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by Bavafa

IC news tab is one of my frequent and favorite area to visit daily to keep up with Iranian related news. Well, for a long time now this tab has been dominated by two groups, (without picking on any particular member here) One that almost exclusively post news about Israeli atrocities and another who feel they need to counter by posting only pro Israeli news.

I am not suggesting by any means to put any limitations on either side, let them knock themselves out. What I would propose and like to see, perhaps three tabs/folders for the news section.

1- One for the anti Israeli member

2- One for anti Palestinian/Arab/Muslim member


3- One for all others who are not fixed on one specific group.



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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Our holy land

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is the birthplace of Zarathustra not that area Israel/Palestine. I could not care less about that region. No more than I care about Finland or New Zeland. None of our business; we should look at our lands not there.

How about thinking of Ctesiphon; Azerbaijan and Tajikistan? Those are where our history is. Those are where our heritage and future is. How about the three great cities: Balkh; Bukhara and Samarkand; help them not worry about "Holy Lands".

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Sounds like a good idea :-) Actually I rather not spend so much time on Israel. Really we have no dispute with them. I do not understand the problem some have with Israel. What did they do to Iran?

Their worst action was to infect some computers with a virus. That as opposed to bombing and killing people. No Iranian died; no one raped; no invasion. On the other hand our dear Palestinians sided with Saddam while Israel was selling us arms! 



by Simorgh5555 on

I was thinking the same thing. I challenge the anti-Israelis rehularly but I have rarely posted and certainly have never seen any IC user post a news article or post a blo for the sake of Israel. The Pal supporters never seize to.pick up anybother news.

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Bavafa

by Artificial Intelligence on

I am in complete agreement with what you write here. For example look at 3 recent posts just todayfrom one of our resident anti Israel/Jewish lunatics below. The only question I have for you, and I don't mean to be a wise ass here, is who is posting the pro Israel stuff as I don't see them? I know that one or two individuals comment and challenge our anti Zionist/anti semite  friend. I just don't see any lunatic types constantly posting pro Israeli garbage. 

Rabbis and guns Israel needs to keep religion out of the army

haaretz.com / Haaretz Editorial

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>>> Gaza flotilla Watch: Video shows IDF preparing for next Gaza flotilla

haaretz.com / Anshel Pfeffer

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>>> The right of return Jewish leftists need to have the Talk

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Great suggestions by cousin Faramarz, OnlyIran and MM

by Bavafa on

Your suggestions will certainly get my vote.



LOL, Good blog topic. We are an Iranian site.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I love all the various points of view, by Iranians on various topics that have to do with Iran, from politics, to entertainment, to literature, to fashion and culture.

I think this is a great place for people of different view points to discuss their views on what they read.

We are all in this together.  Everyone gets the freedom to participate otherwise it would be no fun.

Intolerance is our inheritance from Islam.  Not from Zoroastrian past which allowed freedom to think what you want and never forced or imposed its view via terrorising people, like Islam.


Let There Be Peace on IC!

by Faramarz on

Cousin Mehrdad,

I am in agreement with the general theme of your blog. There is not much value in either the pro or con arguments of Palestinian/Israeli issues on this site. My observation is that either camp takes a small news item and tries to make a large point out of it.

IC is a great source for Iranian-related news and blogs and should not allow itself to be crowded by all these other items. If one is really interested in other Middle Eastern news or commentary, as I am, there are many great sources out there.

My recommendation in response to your blog is to create a separate tab on IC for Israeli/Palestinian readers. There they can post their blogs, news and comments and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest; something like the smoking section of the restaurants of the years past! They can have their own Palestinian/Israeli of the Day and instead of Ghormeh Sabzi, they can have Israeli Couscous or Shawarma to post fun stuff!


The saddest thing is that with all the problems that we have

by Onlyiran on

in our country, we even have two groups who post "pro-Israel" and "anti-Israel" news!!!!  How about Iran news?!!!

The only way to correct the situation is to put a limit on the number of news posts.  That's the only way to do this.  To be honest, for the most parts, I get my Iran news from other sites. The news section of IC doesn't really have that much Iran related news.    



how about 2-3 news posts/day along with 2/day blog limit? ++++

by MM on

How about 2-3 news posts/day limit along with 2/day blog limit?


