Post Election Observations


Post Election Observations
by bahmani

As my favorite late night TV host Craig Ferguson says each night, "It's a great day in America".

To sum up, Barack won, John surrendered, JFK and MLK high fived each other in heaven, Reagan rolled over in his grave, and the cherry on top, Rush, Sean, and Glenn's heads simultaneously exploded.

Barack Obama shattered a ceiling that had for hundreds of years been kept hermetically sealed against any person of color. Or a woman. And Alan Keyes notwithstanding, on the very first try. Discussions about the particular sweetness of this win are still echoing across the world, the winning of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and sweeter than a fresh picked navel, Florida! It was as much of a stunning upset, as it was a crystal clear mandate. That "the Right" has very largely turned out to have been wrong, and that the left has some definite merit. Socialism (the good kind) is now certainly worth exploring, in this ongoing socialist experiment known as America.

Because I really really really enjoy it when Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and their wannabe fat headed friend Glenn Beck suffer deep pain, of course I tuned in the day after the revolution, to listen and see how these poor men's pundits would spin their obvious 2 year-long gaff at having been entirely and utterly off, about their self-portrait dirty caricature of their now way wrong interpretation of the Real America. Or as they call it , 'Merka.

Limbaugh childishly ridiculed what is possibly going to be the most studied acceptance speech in a century, and tried to cynically resuscitate what little life is left in hard core right wing evangelism, God loves America because God just has to be an American! He has to be! Waah-Waaaaaah! Has evangelism now become an oxymoron yet?

Sean Hannity went into a priceless hallucinatory mental trance of strategic intellectualization, and did what he always does, namely try and make redneck theology appear to be genius. That and kissing the ground Ronald Reagan walked on more times than a sin-filled-guilty Moslem on Hajj. Hannity brought up a recent conservative self-exam survey of "What went wrong", and on the air mind you, proceeded  to explain exactly why the right has precisely lost touch with America, and in so doing, clearly showed how desperate we have been to reject the notion that maybe America was not as conservative as he and his fellow recent millionaires having done nothing substantive or worthwhile with their lives, thought America actually was.

Glenn Beck went about his usual bitter day with an extra dose of ironically doctor prescribed aplomb. Or did he say a bomb? Or whatever allusion he could desperately make in his usual cynically subtle way to suggest an imminent attack, and put up his loser's flag of surrender, or as I prefer to call this underhanded brand of racist cowardice, A chicken-shit-kicker's fear.

Even though it was radio, you could see their sour faces, and feel the barrels of bile boiling in their Ruth's Chris over fed farty bellies, as they sucked in those guts, and bravely went on with their shows. Afterward as they left for the day, outside the EIB building, I bet if you followed them, you would have heard more than a few "Fuck' em"s, and that sound made by the empty air of disgust.

It was bliss.

The damage caused to America by these blowhards, and their clever manipulation of the media, disallowing any objection calls on the air, and only putting on the calls that agree with their 21st century racism, tactics left over by the Pepsi Taste Challenges, cannot be fully measured. These sewage have made America so divided, you rarely saw a conservative able to tolerate a liberal without puking anymore. Granted it would help if Michael Moore took a shower and shaved once in a while. Hannity's show "Hannitly and Colmes" on Fox TV, is nothing more than a vehicle for Hannity to exercise his cheaply staged out-intellectualizion of only select dumber liberals, Colmes is merely a smart sounding tool. The minimum standard liberal voice Hannity is willing to tolerate.

So if there ever was a good reason to institute censorship, how about these 3 Goebbels'? There's got to be a way to reform this hijacking of the American airwaves.

(Note: In case you're wondering, I did not forget to mention Mark Levine, I just don't want to mention Mark Levine 3 times. Because if you say Mark Levine 3 times, it summons the devil....Oh Sh--!)

