News on Brussles Found!

by bahmani

Apologies, I found a full report by. I should have guessed none other than our own Ahmad Batebi (The Gentle Giant of Iranian opposition), on the Brussels Conference.

He dropped it in my lap this morning.

The full article is in this week's issue of Iranians (vol. 16, No. 589, Friday Julay 13, 2012) a weekly newspaper published in Farsi, out of Virginia mostly for the DC area or Nationally if your baghali carries it.

I am reading it now and because no one here seems to care will digest it in a day or so.

The fact that the most important news of the most important opposition meeting in recent years, gets a minor placement in your average baghali is telling of the general apathy of Iranians abroad, and the so called "Concerned West".

Clearly no one cares about opposition.

Stay tuned. Even though you don't actually care, the full report to follow.


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