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why some people who come to my store have the need to impress me with their current or past jobs. why should i care what these people do or have achieved. i am talking about the ones who lie to me and try so hard to make themselves or their loved ones look greater than they really are. who am i to be impressed. do they get richer or their stature will suddenly go higher if i approve. this old english man for years was telling me that back in the old country he was a civil servant. later i found from his grandson that he was a london cabbie. or the woman who once told me that her son finally got a contract with one of the major movie companies and has finally got into show business. he later told me that the contract was a watchman contract manning the main entrance to the studio. or the old man who reminded me often that he was in hotels and restaurants. after his death i found out he lived in a tiny room at this cheap residential hotel and ate his meals at three different restaurants. may be i should start telling people that i am a reseller for some of america's major multi million dollar companies. it sure beats being just a corner store shop keeper. 


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kablammad jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i never called any one idiot. every one has the right to say what ever they like. what i am saying is why lie. what benefit in some thing that is not true.


Is it because maybe you

by Kablammad (not verified) on

Is it because maybe you encourage them to spill their guts out?! Maybe you talk about your stories? Come on if no one says anything to you, are you going to keep quiet and stay still?!

You invite them to spill their hearts out and then say; what an idiot!