Celebrating 4th of July

by Bavafa

Among all US holidays I celebrate 4th of July and MLK most. Each year, this day gives me a pause to think and wonder

'why not us, what would it take for us Iranians to take charge of our own destiny, revolt against a tyrannical ruler, be willing to pay what it takes for a system that is worthy of our people and based on equality, justice, and in pursuit of happiness'

I know it is easy to dream from far away when your life is not threatened, your kid (I don't have any) is not in risk of jail, execution or worse rape nor your are not chasing for your next meal. Nevertheless it is a dream that I have each day for our nation that one day we can also live free, with the rule of law that is created by people and not based on an abstract figure (religion) and we can be in pursuit of our happiness.

Happy 4th of July to all and with the hopes of celebrating such day in Iran some day



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Mehrdad - Happy 4th of July to you too

by MM on

While a lot safer nowadays, 4th of July was a lot more fun when we had the personal use of fireworks, at least in my State now. 

Anahid Hojjati

Happy 4th to all who found refuge here

by Anahid Hojjati on

Not that US is perfect but for some of us, it became a refuge from religious extremism. Happy 4th to all who have made their home in US.


Slamoni: واقعا که باید به حالتون گریست بد بختا


I agree, otherwise we would not have been ruled by a bunch of Mullahs who are still debating whether to step in toilet with left foot or right foot.

Dostane deegar: Thank you and happy 4th.  I hope we can learn from this and take charge of our own afairs in our own mother land.



سلمونی بی کاسبی!



بد بخت  بیچاره از اینجا رانده و از اون جا مانده!


Damned day of July

by divaneh on

Here in England we don't like 4th of July but we pretend that we like it.

salman farsi

آخه چهارم جولای شما را چه سننم

salman farsi


بابا ننه تون امریکایی بودن که حالا شما جشن میگیرین؟ برین یک کاری کنین که مملکت پدری خودتون را آزاد کنید اون وقت اون روز را جشن بگیرین نه اینکه تقلید این امریکایی هار رو بکنید و دلتونو به این خوش کنید که امریکایی شودین. واقعا که باید به حالتون گریست بد بختا.

 For an Islamic democracy

Mash Ghasem

Happy Revolution (American Revoultion) to all

by Mash Ghasem on

Most people actually forget that the American revolt against the Brits was the opening gun of all major revolutions in the modern era, and by any and all standards one of the major revolutions of all times. Happy 4th of July to all, cheers

Ari Siletz

Happy July 4 !

by Ari Siletz on

Karim Khan Zand captured Basra in 1776. Kabab Shirazi (choobi) with saalaad Shirazi are on the menu.



by farshadjon on

Have a good time, Mehrdad jan.

Actually, we celebrate July 1st in Canada as Canada Day!




Chelo Kabob and Fire Works!

by Faramarz on

Cousin Mehrdad,

I celebrate the 4th with my Iranian friends or family with Chelo Kabob and then watch the fire works.

Happy 4th to you and your loved ones!


Thanksgiving is also a great holiday.