial corruption is the worst in this country than Ivory coast which has a us puppet government.......  They keep the people here happy in the Matrix of Illusion and the American Dream.......... National security at the expense of trillion dollars of theft and millions of people killed around the world.  How can your conscience allow that.  Mine doesn't.  Iranian regime being a corrupt and bad regime still can not be compared to the corruption and killlings of innocents done by the U.S .........


National Intrerest vs "the right thing"

by Cost-of-Progress on


Your point about hypocrisy is a valid one. However, national interest of nations trumps everything including human rights and everything else.

Gas (petrol) being about $4 a gallon, those who export the most oil receive the get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to this stuff.

It's a fact - unfortunately.





Esfand jaan:You touch on a good point

by Bavafa on

Most know about hypocrisy of all parties involved, in this situation and more relevant to us perhaps, Iran and USA.

But I do believe this equal hypocrisy causes more damage to prestige and credibility of US then Iran, as Iran has none to begin with.

The point is that if US wishes to remain stronger, not only by the means of sheer military force but also by wining hearts and minds, then such hypocrisy goes counter to such goal.


Esfand Aashena

It all depends where you're watching the news.

by Esfand Aashena on

In America even if you see shows and interviews condemning the Bahrain violent reprisals you don't see any traction in widespread news.  Even Hillary is not forceful enough, she just says something and won't mention it for another month.

In Iran you watch the wall to wall coverage of anti Israeli and anti USA coverage.  In Europe they don't pay attention much to international news!

So it doesn't matter who is the hypocrite, they all are.  The only difference is which hypocrite (bully) is stronger and what do they have to show for.   

Everything is sacred


good question!

by MM on

Your question reminds me of David ET's exel table at Hypocrisy for Dummies

Anonymous Observer

I agree with you on this issue

by Anonymous Observer on

There's a lot of hypocrisy with the situation in Bahrain.  They even detained the CNN crew there.  Here: