Redux: Javabeh Ablahan Khamoosheest!


by bahmani

Recently the topic of leaving after a nasty street-fight has raised the age-old question this site seems to revolve around. To those writers who spent hours and days as they crafted each word carefully over the 15 minutes it took them to actually write it, it seems as if there is no gravity, because sucks.

Of course, that cannot be true. Everyone knows there is a natural gravitational pull for irreverence here. Just look at the goddamn logo for god's sake!

I have gone through this emotional roller coaster of leave or stay, fight or flight, fuck them or fuck off, for over the last past glorious 15 years I have been on this lousy (as in louse-filled) site. ((Louse as in Slang . as in . a contemptible person, especially an unethical one))

The conclusion? It is better to stay and engage, then to fall for the biggest flaw in our entire cultural existence, and our biggest, most ill-advised, and worst case-cause of why we can't never seem to evolve to a democratic thought process, namely:

"Javabeh Ablahan Khamoosheest!"

This singular, seemingly befitting reflex, has caused more damage to us, than the classical poetic literary benefit of all of our most beloved poetry combined.

Migi Proof Bedeh? Bia Inam Proofet!

Not in one offense, have we who have been slighted, been ridiculed, and been done guffawed, ever considered nooshing the tiniest drop of Mey, in order to share the lightest bit of Esgh with any of our offending Mashooghs.

SO, put aside your egos. Put aside your expectations of fairplay. Dust off your sheytooni and kerm, and as they say, "If you can't get out of it, get into it!"

I know that it seems it should be more honorable. More respectful. More polite. More etiquettish. But that's not the internet. I have always said when they named the internet, they spelled it wrong. The internet should be spelled I-R-R-E-V-E-R-E-N-T.

Here's my secret:

When I post something really harsh, or controversial, or witty, or funny, or stupid; I post it, and never look back. Everything else I walk in and look for a fight or argument to win.

If I win, I win, and that makes me feel good (Great actually!).

If I lose, I can graciously admit I was wrong, and that makes me look good (Great actually!), and I win, again.

The detractor will either lose the argument (if I win), and look bad. Or, win the argument, and acknowledge my grace in accepting their position. But, can never enjoy the win as fully as you can, because it is after all, still, at the very last word of it, your article. And not theirs.

Feel better? Good!

Stay, Fight, Write!


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