I do not like censorship either.  However, we also have a choice of NOT viewing/clicking on these news items that are either propaganda or dubious sources.  This way, if the news items (OR blogs) that do not get viewership are taken off the featured section, the authors will get a clear message.

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks Bavafa. Indeed I will be safe from extra charges but when you write extra, that means that I will have to pay some charges but may be not very much since I don't have mnay links.



by yolanda on

Hi! Shifteh,

   Your post is great! Thank you for posting news articles for us!

I like the articles you recommended for us!

Keep up the good work!

I still remember this beautiful poem:



You are awesome!


Folks, I appreciate all your comments

by Bavafa on

Anahid jaan:

in my book, you hardly ever…more like never go on and on with endless links and you tube video, so I am pretty sure you are safe from extra charges

Simorgh aziz: Thanks for your input… you might get charged though :)

Dear Shifteh:  I find your links and blogs most appropriate and almost always read them. But I do respectfully disagree with your suggestion of semi censorship. And I must add, I am rather surprised as I find you as a very democratic minded person. I too find those dubious links, well dubious at best but am not for a type of policing to say what links/site should be considered credible and which should not. Faux news is rather dubious in my book, should we prevent any news from that site?

Anyway, I do appreciate your comment and opinion as I know you have been dedicating your time here to Iran and the struggle that Iranians have been going thru.

CC jaan: Naïve?!?!?! You are being too modest :)

Shepesh: Thanks I share much of your sentiments

Soosan Khanom:

You are correct, I have posted links about Palestinians, Syrians, Bahrainis and Iranians. As mentioned in the blog, perhaps it was not made clear enough, I do not support any sort of censorship only recommend a separate tab for those obsessed ones. I would think this is rather generous of me to suggest a whole section just for themselves. Don't you agree?

Divanah jaan: As always, it’s a pleasure reading your comment.


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

On the topic that what you just posted I agree  .....

IR has stuck its nose into Palestine affairs with out them even wanting that ... to the point that even if the Palestinians make peace with Israel IRI will probably start a war with them as well ....... 

These mullahs are obsessed with the holly land as much as the Rabbi who are obsessed with the promised land  ...... these clergies from both side do not worship God ..... they worship dust and temples ..... 

I agree Iran should come first but still what is wrong with having  the world news be posted by all the news agencies and be read as well ?  


Thanks Shifteh for your suggestions

by divaneh on

I agree that this site is about Iran and things related to Iran and if it is bombarded with news about every corner of the world then news about Iran get a much shorter exposure time in the first page and I think that is why the paid IRI agents do this.

With respect to certain media such as Press TV and Kayhan, I agree that a lot of news are fabricated by these organs of a regime who forcefully silences the real journalists and push them to suicide. What is the news worthiness of a piece of news from Kayhan? Is it really news? Or is it just cheap propaganda? Their credibility is the same as the Syrians. Regimes who do not allow foreign journalists in their country and who jail their own journalists for nothing but pure journalism, are not worthy or credible sources of news.

Having said all that these organs provide a lot of good laughing subjects.

I don't think we should put a limit on the number of news posted for Iranian related matters. I however think one or maximum two pieces of news should be allowed for non-Iranian affair. 

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Actually your argument is the most reasonable one here ..... but to be able to understand your points you need to discuss it ... something that you rarely do but once you do you are pretty much reasonable ..... I agree with most part of what you said ... 

Having said that as I mentioned any news should be allowed for posting ... so you should let those who are pro also state their points of views meanwhile you keep posting what makes you feel happy and we shall read all of them ...

Iran is not discounted from the world and the world news should be posted in an Iranian site as well ..... wether one likes it or not 




Sosan Khanoom

by Simorgh5555 on

Have you ever visited a pro-Palestinian website and ever found a single news article highlighting human right violations in Iran? I recommend that you visit Palestine Solidarity Campaign.org (the closest thing they have to.IC.com) nd you will find almost every article exclusively written about Palestinian related issues. Can this be explained by the fact that Palestinians have their own problems to sort out first before caring about others? If anything the hard-line Palestinian supporters are only too eager to sing the praises of the IR than to criticise it. Don't censor Palestinian related topics bu t these people have lost all sense of proportion.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Sorry that we replied ... next time please send private messages to those who you think that they care and do not let your brialiant mind be exposed in a public forum where every one is free to respond ... 