The best part about the result of this historic election though, in my mind, was the outright rejection of the right's ultimate proposition. 8 years of it this time around, but actually in my view possibly reaching as far back as the Reagan "Revolution" when all of this 4th Reich abomination of the Keynsian theory first began. That laissez-faire extremism, and the abdication of the responsibility of government, even to help it's people, is the only way. REJECTED by 53%! The possibility that a government can help it's people, rather than only condemning them to support secret regime change, and openly unfair wars they had no say in, is now being rightfully re-considered. I mean, is it better to have schools or is it better to have a cool new military weapon that there is no enemy for?

So America proved that the right have been wrong. America finally proved to itself and the world, that contrary to the cowboy way, they prefer to have a thoughtful, educated, and intelligent president, over a dope, a stooge, an idiot, or a coward. Even if they are yuckfully amiable.

Certainly over ANY governor of Alaska. Alaska is a noble, beautiful, bountiful, but altogether increasingly irrelevant state. After Palin, I now look forward to the day when Alaska finally secedes, and enjoys the process of selling it's oil on the open market. Let's see how fast your Alaskan oil royalty checks dry up, and the expression on your polar wind blown faces when you realize Palin seated at the same OPEC table, stuck between a stinky Chavez and the odorous Ahmadinejad, winking at Emirs glancing at her breasts and mouth, as she barters your precious tundra-juice on the open market. On a clear day, if you squint, you might even be able to see as far as China. If there ever was just one time that a husband could be allowed to slap his wife's fat mouth...

John McCain, playing that ever defeated ever good soldier card he has always been playing, surrendered gracefully and bravely once again, even sniffed back a tear or two. Again. I mean how many battles is this old soldier going to lose? I know, it sounds harsh, and I know it's technically off limits, but honestly I'm done with all the feigned respect for a fallen soldier who keeps getting up, only to keep falling over and over again. Not only does this dog not hunt, it can't fly a plane, shoot straight talk, steer a simple campaign, or pick a vice president. This vet apparently can't even vet! I am done with the transparently sad tactics he employed and the day after an inspired Obama speech emphasizing hope and change, seeing how inspiring it was, McCain and Palin retooled their speeches quickly to include the worlds "Hope" and "Change", then topping it off with the ridiculous claim that they were the ones to clean up "WORSHington". "I'll make them famous!" and "America has to fight", all sounded to me like he was planning on turning in what few friends he had left, and that he was constantly about fighting this and that and the other.

Meanwhile Obama respected McCain and Palin to the very end. Stuck to his principles, walked softly and carried his big (no, I'm not going there!) IDEAS, and marched steadily on, eyes ever focused on the prize. (there's your cliche!)

We do not ultimately know what kind of president Obama will be. It certainly looks and sounds good. Far better than before. But the devil. as they say, is in the details. We do not know what kind of banking crisis solution he will implement, we certainly do not have the slightest inkling of his health care plan or his solution to illegal immigration. And as Iranians, we have terrifyingly and absolutely no idea what "sitting down with our enemies" means. Moslem technicians are wondering how he is going to avoid the whole "Apostate" label, and the technical death sentence it carries, given that he was born a moslem through his father, but has given up the un-give-uppable, to be Christian. Yet the majority of Americans, Iranian-Americans, and American-moslems, chose this man to be their leader.

Based upon little more than his perceived impending character.

I'm excited, I'm scared, may God (and possibly Allah) help us, and may God (and possibly Allah) help the United States of America.


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All Obama needs now is an intern !

by Anonymous on

Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Greg Craig, Ron Klain, maybe Larry Summers...these are all characters from Clinton administrations with shady past.

Is this what Obama meant by change? He is actually having Clinton re-union party. All he needs now to hire Monica Lewnsky!!

He took us for a fool big time...62 million fell for his BS

American Wife


by American Wife on

Thank you for the informed article.  It was great reading you again.  It's going to be an interesting four years!  I'm with Obama all the way.


Really enjoyed reading this.

by Princess on

Thank you and please write more.


sound like typical obama supporter

by MRX1 (not verified) on

At least this one is honest: he admits that he does not know any thing about Obama!
Finally an honest obama supporter, what a relief.

