Origin of the Farsi word for Chewing Gum

Origin of the Farsi word for Chewing Gum
by bahmani

How many times have you said the word not ever knowing it was an American brand!


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brings back memories

by MM on

Nowadays, as soon as the flavor is gone, folks replace it with another piece of gum from a packet of many gums.  But, I remember the days when a piece of chicle-based gum with its unique resin-based flavor could be chewed for many days, and kept under the bed or the table-top for safe-keeping.  Now you know why there are pieces of gum under the table-tops, BTW.  Here is an interesting bid of history on Adams' gum:


nice detective work on pictures, Bahmani..



by JahanKhalili on

Nice find, Mr. Bahmani!



by fozolie on

Isn't that Turkish? Try again. For a language that is 70% Arabic and has never had its own script one foreign term is as good as another. But thanks for clarifying the origin of Aadaamss. 

Mr. Fozolie

Literary Critic


Literary Critic


Again the nearest word in Persian/Farsi for chewing gum is: