Lets support all Iranians and specially i.com and JJ financially

by Bavafa

I see AIPAC/Israeli ads all the time on this site and each time, one click will earn JJ 50 cents. I hope this is true and if so, I will be doing many clicks here.

Lets make our beloved JJ some $$$, specially if it comes out of the Zionist pocket.



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If it is this easy, why has nobody thought of it before? Why no

by Anonymouse on

Why noone here at i.com says anyhing about it?  Seems easy enough, click and get paid like a slot machine!  In fact, i.com's guru can design a program that can click 24/7 and chi ching make JJ's pockets full of money.

Where is the catch??! 

Everything is sacred.


Yes, I know they pay by each time that ad is clicked

by Bavafa on


Maybe you will be a rick man after all.  And that would be from AIPAC pocket, isn't great :)



Sounds good. I don't know if each click pays $0.50 but

by Anonymouse on

Sounds good. I don't know if each click pays $0.50 but whatever it pays, lower or higher, if each click pays JJ why not?  Really why not?  After all what are these ads here for?  Supposedly they are here to pay the website for running the ads.

Now if Google pays one lump sum regardless of number of clicks, then forget it.  Otherwise if each user clicks 100 times a day times thousands of users = mucho mulla for JJ!

Is this true JJ?  Each click pays i.com something?

Everything is sacred.