Arabs + Israelis = IRI

by Bavafa

In light of what we have learned through out history and confirmed by wikileak, it looks like If we take the backwardness, tyranny and dictatorship of Arab regimes, Saudi Arabia in particular and combine it with the ruthlessness, terrorism and thievery of Israelis, then we will have IRI.

Congratulations to Khomeini, Khamenie and AN as they have managed to create a regime that matches Saudi Arabia kingdom and Israeli Zionist regime combined together.


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Niloufar Parsi

how about

by Niloufar Parsi on

the situation right now: israelis > iranians > turks > arabs.

the way it is moving: iranians > turks > arabs > israelis

leading to: (iranains + turks + chinese + russians + minority arabs) > (americans + israelis + majority arabs)

hence we get  (israelis + majority arabs + americans) versus (iranians + minority arabs + russians + chinese)

and, of course, the way it should be: iranians = turks = americans = arabs = israelis etc



اننیموس جان، مرا از پونه خوشش نمیاد، داره لونش سبز میشه


اگر تو سری و لگند کاری بود، این تا حالا آدم شده بود، ولی‌ از حق نگذریم هیچ کس‌ای اینجاه به اندازه این باعث خنده همه ما نمی‌شه



باوفا جان بهش رو نده! این آدم بشو نیست!


همچی‌ بزن تو سرش ستاره و هالهٔ نورانی دور اون کلّه پوکش چرخ بزنه! اگه تو سری کفاف نکرد با لنگ و لقط بیفت به جونش تا بالاخره آدم بشه! 

Everything is sacred


This is not a political statement, only common sense

by Bavafa on

Which [no offense] seems it is all but absent from you.

I am instrument rated and have flown my plane coast to coast.


Sargord Pirouz

No offense, buddy. But you

by Sargord Pirouz on

No offense, buddy. But you appear to be far better mechanically inclined than you are with political commentary. 

Changing the subject to something way cooler: how experienced a pilot are you? How many flight hours in your current plane? Memorable flights? Distance flights?

I've been pouring over those links you gave me. Have done some daydreaming, too. :)