Is Disenchanted really blocked?

by Bavafa

How often is that we go thru this pseudo censorship and blocking of active members, some of which provide a great deal of information, wisdom and knowledge with us on IC?   

We all have favorite writers/friends and/or favorite writers/foes who we disagree greatly with.   But how many of us will stand united to bring back friends and foes alike? 


JJ if this is really true, I hope you reconsider to salvage what is left from IC.

  Disclaimer:  Disenchanted is one of my favorite commentator who I value his/her opinion greatly primary because he/she calls a spade a spade regardless of it being IRI, US, Israel or from the moon. 

'Hambastegi is the main key to victory'




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Admin not as merciful as the Sup. Leader

by maghshoosh on

As far as I can tell, there's usually no warning or explanation as to why some account is blocked, sort of like IRI's revolutionary courts where evidence against the accused may not be revealed and defense not allowed.  At least, the admin here could follow IRI's example more comprehensively by issuing Islamically-merciful Khamenei-style amnesties to repentant violators.

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Bavafa

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am not sure with all the banning as well as all the annoying behavior by some on this site anyone would be willing to stay.  It is a shame that some breath the fresh air of democracy and post any thing they wish or comment on anything they want but at the same time do their best to prevent others from doing the same thing.   

Adverse selection in economics and application of it to case of multiple IDs


I have also lost my hope in JJ to resurrect any of the blocked accounts.  Disenchanted is surely going to be missed. 

Soosan Khanoom

Thanks dear Bavafa

by Soosan Khanoom on

for your words of wisdom.... 


disenchanted شد شهید راه فلسطین عزیز


و این راهی‌ است که تمام ایرانیهای شیفتهٔ فلسطین مقدّس دنبال خواهند کرد.  به امید خداوند متعال.  یا ربّ.