Larijani-Majles Reaction Proof Iran is a Dictatorship


by bahmani

Yesterday's angry retort against the protests by the speaker Larijani and the resulting cries by the toadies in Majles, proved everyone's point. If you cannot tolerate debate and discussion and opposition against your position, then you are a weak willed tyrant or to coin the better term used by the protesters, a Dictator.

What was especially exciting to see, was the traditionally reserved and precise Larijani, lose it and launch himself into a tirade reminiscent of my neighbor's 9 year old daughter when told she cannot watch iCarly until she cleans up her room.

Possibly feeling the pinch of embarrassment at the previous week's congratulatory comments toward the revolution in Egypt, only to be told aside, that , "No, the rest of the world including Egypt thinks we're the same as Mubarak, not the protest movement..."

So flustered and confused by the audacity of the protests, Larijani uncharacteristically taunted and attacked the protests as of course, having been instigated from the outside, and then proceeded to blame Karroubi-Moussavi for them, and then sat quietly as he brought on his backup singers to finish the badly painted piece of pop art that goes for politics in Iran.

The backup singers crowded onto the stage like the entire cast and crew of Glee accepting yet another award, chanting "Death to Karroubi!" and "Death to Mousavi!" calling for the "Corrupt upon the Earth" and/or "Anti-Revoutionary" felony to be applied.

Unfortunately or fortunately, all of this drama proves the whole point and purpose of the protests. Neither Larijani nor the Majles' cast of Glee, have the power to call for the death of anyone in Iran. Because and as was illustrated so beautifully by their less than believable performance, ONLY Khamenei has the power to have someone executed once he declares them to be "Corrupt upon the Earth" and/or "Anti-Revoutionary".

By calling for this to be done, the Majles-Larijani Girls Choir have in effect confirmed that they really do not have any power, not even the suggestive power to pressure the "Supreme Leader of All That He Surveys" or Khamenei, to put old-school pen to paper and serve the warrants up. For the hungry consumption of the Basij and their ilk who have been consumed for the past 32 years in the painful torture test of ill-placed faith, that in fact, in spite of the daily painfully obvious repeated examples of it, the emperor in truth hath no clothes.

What is worse, is that watching all this unfold, nary a whimper or squeal has been heard from the Hillary Brigade State Department, who apparently do not actually understand how false Iranian politics is, and appear to be looking at the Iranian version of their own senate as if these monkeys are the same as their own. Possibly the fact that Iran's Majles has better looking furniture and a more awesome speaker's loft, is the cause of all this obviously impressed yet confused un-reaction.

Rest assured that all of the posturing and proselytizing is nothing more than simple prostitution by the all too willing whores of the Majles, eager to service and satisfy any bearded object that may cross their path, wearing anything remotely resembling the cloak of what hopefully has now become crystal clear is nothing more than false prophecy. And they rarely wear underwear.

Now all that remains is for the 3rd and final act, that almost always eludes us in the audience, and that is the ultimate response and final mistake to be made by Khamenei. Were he to issue the warrants of death for Karroubi/Mousavi, that indeed would solidify the claim everyone with half a brain has been making these 32 years, that Iran is nothing more than your average, every day, sleazy, dirty, corrupt, unauthorized, and illegitimate Dictatorship.

The fact that it is covered with the rose water stench of an abridged, incorrectly interpreted, and worse applied aberration of a basically, mostly OK religion like Islam, does nothing to hide the fact that in the end, a pile of steaming shit is still a pile of steaming shit, deserving of only one good flush.


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by bahmani on

The procedure shown on TV, proves that the entire Majles, and Larijani have no culpable power.

This is critical, to have shown the Iranian people (again, on state run TV!) that even they don't actually matter in this system, is a crucial detail I think has been let slip out.

Everyone needs to be jumping on this point now. The system has been shown by the system, that it is a fake democracy.

The proposition has been that Iran's version of governance is as good as, if not better than others, precisely because of the particular religious element in it. The argument has been a religious system of governance is best.

Now, this shows, it is all a lie.

Of course we knew it, but we have no credible say in these things because we are west residing traitors who have abandoned our country... etc. etc. etc. and have a bone to pick and are leftists, and monarchists and so on. All of which may in fact be true :).

However they themselves have NEVER provided TV broadcasts of themselves proving their system is a farce.

I think this is huge. OK, maybe I'm the only one here excited by this revelation. I'll let it go now, thanks for tolerating. Chow.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Bot Shekan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

members of the Majles when INSIDE the Majles can freely call any one anthing they want (including calling for somebody's head) without the fear of being prosecuted or the need to go through the due process.

