Let AlQaeda go


by Bavafa

Should Al Qaeda be taken off the terrorist group?

Well, for the sane world, this would make as much sense as taking MEK off the terrorist group, wouldn't it?

There has been much debate about the MEK as a terrorist group and the faith of their members in Iraq. Few thing that has been indisputable and not subject to debate, is the history and conduct of this group, their affiliation and the nature of the group which often is described as a cult. Ideologically, they are as far removed from democratic ideals as N. Korea, IRI or the grand champion Saudi Arabia and secularly, they are the Mullahs in plain cloth. Their participation in the Iran-Iraq war and siding with the enemy, Saddam has made them the single most effective catalyst to brings Iranians together and unit in opposing any thing that has the smell of MEK. However, there are many of their members that are held in various camps, mostly in Iraq and one wonders what should be done for them? Should they be let go without first denouncing their group and leadership? What should be done to the leadership which still enjoys a comfortable life and immunity in EU.

Now, the EU along with some groups in US and their proxy are urging the US State department to remove this group off the terrorist list.

One wonders what are the motivation behind such move? What has MEK done to gain the trust of these governments and what is the plan with this group afterwards? What are the motivation of some Iranians on IC advocating such policy?

Also, knowing that this group is the greatest catalyst for uniting Iranians against any outside threat to , is the West trying to nullify the opposition in Iran and why?

I personally believe that MEK members should be released and integrated into society but not before they have denounced MEK and their leadership and the treasonous history. As the leadership goes, it will give the West much needed credibility in combating terrorism but bringing them to the court of justice and give them a fair trail.


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Al Qaeda/IRI/MKO r Islamist sects using Islam 4 political agenda

by Bavafa on

MM jaan: this is absolutely true. And another thing that they all have in common is that all of them at one point or another were supported and/or created by the West.

That begs the question of why?



Al Qaeda/IRI/MKO r Islamist sects using Islam 4 political agenda

by MM on

While the Rajavi cult members need de-programming before integration into the society, the cult-heads, on the other hand, will try to move their agenda regardless of who they get into the bed with.  In the case of MKO, their first bed-mate was the IRI and then Saddam.  Now, the neo-cons, headed by John Bolton, have decided that the MKO is a possible opposition group to the IRI and worth supporting. 

The rally in Paris appears to be the launching point for the EU campaign to get the MKO off the terrorist list.  I can bet that they will use the EU declaration as a mark of honor to launch the US campaign.

The Al Qaeda, the IRI and the MKO are all Islamist groups who use Islam to move their political agenda.  If the neo-cons think that the Iranians will trust another group like the MKO to lead them, the neo-cons have another thing coming to them.


VPK: Agreed, militarily they are of no [real] value

by Bavafa on

But one ought not to forget about their soft power.

I am not into conspiracy theory but can easily imagine scenarios such as

- Could they be used to divide Iranians if and WHEN a democratic and independent leaning opposition to IRI take a real footing in Iran that is also dangerous to the West interest?

- Could they be used as suicide bombers to either sabotage facilities or sabotage any democratic and independent movement?

- Could they be used as spies and mercenaries in the case of war?

One thing that has been unmistakably clear is that EU or US has no real care for the rank and file of these people. They were used when they had a need for them and then left them to rot in the desert of Iraq. Only the leadership has been taken care of, much like they take care of the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwaiti, etc because they serve their purpose.

I firmly believe that US will try to sabotage and destroy any opposition group in Iran that will not be friendly to US interest FIRST in another word a puppet regime.

Likewise I am very leery about the intentions of some folks not all though but some, such as Fred when they advocate removal of this group from terrorist list.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Mehrdad: My best guess is that the West wants to use MKO to gain leverage on IRI. Exactly what: I am not sure. I don't know what kind of shape the MKO members in Iraq are in. They have lived in virtual isolation for years. What is the average age of these people and when did they last get any new recruits. 

Say they have 5000 members. Are most of them from the revolution days? If so the average age must be pushing 50! I do not suppose they are getting many new ideologically committed members. I mean camp Ashraf in Iraq is not much to offer. The MKO rulers are very good at Soviet style propaganda. However I suspect they have little real power and an outdated; failed ideology.



Europeans are fooled by colorful parades perhaps! :-)

by Disenchanted on


     parades with bright colors, music and festive environment perhaps has lulled the willingly naive Europeans to wonder, why should we keep these nice, civilized, jolly people off the political discourse. After all they are much to be preferred to the pesky, out of fashion Mullas.

