IRI &. Zionist

by Bavafa

With that in mind, I like to open this as an exercise and have folks add what they see in similarities. I supply the first few:

- IRI and Zionist both have been involved in negotiation with the world and they have proven to make a mockery of every one involved. Each round of negotiation ends only with a nice photo shoot and agree to negotiate more with absolutely no result, only more time for one to enrich more and more time for the other to occupy more land.

- IRI and Zionist both have proven to have security apparatus that has an official task of Extrajudicial killing - a polite term for terrorist activity

- IRI and Zionist both are indeed in violation of many UN resolutions much like they have been found guilty in many security counsel and human rights violations

- IRI and Zionist take pride in their oppressive policies, one oppresses its own people the other does it does it only to its neighbors

- IRI and Zionist both are inspired and driven by the higher authority, God himself, and each believe their god is the better one.

- IRI is holding Iranian people hostage, much like Zionist holding Israeli people hostage.




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Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Israel and IRI feed off each other.

For better or worse IRI's existance itself is a reaction to the historical abusive influence of the Western powers in Iran (of course many beleive for the worse you included).

By 'camels' I meant the people of Middle East, the masses and the dispossessed ones in particular. I didn't mean IRI. 


Wow, Aghaye Afshinazad & Mola jaan:

by Bavafa on

I nearly ran out of breath reading all that ONE sentence :)

Does this mean we would be all happy and hanky dory if IRI was not oppressing its own people but others?

Aghaye Mola:

We will hopefully get to the differences, but this was about similarities. Moreover, are you equating Camels with IRI?

From what I have heard, camels are actually quit gentle and smart animals. Wouldn't a donkey be a more appropriate metaphor to use since it shares more of the same qualities with IRI?


Mola Nasredeen

A few differences between Camels and

by Mola Nasredeen on

Zionist jews:

Camels are very patient Zionist jews are not.

Camels have lived in the deserts (and other locations) in Middle East for thousands of years, Zionist Jews have not.

Camels can survive without food or water for 40 days, Zionist jews cannot.

In conclusion: Camels will outlast Zionist jews in the Middle East.



by afshinazad on

ISRAIL is free country and they do care about their national interest and they don’t rape and kill and imprison own people and they don’t take bullshit from bunch of camel riders and terrorist and they care about anyone is by blood line of Jewish nation and it is not a religion that they care about in fact it is their nationality and identity as a nation they care more than anything and that is why we should learn from them.