Now if they call for Khamenei's head what happens? Do they get stoned or shot?

بت شکن

Now you make me think twice again Mr Bahmani

by بت شکن on

You see, now that you elaborate I can see a little flaw in your argument. The point that you are missing is that according to the law of the country (no not the USA but the IRI) members of the Majles when INSIDE the Majles can freely call any one anthing they want (including calling for somebody's head) without the fear of being prosecuted or the need to go through the due process. It is only OUTSIDE the confines of the parliamentary immunity that they need to be careful not to breach the law. And as for the law K & M can potentially be indicted for inciting a popular uprising to weaken or topple the government. Well their supporters did call for the head of AN didn't they? That alone attracts a death sentence.

Thanks Mr Bahmani, now you made me think twice about whether the IRI is a dictatorship. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

If they were real politicians and Iran was a real legitimate political state (not a dictatorship) instead of screaming their chants for death, they would have drawn up a resolution or a bill/law or a warrant for the arrest of K and M, and so on.

In a real democracy all sides would run for office. Then the ones with majority would implement their agenda. No warrants needed; no arrests; no killings.


well, now that we have the proof,...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Let's go get'em!


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Bot Shekan, You're not getting my point...

by bahmani on

As usual, cynicism blocks our hearing...

My point was that until now, we had not seen actual proof by Larijani and the Majles, by their own hands, showing on broadcast TV that they in fact have no power, or that they deferring what has been foisted as their responsibility, to the Dictatorship they support.

Until now there was no evidence you could point to as being formally shown to the Iranian people other than your and my correct opinion that Iran was a dictatorship.

But no action by the hands of these folks that showed proof positive they have nothing they can do to stop Karroubi and Moussavi other than call for them to be killed.

If they were real politicians and Iran was a real legitimate political state (not a dictatorship) instead of screaming their chants for death, they would have drawn up a resolution or a bill/law or a warrant for the arrest of K and M, and so on.

By not doing that, by deferring to chanting, and through that, calling for Kahamenei to step in, they just proved what we have all been saying, but MOST importantly, what they have been cleverly denying and avoiding scrutiny on, UNTIL NOW.

AND it was recorded for all to see.

That's my point.

The general viewpoint that we all agree on and all know in detail, that Iran is a dictatorship is obvious, yes, and thanks for enjoying that chuckle, but until now, there has not been any proof by their own hands of the: "We don't know what to do about K&M so we're going to throw our hands up, scream and chant. Because we are now admitting (Live broadcast to the people of Iran, on TV) that we don't actually have any power, even though we are in the Majles."

That has never been admitted to in front of the nation until now.

It was done because of the recent protests and shows that the protests are starting to fluster them and they are making mistakes. More protest will cause more mistakes.

And I hope we can all agree on what that could lead to.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Glad to be of service. Please don't even mention it. Nothing is too good for you my dear friend :-)

بت شکن

VPK I am back to earth now

by بت شکن on

Up to now I used to think that Iran was a real democracy because people revolted against the evil Shah and decided that he was up to no good so they brought back that devine saviour Khomeini. This is what I call divine intervention. Nothing changed my mind. All the executions, killings, war, stoning, nothing. I always thought that the Islamic republic was a bastion of democracy. After all it was the will of the people,,you agree? But now thanks to the powerful logic of Mr Bahamani and of course your brief but bold comment, I am convinced that the IRI is, (I still can't bring myself to admit it) a kind of dictatorship. 

Thanks guys I am really enlightened. I relly appreciate it.


It's actually very simple

by Cost-of-Progress on

The very fact that the regime is an islamic regime is enough of a hint of the brutal dictatorship that it is.

By the same token, ANY religion, given absolute power, will turn ANY society into a dictatorship.  




mitra northcal

People have known IRI is dictatorship for decades

by mitra northcal on

People executed for their political beliefs, personally having to burn my books in summer of 1983, SUVs cruising on streets of Tehran to find women who had bad hejab, friends and relatives put in jail even those who were not political but just based on someone getting them in trouble, convinced me in summer of  1983 that Iran was a dictatorship and that is why I left the country. As they say, writing was on the wall.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you do not see the dictatorship in Iran then you are not on this planet.

USA is a democracy because there are election and at least most the time the person with most votes wins. It is not perfect but it is mostly working. No candidates are barred by a "Guardian Council". People are not shot for voicing their opinion. No VF dictator.

بت شکن

Thank God for Mr Bahmani

by بت شکن on

For more than 30 years I was wondering whether Iran is a dictatorship or a democracy. At long last, the proof is here! Well done Mr Bahmani! You spotted it well.

By the way, can you show us any proof if the USA is a democracy?