 I do not give a damn about Press TV or Zionists TV ..  I get my news from comedy central daily news .....

wake up and let go of your ego  


Shifteh Ansari

Soosan and Concubine

by Shifteh Ansari on

For all practical reasons, I wasn't really talking to the two of you when I wrote that comment.  I was talking to people whom I have come to know as those who truly care about and participate in posting news on this site.

As for the two of you, good luck learning your news and information from Press TV and Kayhan.  I am sure all your principles about democracy and freedom of expression are met in the standards of journalism these two institutions uphold, especially as it is now a known fact that editors and reporters of these institutions routinely attend interrogation sessions where forced confessions against prisoners are extracted.  

It's funny, I never thought anything would shock Concubine!

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

What is this blog all about? Who are  you kidding or fooling here ?  Please give me a break......  I have commented myself on your pro Palestinians posts .... Are you campaigning against your own posts ?  I myself have no problem reading pro or anti on the news sections ...

I . however, suggest that each member be able to post limited number of news per day just like it is now with the blogs ... like two articles or whatever JJ decides and then each person should be free to post what she or he wants... If that bothers any one here then some suggestions ...

Do not read it

Skip it

Change the channel





Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

What you just Stated in your first paragraph is pure censorship and oh boy we have a long way to go to even be able to spell democracy .......

I doubt that ever our country will see freedom of speech and free press,  reading what you just wrote and giving the fact that you have just suggested banning certain news agency ...... is this not what exactly IRI doing?  Why would you ban press TV??  why this news agency bothers you?  Are you saying that readers here on IC are stupid and may be mislead by Press TV ?  Are you thinking of us as a bunch of ignornat blind people who can not judge and decide for themselves ?.... like if you were in power and I happen to have a dish that braodcast press TV ... You would then storm in my house and took it away probably send me to jail ....

well ... so far I have not seen an Iranian who does not act like iRI ....... now move on with your censorship .... good luck ....


I don't read Palestinian news articles

by Shepesh on

One reason I do not post news any more or very rarely is because I do not want to be forced into stupid discussion with people who do not care about Human Rights of Iranians. This is one example


Caring about Human Rights of Palestinians is fine, I also share this view. But never do I see these people sympathising or giving condolense when Iranians are murdered or mistreated.



by ComraidsConcubine on

I suppose it's my own fault for being too naive to read between the lines, but I am truly absolutely shocked by this statement that I would never expected to come from Ms Ansari:


"I would suggest that postings from Iranian government sources and sources owned by IRI officials to disallowed.  This would include Kayhan, Press TV, IRIB, Tabnak, Raja News, Tehran Times, etc. "


Good luck folks with your insane ideas about democracy and freedom of expression, information and all the rest of it.  


Shifteh Ansari

Thanks Bavafa

by Shifteh Ansari on

The ideal thing would be for the site to be able to identify paid operatives who post on Iranian.com by virtue of a job description as opposed to their personal beliefs. 

I know it is hard to identify the internet mercenaries, as they cover themselves in the cloak of Iranian nationalism or defense of human rights in Iran.  A better thing to do would be not to accept dubious sources for news links.  I would suggest that postings from Iranian government sources and sources owned by IRI officials to disallowed.  This would include Kayhan, Press TV, IRIB, Tabnak, Raja News, Tehran Times, etc.

I would also suggest that dubious Israeli sources reporting on Iran be disallowed, too, as they are doing exactly the same thing as the dubious Iranian sources are doing.

This is Iranian.com.  I would further like to suggest that users who regularly post news links which are not related to Iran be scrutinized for posting spam.  This is an Iranian website and news on this website should be related to Iran.  When I have to wade through dozens of news links of articles that are critical of the US, Israel, the UN, the west, etc.,  I get annoyed. 

I would like to suggest that links with repetitive and unoriginal super titles containing propaganda words such as "Terror Regime" for IRI and "Zio-xxxx" for Israel be disallowed.  Propaganda is so boring.  Alternatively, if people can't think of fun supertitles to write, they should just be allowed to submit their news items without supertitles.  If people have opinions they would like to repeatedly express in exactly the same way, they should post comments.

I think just as there is a two-blog per day limit for blogs, there should be a 5- or 7- or 10-news item limit for the News items.

