Victoria's Secret: "Gorgeous"

Victoria's Secret: "Gorgeous"
by bahmani

My Dearest Victoria,

Last night while watching my new favorite show "Justified" (I know, I know...) I was gratified to learn that you are launching a new bra line, one you call, "Gorgeous".

Now, (Wait! Let me think about this some more...) is it me? Or has EVERY Victoria's Secret bra ever invented been "Gorgeous"? At least I will readily admit I have thought so!

To be sure though, I decided to look up the definition of "Gorgeous" and after doing that and turning back to your paused (rewound watched paused, rewound watched paused, again, and again) Victoria's Secret ad on my DVR, I confirmed that the carpet indeed matched the drapes. So to speak.

A thesaurus search yielded the following as well:

"spectacular, splendid, superb, wonderful, grand, impressive, awe-inspiring, awesome, amazing, stunning, breathtaking, incredible, informal, sensational, fabulous, fantastic, resplendent, magnificent, sumptuous, luxurious, elegant, opulent, dazzling, brilliant."

Checking back with the ad again to confirm each alternative to "Gorgeous", confirmed my earlier conclusion, that, "No, that's pretty much as about as Gorgeous as you can get."

Sometimes the subtlety of the obvious speeds by way too fast.

On behalf of all men, allow me to express my sincerest gratitude for indeed making this a Gorgeous summer.

Thanks Vicky.

PS: If you ever need another good name for a future line, might I suggest "Mashallah".


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