The Man Who Would be Prince


by bahmani

Being an Iranian means being proud. Being proud though is different than Pride. Occasionally we must accept the fact that some of us simply go too far in the Pursuit of Persian Perfection.

So goes a certain David K. Zandi who is this month's blazing idiot. It has been 3 years that news of the film adaptation of the best selling video game "Prince of Persia", has been circulating. That noted action filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer is behind the effort has everyone drooling over the possibly glorious special effects laden cinematic portrayal of the storyline taken from the game.

Alladinesque, to be sure, leave no doubt in your minds that this film will likely infuriate some petition-web-site-creating folks, who cannot comprehend or allow any non-Iranian interpretation of our history and culture.

But apparently none more than Our Man Zandi, who has begun a campaign to position himself as the best actor to play the role of the Prince. Not only because we all know Mr. Zandi is a famous actor (do we?) but that he also happens to be one of the long lost Princes of the Zand dynasty. Let us not forget the memorable role Mr. Zandi played in the unforgettable film Men In Black II. As, and I'm totally serious, one of the Aliens.

And for those of you who may not remember your Iranian dynasty history (and who could blame you), the Zand dynasty preceded the Qajar dynasty.

So our Mr. Zandi, I mean our Prince David is insisting that he be given the title role in the Bruckheimer film, because it would simply be too cool to have a real Persian prince playing the lead role in "the Prince of Persia".

So to all the Zac Efron's and Orlando Blooms out there, let this be fair warning. There's a new Prince in town, and he's got natural long black hair and a real unibrow, and to make it 3 for 3, he's an honest to god Prince to boot!

So put that in your hookah and smoke it!

What? Come on! And you were worried that there would be nothing to laugh about in 1387! So far this looks to be a banner year!


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David who?

by Reza411 (not verified) on

Read this article on him from ABC.


He's a joke and he's just trying to use the situation to promote his own career that's all. He's like an Iranian Kevin Federline, a never was never will be other than a media joke for 15 minutes, he's actually already hurting the image of Iranians by attaching himself to this movie. It's embarrasing, we should distance ourselves from this guy.

My vote Omid Djalili...

Or if you want one of the Iranian stars from Iran, not this guy who never did nothing but somehow feels he is owed this role just because he's Iranian.



by Abarmard on

Interesting, both Bahmani and Kamangir.



Yes, but.....

by Kamangir on

Hollywood or other major film makers, are not keen on having starts or important actors with 'Middle Eastern' names. I think Omar Sharif was an exception but those days are long gonne and now we live in this polarized world. It's been years that I', following the development of the fim 'Cyrus the Great' by Alex Jovy casting important and known actors and actresses and to be the most expensive independant British film, but I think the major problem Mr.Jovy was having was the financial part. Iranians around the world could have contributed to this, but guess what they are too busy with their 'shootoole malang' bazi, from concert to concert!