Last but not least, I think posting news items is something that many people avoid, because it does not have the glory and attention of posting blogs or other content.  Yet it is one of the most important things anyone could do for the community, as it does take time and energy to round up the items and post them.  I have a lot of respect for all regular IC users who posts news items, even when they post annoying items.

Thanks again for your blog.



This is an IRANIAN site. I

by Simorgh5555 on

This is an IRANIAN site. I have criticised the inappropriste and irrelevant coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli topic because it has NOTHING with the intended purpose of this site. This has nothing to.do with my support for Israel because I also criticise the likes of Darius Kadivar becausr of his incessant talk of Libya, pop.culture and Royal forums which have very scarcely any relevance to Iran. The disproportionate and near obssessive fixation with Israel is again down to IR propaganda having left an indelible impression on the Iranian psyche or more distubingly it could be anti-Jewish sentiment. I feel it is.my resposnibility to.counter the disproportionate coveragr of Israel in order to 1) Ensur this site remains Iranian 2) to dispel the myth that we are anti-semetic as a nation because of Ahmadinejad's frequent anti-Jewish tirade 4) to educate Iranians that there are other countries in the world including Muslim ones are being oopressed by other Muslims or in the case of Sudan Arabs who have committed genocide on Africans 4) to educate people that there is an Israeli prospective to this comlicated Middle Eastern conflict which goes totally ignored by most Iranians. Regardless of whose side you take on the Palestinian Israel conflict this ridiculous obsession is actually the reason which is drawing Iran into a war which you claim you do not want. By picking sdes you are actually fanning the flames and no matter how sympathetic you feel towards Palestinians no self respecting Iranian would be willing to engage in hostilities for their benefit at the expense of their own country.
The more I hear the usual suspectd talk about Israel thr more I am.convinced their motivation is an aversion to Jews. If they were really patriotic Iranians and humanitarians as they claim (It's not Jews Its Zionists!) they would be more willing to pick on Russia who have stollen our territory, ccupied and invaded Iran under.the Tsars and Soviets, invaded and killed thousands of Afghans, Chechnya and Georgia. Why doesn't a singke fair and banced Iranian address this because they are NOT Jews. I haven't even mentioned Stalin's.excesses during WW2 which puts Zionist crimes truly into.perspective.
Do you remember when we were kids and there was always an aunt ir grannh who would say that Jews were Najis? I bet that has still left an impact on some people here.
Oh, and do you have any Azari members in your family? This is the perfect site to educate them about the Turkish genocide of Armenia. As Iranians this is important to know.
If I have downplayed the suffering of Palestinians then I am sorry but rest assure one thing the Palestinains, quite rightly, always put their own interest first. Whether it is making friends with Assad, Khomeini, Saddam or even Israel themselves. Who is looking after the Iranian people and paying to rebuild war torn Khoramshahr like Gaza? No one.
Please stop talking about Palestine and be Iranian. Think of your own country first just like your pals the Pals do!

Anahid Hojjati

Divaneh and Bavafa, now I am getting worried

by Anahid Hojjati on

I hope I don't get charged for posting and it is good that I don't have too many links :).


Agreed Anahid Jaan.

by Bavafa on

But I think instead of a race and getting in competition with them, I try the boycott method.  Simply do not read or comment on those blog/news item from certain individuals.  I believe if we take the wind out of their sail, they just get tired or fired from a poor job they are doing.

Divaneh jaan:

This is also a great, yet might be unfair approach, one that I suggested a while back partially as a joke.

If JJ charges one penny for any responses and blog that is more the 100000 words, he will be able to retire easily just from a couple of our dear members (withholding names) specially if they included links and youtube video are to be charged 2 pennies each :)



IC should charge them

by divaneh on

IC should charge a fee for pro/anti Israel/Palestine/Lebanon news. All oher news items can be posted free.

Anahid Hojjati

Mehrdad jan, what a great blog

by Anahid Hojjati on

Just the other day, I wanted to post a news item and I noticed Pendar had posted several items. I don't think most of them got featured but you are right, most of these news postings are dominated by 2/3 users.

However, I think part of the problem might be that other users who focus on articles and blogs. Perhaps if other users posted more news, we would not need to have the three sections that you are suggesting. In any case, having three sections is an admin matter but I wanted to note that I have noticed this domination of news by certain few.