     The MEK colorful parades is as much to be trusted as a colorful snake! These people won't hesitate to betray anyone including the naive, intellectuals in European capitals. There is only one absolute for this cult and that is Masoud! I am extremely worried that this cult is being legitimized! 


"I hope the Americans have the sense to mistrust them as well"

by Bavafa on

Americans have proven they are no exception to be infallible, specially when under pressure by special group and lobbyist.

Like yourself, I am curious to know what is behind the push for getting MEK off the terrorist list when there is no humanitarian gesture by the West towards the rank and file in Iraq nor subject to denouncing their past terrorist activity.

I am also curious to know what is the motivation of people such as Fred for advocating such policy for US.

We all know such act by the West will only increase Iranian people suspicion towards the West intention and if any thing it will give weight to IRI propaganda machine.

so what gives?!?!?!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Nobody in

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


their right minds will trust the MKO leadership {at least no Iranian does}. I hope the Americans have the sense to mistrust them as well. The EU on the other hand is backing them. I am curious as to why people think EU is doing this. It is not to spread "democracy". Therefore it has to be something they are up to.


I trust MEK change of heart when I trust OJ Simpson! :-)

by Disenchanted on


         EU leadership's animosity towards Iran leadership has blinded them to the fact that MEK is truly despised by ordinary Iranians.

       Despised by people and for many good reasons, least of which are treason and terror. I agree with Bavafa that MEK leadership has to be treated distinctly from its members.

    Sadly so, camp Ashraf has to be turned into a mental hospital for a while before we could let the brain washed deluded followers back into the society. Leaders have to stand trial as suggested.

  P.S. Bavafa, Thanks for the supporting shout on the R. Pahlavi threat last night. These Monarchists lack of imagination gives me a headache! :-)



VPK: You are correct, MKO and Al Qeada are not exactly the same

by Bavafa on

Though they share some in common, namely both are a cult and a terrorist organization, anti democratic and non-secular.

As you can read, the content of this blog is not so much about Al Queada but MKO with the questions of

- who/what is MKO

- what should be done to the group and its member

- The affect of legitimizing them on Iranians opposition


As I stated in the blog, I am for giving amnesty to the member of this cult and reintegrating them into the society, much like some of the low ranking Taliban and AlQuade members that were released by US, but not before they clearly denounce their terrorist organization and their past leaders.


I will not engage in any conversation with you till you  have apologized for your rude remark regarding my family.

I have never allowed my political differences with other numbers here to result in any comment or insult to their family members and will not tolerate such people.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I will be

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


the last person to defend MKO. But MKO is not the same as Al Queda. The MKO is a washed out organization with little realistic chances of advancing. It is being propped up by Neocon Israeli money as their response to Hamas and Hizbollah. All these organizations are pains in the rear end rather than a real danger. The difference is that MKO is far less effective than either Hamas or Hizbollah. No matter they can be a pain if not dealt with.

So what should Iran or even IRI (if it were smart) do? The rank and file MKO members are the backbone of its power. Iran (whatever government) should give them amnesty and reabsorb them into Iranian society. This will rob the MKO rulers of any real power. That will in effect de-fang them. Isn't this a good idea? Then EU and US could pass resolutions all they want. It will make no difference. Because Rajavis themselves ain't a danger to Iran.



by Simorgh5555 on

To draw a moral equivalence between the actions of Al-Qaeda and the MEK is another example of your signature loopey Left views. For a start Al-Qaeda is an apocolayptic brand of Islam with the impossible goal of the Islamification of the world. There is no similatritity between Al-Qaeda and the legitimate fight for the liberation of Iran and the removal of the Islamic Republic which most sane Iranians regardless of what they think about the MEK themsleves actually agree with.

The MEK do not take hostages and decapitate them and nor do they hijack airplanes and fly them into the the World Trade Cenre and the Penatagon. 

If the MEK are traitors for siding with Saddam Hussein and then what do you say about the biggest political prostitutes in Hisotry: Arafat, the PLO and Fattah. They have slept with everyone from Assad, King Hussein of Jordan, Khomeini, Saddam and finally the Israelis and Americans themselves. As evident from your previous posts you have not once condemned the Palestinian liberation movement for exporting terror in Israel, killing athletes, sending post bombs and hijacking airplanes. Compared to the Palestinian terorist movenemnts  the MEK are saints! 

Come on then, lets hear you call the Palestinians terrorists? Let me guess you "understand" Palestinians, don't you? This is typical of you: Hate Iranians love Pals!