Also like a good liberal he believes in freedom of speech, tolerance, understanding and the rest of mumbo jumbo that is why he likes Limbaugh, hannity or who ever he does not like to be censored! Of course people like him can not figure out why Air America
With Millions of dollars in backing failed to attract any audience and it bombed!
(You don’t suppose Limbaugh sabotaged them!)

Finally obama supporters should be kind enough at least to give him four months before they start complaining about how he failed them. Already complaining about his chief staff, come on give some time, it’s a change we can all believe in.


Really enjoyed your writing,

by amirbaran (not verified) on

Really enjoyed your writing, sophisticated, analytical, humorous and sarcastic, demonstrating an excellent command of the English language, as well as, an in depth knowledge of the Right Wing Politics and its mouth pieces in this country. However, I am not as enthused as you about the Obama presidency due to some early choices of staff & cabinet members, indicating the type of policies we may expect to see. I offer the article & analysis below, which is in line with my own views, by Debbie Menon, an independent writer. I look forward to your future pieces.

Rahm Emanuel's selection to be White House chief of staff is a very bad portend, for these reasons:

1. In the US system, the White House chief of staff is de facto a deputy president, the second most powerful person in the government, far more powerful than almost any Vice President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, or Cabinet secretary. As one put it, "In his new job, Mr. Emanuel will be at the epicenter of every major move the Obama administration makes." He is the last person a president sees, and the last person whose words he hears, before making any policy decision.

2. Emanuel is the son of an Irgun terrorist and a fanatical (some would be kind and say "strictly observant") Orthodox Jew, who personally volunteered service with the IDF (not the US Army) during the first Gulf War, and habitually spends his free time in Tel Aviv, and whose father gave an interview following his appointment, in the Jerusalem Post in which he stated bluntly that his son "did not go to the White House to do the floors," (his phrase) will definitely encourage Obama to be strongly pro-Israeli. AIPAC in its published statements agrees. And they are both correct.

3. The Jewish neo-conservatives certainly have their major nest in the Republican Party. But the Democratic Party has always been the home of the large majority of Jews (up to 90% in some states register as Democrats), and therefore the home of most of their money. That is reflected in the Congress, where almost all of the Jewish members of the House and Senate are Democrats. Policy follows people and money, and they have definitely captured the high ground in the Obama administration-to-be, even more than in the Bush administration. About the only thing it will be difficult for them to push, is a new war, because the Democrats as a party have never gotten over the savaging their party took during and after Vietnam, and are not generally inclined to go to war without enormous provocation. So that may work to the benefit of (e.g.) Iran and Syria, but as for the Palestinians? Forget it, absolutely nothing will change.

Israel's fear of Iran is their fear of peace. Iran is a reservoir of resources and of self-confidence, which can be contagious.
The Israeli militarists hate and fear the possibility of peace. It means they will have territorial limits. It means they have to comply with law. It means they cannot do unlimited injustices to others. Hence the enmity towards Iran.

It never ceases to amaze me that Israelis seem not to understand their own self-interests in this. Imagine the country and the region, if from 1948 the Israelis had placed justice and equality as their highest principle, instead of theft and racism. It would now be a prosperous and harmonious region, from Syria, through Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, to Egypt. A kind of Mediterranean California, with high-tech, big banks, and rich agriculture.


Obama Voters...check this video , it's amazing

by Anonymous on

watch this video how obama got elected...see how informative Obama voters are:

Foaad Khosmood

Good one Bruce,

by Foaad Khosmood on

glad to see you get back into writing. One other thing to consider is that some change must happen, no matter who won the election. This country can't afford Iraq and any more foreign ventures. The health care issue is threatening to cause catastrophic harm to the system.

Obama will have little choice but to do what he actually promised.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

You forgot to mention Bill Ayers! The Domestic Terrorist.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Rush and Sean and all their clones are still mentioning Bill Ayers on a daily basis. Still misquoting his articles, and still saying that Obama and Bill Ayers are best buds. I wish Bill Ayers had just endorsed McCain.